EMS Technical Data Sheets

Poly-L-Lysine Coated German Glass Cover Slips

EMS Catalog #72292-01 through 72292-20


Store in Freezer – Fragile Glass Inside

Handling Procedure

  1. Take a package from freezer and cut a bag of 15 pieces off the package – cut along middle seal line so that both bags remain sealed after cut – then put package back into freezer.
  2. Spray bag of 15 pieces with 70% ethanol in hood and let it dry completely.
  3. Cut to open bag and pour all coverslips into a well of a 6-well plate. Cover it and vigorously shake the plate side to side (horizontally) to loosen coverslip.
  4. Invert the plate so that the coverslips sit on the lid of the plate.
  5. Let coverslips roll along edge of the lid to separate from each other. Pick them up easily with sharp forceps.
  6. Store unused coverslips at room temperature in TC hood and use them within 2 weeks. (If longer storage is desired, place one coverslip per well and store the plate at 4°C.

Optional: Pre-incubate coverslips in culture medium before seeding cells.

Removing Coverslip from Well after Culture

  1. Create a lifting tool by bending a needle 0.5-1 mm from tip.
  2. Use one hand with the lifting tool to lift coverslip from its edge and use other hand with forceps to hold and remove coverslip from well.

Note: Do not drop the coverslip and remember which side contains cultured cell.

Coating Compatibility

Different cells require different coating substrates. If this type of coating did not produce satisfactory results, try a different coating substrate.

Product Information

Poly-L-Lysine Coated German Glass Cover Slips