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Buffers and Fixatives Catalog

Buffers and FixativesThe quality chemicals from EMS you know, now available in bulk for your convenience. Browse through our catalog and see our ready-to-use prepared buffers, fixatives,and more.

New Product Focus 2021

New Product FocusThe latest, best, and most advanced new products from Electron Microscopy Sciences.

Electron Microscopy Sciences Catalog XVII

Electron Microscopy Sciences Catalog XVIIThe full EMS catalog – a comprehensive source for electron microscopy, light microscopy, and histology supplies, chemicals, and equipment.


CryoFeatures: Cryogenic Vials and Racks, Freezer Boxes and Racks, Cryo-Embedding, Cooling Chambers and Ice Baths, Cryogenic Labels and Tape, Cryo Dewars and Flasks, Freeze Substitution Kit, Cryo Markers, Cryo Gloves, Molds and Chucks, Cryo Aprons, Cryo Pucks, Cryo Grid Storage Boxes, Cryo Face Shields, and More


TweezersFeatures: High Precision and Ultra Fine Tweezers, Biology Tweezers, Medical Tweezers, Gold Plated Tweezers, Surface Mount and Optoelectronic Tweezers, Mini Tweezers, Cutting Tweezers, Wafer Tweezers, Plastic Tweezers, Component Positioning Tweezers, Heavy-Duty Tweezers, Coated Tweezers, and More!


GridsFeatures: CryoCapsule®, Multiple Grids, Graphene Support Films for TEM, Grid Staining Matrix Systems, Storage Boxes, Plexiglas® Microscope Slides, Nebulizers, Wax Pens, Pen Vacs, Porcelain Plates, Vacuum Pick-up Systems, and more.


EquipmentFeatures: Cooling stages, critical point dryers, sputter/carbon coaters, vacuum evaporators, glow discharge systems, plasma reactors/etchers, freeze dryers, cryopreparation systems & vacuum pumps.

EMS Materials Science & Metrology

EMS Materials Science & MetrologyFeatures: Lapping & Polishing Equipment & Supplies, Wafer Cleaving Systems & Tools, Holders, Mounts & Supplies for ATM, SEM, TEM, & FIB, Mounting, Embedding & Sectioning Supplies, and more.

EMS Labels, Tapes & Dispensers

EMS Labels and TapesLabels for cytology, histology, and pathology; warning labels, chemical-resistant labels, cryogenic labels, and more.

Aurion ImmunoGold

Aurion CatalogWe are very proud to be the exclusive agents of Aurion, the leading manufacturer and developer of a complete line of ImmunoGold Reagents and Accessories. The Aurion line includes many unique and exclusive products not available elsewhere.

EMS Research Essentials

EMS ResearchCell strainers, slides, pipette controller and carousels, macrotubes, and more.

Graticules, Stage Micrometers, and Calibration Standards

Graticules, Stage Micrometers, and Calibration StandardsFeatures: Microscope Graticles, Stage Micrometers, Reticles, Calibration Standards, Color Calibration Slides, and more.

Tissue Slicers and Microtomes

EMS 4500 and 5000 Tissue Slicers
Top-of-the-range high precision, vibrating microtomes are the finest slicers in the world for all specimen preparation. All sectioning is possible, including sectioning for visual patching of neurological tissue, heart, lung, and much more.

Nunc Lab-Tek Chamberslides

EMS 4500 and 5000 Tissue Slicers
Nunc™ Lab-Tek™ Chamber Slide System Seed, incubate, fix, and stain on a single microscope slide using the chamber slide system with removable chamber.

Graphene: Emerging Technology

Graphene: Emerging TechnologyGraphene is a single atomic layer of carbon atoms tightly packed in a two-dimensional honeycomb lattice. This novel material the ideal support film for electron microscopy.

Cleaving and Scribing

Cleaving and ScribingFeatures: LatticeAx, FlipScribe, FlexScribe, Cleaving Kits.

Cryo-SEM & Cryo-FIB/SEM Preparation

EMS CryoSEMThe advantages of Cryo-SEM, Cryo-SEM preparation techniques and applications.

DiATOME Diamond Knives

DiATOMEDiamond knives for cryo-ultramicrotomy, light microscopy, histology, and electron microscopy from DiATOME.


RetrieverOur Unique Retriever solves the problem of staining formalin fixed tissues. Ease of use combined with high reproducibility of the results will give you the best quality immunostaining.

NIGHTSEA® Fluorescence Viewing Systems

NIGHTSEA® Fluorescence Viewing SystemsThe NIGHTSEA Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter adapts just about any stereo microscope (dissecting microscope) for fluorescence with no modification to the microscope itself.


FlowVIEWAquarius is the pioneer of using e-beam to test original fluids and liquid samples. Aquarius can test and monitor coating materials in their original form, especially the liquid state.

EMS C-flat™, CD-flat™ and Au-flat™ Holey Film TEM GridsC-flat™ Grids

Ultra-flat, gold or holey carbon-coated TEM support grids. Unlike other holey carbon films, C-flat™ is manufactured without plastics, so its clean upon arrival with no residue for the user.

EMS Citifluor Product Line

CitifluorLearn about the benefits of Citifluor Products to the field of fluorescence microscopy.

EMS Evactron®

EMS EvactronFeaturing the Evactron® Series of Decontaminators and Cleaning Systems.


GloQubeThe first-of-its-kind, compact, easy to use, stand-alone glow discharge system for TEM grids.

EMS mPrep

EMS mPrepFeatures the mPrep™ System for Specimen Preparation and Grid Staining.

EMS Poly III for Embedding and Polymerization

EMS Poly IIIThe EMS POLY III is an instrument for the embedding of specimens by the proper combination of pressure and temperature.


EMS SEMFeatures our full line of SEM Supplies including Mounts, Planchets, Scintillators, Specimen Holders, Tools, Grids, Storage, Adhesives, and much more.

EMS UranyLess

UranylessLearn all about our new UranyLess EM Stain, a new substitute for Uranyl Acetate.


EMS Wet TEMFeatures our Wet "Liquid" TEM Kit: the K-kit Silicon-based Micro Channel Device.


FirmRapid Staining Technique that provides high-contrast fluorescence microscopy imaging of resin embedded samples, reminiscent of low magnification transmission electron microscopy.

EMS-002 Rapid Immersion Freezer

Rapid Immersion FreezerThe EMS-002 Rapid Immersion Freezer allows for a reliable virtually routine freezing of biological samples. This brochure provides a complete overview of the workstation and the available accessories.

EMS Freeze Substitution Kit

EMS Freeze Substitution KitThe Freeze Substitution process for low temperature dehydration & fixation of rapidly frozen cells usually takes days to complete. With the amazing work of K.L. McDonald and R.I. Webb, introduced is a new method for freeze substitution that we offer.

Filaments & Cathodes for Electron Microscopy

Filaments & Cathodes for Electron MicroscopyFeatures CeBix label cathodes from Applied Physics Technologies, LaB6 Cathodes from Applied Physics Technologies, Kimball Physics, and Denka, and standard tungsten loop filaments.

LYNX II Automated Tissue Processor

Lynx IILYNX II is designed to be the successor of the Lynx Tissue Processor with several ehancements including capabilities to perform optional processing of larger size samples for Histology.

Lab Microwave Ovens

State-of-the-art solutions for performing many of the steps in sample preparation prior to either light or electron microscopy.

Reference Standards for X-Ray Micro-Analysis

Reference Standards for X-Ray Micro-AnalysisFor over 30 years, M.A.C. has produced Reference and Calibration Standards for Electron Microscopy users worldwide. We are recognized as a leading supplier of EDX, WDX and SEM standards.

Vibration Isolation Products

Vibration Isolation ProductsWe have spent many years developing state-of-the-art workstations and platforms which provide the user with a truly vibration free surface on which the user can place equipment.


Visio-tekFeatures Visio-tek, our new line of portable digital wi-fi microscopes.

EMS Lab Equipment

New ProductsBenchtop equipment to keep your lab running at peak efficiency.

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