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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Histology and Light Microscopy

arrow13Prepared Staining Kits for Histology and Pathology


Alcoholic Stain SolutionsarrowPapanicolaou Stain for Membrane Filters

Stain results:

Nuclei   Deep Blue to Purple


  • Gill, G.W., ActaCytol., 18:300-311, 1974
  • Diagnostic Cytology by Membrane Filter, Application Bulletin 100, Gelman Instrument Co., Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1978
RT 26801-01 Gill's Hematoxylin No 1 msds 500 ml 34.00 Add to Cart
RT 26801-02 Hydrochloric Acid, 0.05% msds 500 ml 17.00 Add to Cart
RT 26801-03 Scott's Water Solution msds 500 ml 19.00 Add to Cart
RT 26801-04 Modified Orange G Staining Sol. msds 500 ml 25.00 Add to Cart
RT 26801-05 Modified EA Staining Solution msds 500 ml 33.00 Add to Cart


Alcoholic Stain SolutionsarrowPeriodic Acid Leucofuchsin Method – (PAS)

For General tissue stain.

Stain results:

Nuclei   Black on Blue
Cytoplasm   Gray, Yellow or Orange (depending on the counter stain)
Collagen   Pink (Orange if Picric Acid is used as counterstain)
Reticulum   Purplish Red (Orange red if Picric acid is used)
Glycogen-   Dark Purplish Red
EpitheFilbrin- lial mucin   Red-Purple to Violet
Fibrin-   Pink (Pink to violet if the Weigert Fibrin variant was used as a counterstain)


  • Clark, G.: Staining Procedures, Williams & Wilkins Co., Baltimore, 3rd Ed., c. 1973, p.156.
RT 26853-01 Schiff's Reagent msds 500 ml 52.00 Add to Cart
RT 26853-02 Periodic Acid, 1%, Aqueous msds 500 ml 25.00 Add to Cart
RT 26853-03 Sodium Bisulfite, 0.05m, Aqueous msds 500 ml 20.00 Add to Cart
RT 26853-04 Mayer's Acid Hemalum Sol., or msds 500 ml 42.00 Add to Cart
RT 26853-05 Weigert's Iron Hematoxylin A msds 500 ml 41.00 Add to Cart
RT 26853-06 Weigert's Iron Hematoxylin B msds 500 ml 28.00 Add to Cart
RT 26853-07 Picric Acid, Saturated, Aque msds 500 ml 27.00 Add to Cart
RT 26853-08 Orange G Solution, 1% msds 500 ml 29.00 Add to Cart

Alcoholic Stain SolutionsarrowRelative Aciddophilia Stain

Stain results: The least acidophilic elements stained in the phloxine control slide lose the red color after 2 minutes in the tartrazine solution. The most acidophilic retain the phloxine after 20 minutes in the tartrazine.


  • Lendrum, A.C, J. Path. Bact., 59:399-404, 1947
  • Clark, G., (ed.), Staining Procedures, 3rd Edition, Williams & Wilkins, Baltimore, p. 163, c. 1973.
RT 26901-01 Phloxine B Staining Solution msds 500 ml 43.00 Add to Cart
RT 26901-02 Tartrazine Saturated Solution in Cellosolve msds 500 ml 61.00 Add to Cart
RT 26901-03 n-Butyl Alcohol msds 450 ml 21.00 Add to Cart

Alcoholic Stain SolutionsarrowLeukocyte Alkaline Phosphatase

Phosphatase stain.


  • Williams, W.J., Beutler, E., Erslev, A.J. and Rundles, R.W., Hematology, 2nd ed., McGraw-Hill, NY, C. 1977, p 1628-1629
  • Kaplow, L.S., AM. J. Clin. Pathol., 39:439, 1693
  • Kaplow, L.S. and Burstone, M.S. Nature, 200:690, 1963
RT 26913-01 Buffered Acetone Fixative msds 500 ml 26.00 Add to Cart
RT 26913-02 Naphthol AS-BI Phosphate msds 100 mg 42.00 Add to Cart
RT 26913-03 Dimethyl Formamide msds 25 ml 15.00 Add to Cart
RT 26913-04 Fast Red Violet Salt LB, or msds 100mg 15.00 Add to Cart
RT 26913-06 Propanediol Buffer msds 100 ml 10.00 Add to Cart
RT 26913-07 Hematoxylin Counter Stain msds 500 ml 54.00 Add to Cart

arrowAB/PAS/CG Stain

Adenohypophyseal stain.

Stain results:

ACTH/MSH Cells   Purple, Red and Orange-Red
TSH Cells   Light to dark Purple-Blue
Gonadotropin Cells   Intense Red, Blue-purple, Blue-turquoise
GH Cells   Orange


  • McManus, J.F.A. and Mowry, R.W., Staining Methods, Histologic and Histochemical, P.B. Hoeber, NY, 1960
  • Clark, G., (ED.), staining Procedures, 3rd Edition, Williams & Wilkins, Baltimore, p. 166, c 1973.
RT 26920-01 Alcian Blue 8GX Solution 1%, pH 2.6-3.0 msds 500 ml 80.00 Add to Cart
RT 26920-02 Sodium Carbonate, 0.3% Aque   500 ml 17.00 Add to Cart
RT 26920-03 Periodic Acid, 1% Aqueous msds 500 ml 25.00 Add to Cart
RT 26920-04 Schiff's Reagent msds 500 ml 44.00 Add to Cart
RT 26920-05 Phophomolybdic Acid/Orange G Solution msds 500 ml 52.00 Add to Cart

Technical Tip

Achieving Maximum Contrast with Stain
Elimination of Section Contamination During Staining
Stability of Special Staining Solutions

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