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Lovins Micro-Slide Field Finder

EMS #72266-01


The Micro-Slide Field Finder helps you to index points of interest on a microscope slide the same way you find them on a road map. It has a precision rectangular-coordinate grid pattern and that is accurately positioned on a special microscope slide. The pattern is imaged by vacuum deposited chrome onto a standard 75 x 25mm glass slide and has a grid pattern of 1mm squares, subdivided into 0.1 mm intervals. Each square is marked with a letter and a number. The slide has been carefully edge ground to provide straight edges and square corners to ensure repeatable results. The grid area of the Micro-Slide Field Finder is accurately placed relative to the bottom edge and the right edge of the glass mount – these edges being in the correct position when the label of the slide appears upright to the naked eye.

The Micro-Slide Field Finders are so accurately made that they are interchangeable. Should a Micro-Slide Field Finder used in calibrating a number of specimen slides ever be destroyed or lost, a replacement Finder will function in its place. Slides may also be sent from one laboratory to another with the assurance that the correct fields of interest can be found quickly, providing both laboratories possess a Micro-Slide Field Finder.

How to use the Micro-Slide Field Finder

  1. Focus the object/area to be referenced in the center of the microscope field.
  2. Optional: Lock stage (to prevent x-y movement when exchanging slides).
  3. Remove the specimen slide from the stage without disturbing it.
  4. Insert and focus the Micro-Slide Field Finder on the stage.
  5. Note the coordinates of the point at the center of the field.
  6. On the specimen slide label, record coordinates and the focal length of the objective lens used.

To relocate the object/area of interest later, reverse the above procedure as follows:

  1. Using the objective lens that was recorded on the specimen slide, position the Micro-Field Finder Slide on the stage.
  2. Bring the point having the coordinates recorded on the specimen slide label into the center of the field by the mechanical stage, which is then fixed in position. Optional: Lock stage (to prevent x-y movement when exchanging slides).
  3. Substitute the specimen slide for the Micro-Slide Field Finder. The object/area of interest is then in view without further searching.

Cleaning the Micro-Slide Field Finder

  1. To clean, wipe with a soft paper or cloth
  2. DO NOT use solvents or any chemicals to clean

Product Information

Lovins Micro-Slide Field Finder