EMS Technical Tips

Ultra Small ImmunoGold Reagents Application Instructions

Detailed information is provided on the package inserts.

Electron Microscopy Labeling

For post-embedding labeling, incubate thin sections by placing grids on drops of reagent arrayed on a sheet of Parafilm™. The use of nickel grids is recommended, especially if silver enhancement procedures are intended.

For pre-embedding labeling, float specimens in dilute reagent on a rocking table.

For more information on post and pre-embedding labeling;

Light Microscopy Slide or Coverslip Labeling

Apply a few drops of dilute reagent to cover the specimen.

Recommended Incubation Solution:

(10 mM Phosphate buffer, 150 mM NaCl)
0.1-0.2 % AURION BSA-c™
15 mM NaN3
pH 7.4

Additional Information

"Ultra Small Gold Reagents and R-Gent SE-EM in Pre-embedding Single and Double Labeling" Hong Yi and Jan L.M. Leunissen

"Optimized Immuno Labeling using AURION BSA-c™ and AURION Blocking Solutions" by J.L.M. Leunissen and P.F.E.M. van de Plas

For additional information please see the Aurion Immunogold Newsletter and Protocol sections.