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EZ Pack™ Agarose Tablets

EMS Catalog #87045-01, 87045-02

About EZ Pack™ Agarose Tablets

EZ Pack Agarose Tablets are designed to provide a cleaner, safer, no-mess environment, and more convenience than its powder form. Each tablet contains 0.5g of agarose, eliminating the need to weight out loose agarose powder. Simply add the appropriate number of tablets to your buffer according to your application, incubate at room temperature for 5 minutes, heat the solution, and prepare your gel as normal.



Preparation for Use

Prior to heating, Agarose tablets require a 3 minute incubation at room temperature in buffer. This incubation step softens and then dissolves the agarose tablet in the buffer*. Once dissolved, proceed as normal and heat the agarose solution, preferably using a microwave. All other parameters are as same as using the agarose in powder form.

*The time needed to dissolve the tablet is dependent on the laboratory temperature. Please, do not microwave the tablet in the buffer immediately, as this will cause the formation of smaller insoluble pellets. The room-temperature incubation step, prior to hearing, is important to achieve a homogenous mix.

Approximate volume of buffer and number of tablets needed to achieve the stated gel strength:

  1 Tablet 2 Tablets 3 Tablets
0.70% 71 ml 143 ml 214 ml
0.80% 63 ml 125 ml 188 ml
1.00% 50 ml 100 ml 150 ml
1.20% 42 ml 83 ml 125 ml
1.30% 38 ml 77 ml 115 ml
1.50% 33 ml 67 ml 100 ml
Volumes are rounded up or down to the nearest whole ml.

Analytical Specifications

Appearance White Tablet
Gel strength of 1.5% (w/v) gel >1280 g/cm2
Melting point 88-90°C
Gelling temperature 37-39°C
Sulfate <0.1%
DNase and RNase Absent

Product Information

EZ Pack™ Agarose Tablets