EMS Technical Data Sheets

Fro-Marker and Para-Marker

EMS Catalog #71313-10 & 71313-20

Usage of the Fro-Marker & the Para-Marker


These pens are designed to make the production of coherent high quality immunocytochemical preparations more effective, accurate and with much less waste. They have applications for frozen paraffin and cytological preparations.

As well, they prevent frozen sections and paraffin sections from moving, wrinkling, or falling off of the slide during immunostaining procedures.


Cap tightly when not in use!!!


Each membrane, which is applied by the marker, should be allowed to dry completely( approximately 5 minutes) at room temperature prior to routine processing.

Warning: To avoid getting background during immunostaining do not use the markers at temperatures lower than room temperature.

Online Ordering

Fro-Marker and Para-Marker pens are available online from the EMS Catalog. For ordering or product information, click here.