EMS Technical Data Sheets


EMS Catalog #71864-01, 71864-10

SUPERFROST® PLUS Gold Slides are inherently tissue binding, so there is no need to add sprays or adhesives to the slide.


  1. Allow the SUPERFROST® PLUS Gold Slides to contact the frozen section directly in the cryostat using your standard technique.
  2. Place the slide horizontally on a table top (tissue side up) at room temperature for 20-30 seconds (for fresh tissue) or for 1 minute (for fixed tissue). This allows time for the revolutionary surface binding chemistry in the SUPERFROST® PLUS Gold Slides to unite with the tissue section. This short time at room temperature does not cause frozen section artifact because the slides hold both nuclear and cytoplasmic tissue components, which are firmly immobilized in their place during the bonding process. The longer you allow for bonding time, the more frozen tissue will adhere to the slide.
  3. Postfix the SUPERFROST® PLUS Gold Slide in acetone or in an alcohol-based fixative. Postfixing in formalin is NOT recommended.
  4. Stain as per your standard protocol.
  5. Store the SUPERFROST® PLUS Gold Slide at room temperature.
  6. Your specially designed SUPERFROST® PLUS Gold Slide box can be used as a storage box when empty.

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