EMS Technical Data Sheets

Adjustable Cover-Slip Rack

EMS Catalog #72243

Adjustable Cover-Slip Rack1. Adjustable Cover Glass Parts:

A & B are end Plates with grooves for accepting the cover slips

C & D are Holding Rails, to connect plate A to plate B together

Rod E is used as a Handle when screw-in the plate A

Hex-key F is used to tighten all reset screws. (see photo above) 

Adjustable Cover-Slip Rack2. Adjusting the Plates as shown in Figure 2:

Using Hex Key F to set End Plate A & B together with Holding Rails C or D. Never over-tighten these plastic screws.

Determining the distance between plate A & B to fit the cover slip to be used for staining: measure the inside distance between A & B. This number is measured in millimeters then add 2, the result is the cover slip length which you want to place in this holder. For example, your cover slip length you want to place in this holder is 25 mm, then you have to set the inside distance between Plate A & B is 23 mm. (23 + 2 = 25)

3.  Screw the Handle D the plate A.

4. Clean the Rack

Immediately after each use clean the rack by dipping  the rack in alcohol or acetone then rinsing it well with water to remove all residues. Keep all parts together in the original box for next use.

Online Ordering

Adjustable Cover-Slip Rack are available online from the EMS Catalog. For ordering or product information, click here.