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SmartGlow™ Safe Green Pre-Stain

EMS Catalog #87058-05

SmartGlow™ Safe Green Pre-Stain is a non-carcinogenic alternative to Ethidium Bromide. It is excellent for nucleic acid electrophoresis and purification applications. You can use SmartGlow™ Safe Green Pre-Stain for pre-staining or post-staining agarose gels. The stain emits green fluorescence when bound to dsDNA or ssDNA and emits red fluorescence when bound to RNA. SmartGlow™ Safe Green Pre-Stain has two excitation peaks at approximately 290 nm (UV light) and 490 nm (blue light).



Q: What is the shipment/storage temperature?

A: For the maximum performance and stability, SmartGlow should be stored at 4°C and in the dark.

Q: What is the shelf life of the SmartGlow DNA stain?

A: The shelf life is a minimum of 2 years when stored properly at 4°C.

Q: Can SmartGlow stain be diluted?

A: SmartGlow solution can be diluted in the ultrapure water.

Q: Can SmartGlow be used with TAE and TBE buffers?

A: Yes. When running agarose gel, the electrophoresis buffer may be either TAE or TBE.

Q: Which filters (wavelength) can be used for SmartGlow imaging?

A: The filters designed for green dyes (like GF/SYBR green filter) are the most sensitive. However, EtBr filters and even UV-light without any filter can be used.

Q: Does SmartGlow work with low concentrations of DNA?

A: Yes, it works well with low concentrations of DNA, however, smaller fragments (less than 300 bp) may not be as bright as the larger ones (post-staining).

Q:Does SmartGlow interfere with downstream applications?

A: Avoid leaving SmartGlow in downstream solution. You may purify the DNA solution with a purification kit.

Q:Can SmartGlow be used for pulse field gel electrophoresis?

A: It is not recommended to use SmartGlow for pulse field gel electrophoresis.

Q: Can SmartGlow be used in Southern blots?

A: Yes, SmartGlow is compatible with Southern blotting experiments.

Q: Does the stain interfere with recovery of DNA from the stained gel once it is run?

A: No, the stain should not cause any problems for further experiments with that DNA.

Q: Does SmartGlow stain penetrate latex gloves?

A: SmartGlow does not penetrate latex gloves.

Q: How can SmartGlow be disposed after use?

A: SmartGlow does not create any toxic waste. Therefore, it can be disposed according to laboratory regulations.

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SmartGlow™ Safe Green Pre-Stain