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LatticeAx™ 420

EMS Catalog #7650, 7651

The LatticeAx 420™ is designed to deliver the highest cleaving accuracy of 10µm in less than 5 minutes, making this product ideal for all laboratories that rely on speed, accuracy and the value of time. Not only does the LatticeAx 420™ accommodate several sample sizes, thicknesses, and materials, but it also consists of a LatticeAx™ base that is equipped with a complete vision package.

The vision package comes with:

With these benefits and features alone, the LatticeAx 420 is the essential product for users to cleave, align, and inspect a range of samples.


  1. Portable, compact cleaving base that can be used anywhere, without need of facilities
  2. A locking knob for accuracy and ease of sample positioning, from indent to cleaving positions
  3. Cleaving bar with millimeter-ruled markings
  4. The wedge diamond indenter and the fine motion of the indenter positioning knob, along with the real-time imaging software offers target accuracy to 10µm


Just set, indent and cleave

  1. Set and secure sample by placing over vacuum holes in the LatticeAx platform.
  2. Position target for indenting by using the X-Y stage controls to align the indenter over area of interest (AOI).
  3. Use the control knob to drive diamond indenter tip to the sample surface AOI.
  4. Calibrate the depth of the indent using the clock dial.
  5. After the indent, release the vacuum, raise the cleaving bar, slide sample under bar and over cleaving stage pin.
  6. Use the control knob to bring the cleaving bar feet to just touching the sample surface.
  7. Cleave by using a small, slow, clockwise turn of the control knob.
  8. Retrieve cleaved sample the vacuum pen provided or lab tweezers.

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LatticeAx™ 420