EMS Technical Data Sheets

Superalloy CX EMS Biological Grade Tweezers

EMS Catalog #78325-Series

Product Features


Mechanical Properties  
State 50% cold reduction
Density 8.4 g/cm3
Hardness Vickers 10 220
Tensile strength, ultimate 1500 MPa
Tensile strength, yield 1250 MPa
Elongation, break 5%
Modulus of elasticity 208 GPa
Thermal properties  
Coef. of lin. therm expansion 12.8 E-6/°C | 25°C-100°C
Coef. of lin. therm expansion 13.4 E-6/°C | 25°C-100°C
Specific heat capacity 0.41 J/(g•K)
Thermal conductivity 10 W/(m•K)
Continuous use temperature 600°C
Max service temperature, air 980°C
Electrical properties  
Resistivity 1.29 E-4 Ohm.cm

Product Information

EMS Biological Grade Tweezers