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Vacuum Pumps and Evaporation

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arrow12Carbon Rods and Graphite Rods

Properties of Carbon

Name: Carbon
Symbol: C
Atomic number: 6
Atomic weight: 12.0107
Group number: :14
Period number 2
CAS I.D: 7440-44-0
Block: p-block
Specific gravity (graphite): 2.2 g/cm3
Specific gravity (diamond): 3.51 g/cm3
Specific gravity (amorphous): 1.88 g/cm3
m. p. sublimes: ~3550°C
Boiling point: 4200°C
Evaporation Temp (at which a substance has a vapor pressure of 1.33 x 10-2 mbar): 2400°C
Density: 1.85 g/cc
Shore Scleroscope Hardness: 45
Resistivity Ohms-in: 4.0 x 104
Ash Content <2 ppm
Flexural Strength: 8000 lb/in2
Porosity: 16.5%

Carbon RodsGraphite is the stable form of carbon. Graphite is one of the softest; diamond is one of the hardest minerals known to man. Carbon is harder than graphite. For TEM and SEM applications, graphite is recommended.

Carbon/graphite films are most usable in TEM and SEM due to its value characteristics: uniformity amorphous and high transparent to electron beams. Because of low molecular weight and their unique structure (graphite have a sheet like structure, where the atoms all lie in a plane), carbon/graphite films have excellent mechanical stability, and even film thickness is about 1-2 nm.

Our carbon/graphite rods are CVP™ (Chemical Vapor Process) purity and spectrographic grade, grade 1, produced to ASTM tolerances or even tighter as well – we have a technical grade. The technical grade has a typical impurity level of 50ppm or greater. Technical grade may be used in applications of non critical SEM coating applications.

arrow12A. Carbon Rods: Spectro-Grade

Carbon Rods (graphite) with an impurity level of 2ppm or less with a maximum level element of each of 1 ppm. These rods are ideal for all TEM, SEM and all other critical applications.

70200 Carbon Rods, Spectro Grade, ⅛" (3 mm) x 12" (304 mm) 12/pk 86.00 Add to Cart
70230 Carbon Rods, Spectro-Grade, ¼" (6.2 mm) x 12" (304 mm) 12/pk 120.00 Add to Cart
70231 Carbon Rods, Spectro-Grade, 3/16" (4.6 mm) x 12" (304 mm) 12/pk 64.00 Add to Cart
arrow12B. Carbon Rods: Technical Grade
70301 Carbon Rods, Technical Grade, ⅛" (3 mm) x 12" (304 mm) 12/pk 95.00 Add to Cart
70302 Carbon Rods, Technical Grade, ¼" (6.2 mm) x 12" (304 mm) 12/pk 90.00 Add to Cart
arrow12Carbon Rods
70210 12" (304 mm) L x ⅛" (3 mm) Diameter 12/pk 89.00 Add to Cart
70212 12" (304 mm) L x ¼" (6.2 mm) Diameter 12/pk 88.00 Add to Cart

Carbon Rods; Pointed and Presharpenedarrow12Carbon Rods;Pointed and Presharpened

To make your work easier we invite you to order our pre-sharpened rods. All of our line of Pre Sharpened Carbon Rods are made from our Spectroscopically Pure Carbon Graphite.

arrow12Single Point

Rod Length: 2⅜" (60.3 mm)
Neck Length: 0.205" (5.2 mm)
Neck Diameter: .045" (1.14 mm)

70220-01 Single Point Carbon Rods, ⅛" dia. x 2⅜" L (3 x 60.3 mm) 50/pk 175.00 Add to Cart
70221-01 Single Point Carbon Rods, ¼" dia. x 2⅜" L (6.2 x 60.3 mm) 30/pk 120.00 Add to Cart
arrow12Double Point
70220-02 LOA: 2⅜" (61 mm) x ⅛" (3.1 mm) Dia. Tip Length: 3/16" (4.6 mm) x Tip OD: 1/16" (1.6 mm) 50/pk 91.00 Add to Cart
70220-45 (⅛") dia. x 2¼" long (3.05 x 57.1 mm) Tip: .039" dia. (1.0 mm), neck type tips 10/pk 26.00 Add to Cart
70220-50 (3/16") dia. x 2½" long (4.6 x 63.5 mm) Tip: .039" dia. (1.0 mm), neck type tips 50/pk 90.00 Add to Cart
70221-02 LOA: 2⅜" (61 mm) x ¼" (6.2 mm) Dia. Tip Length: 3/16" (4.6 mm) x Tip OD: 1/16" (1.6 mm) 50/pk 135.00 Add to Cart
70221-40 ¼" dia. x 2" long (6.4 x 50.8 mm) Tip: .039" dia. (1.0 mm), neck type tips 50/pk 74.00 Add to Cart
70221-60 ¼" dia. x 1½" long (6.4 x 38 mm), Tip: .056" dia. (1.4 mm), neck type tips 10/pk 25.00 Add to Cart

Carbon Fiber and Cordarrow12Carbon Fiber and Cord

Sometimes referred to as 'braid', carbon fiber consists of eight separate strands of individual carbon fiber braided together. The fiber is manufactured so that, when cut, the ends resist unravelling. The fiber density is about 1.6g/m

Carbon Fiber Cord - high purity: Used With: Most carbon coaters where thick carbon cord is used

91047-1 Carbon Fiber Cord - high purity (1m) each 82.00 Add to Cart
91047-5 Carbon Fiber Cord - high purity (5m) each 375.00 Add to Cart

Carbon Fiber Cord - standard grade: Convenient to use, giving thick coating using a single length. 1m length

91046-1 Carbon Fiber Cord - standard grade (1m) each 30.00 Add to Cart
91046-10 Carbon Fiber Cord - standard grade (10m) each 195.00 Add to Cart
91046-100 Carbon Fiber Cord - standard grade (100m) each 1200.00 Add to Cart

Carbon Fiber - fine strands: Convenient to use, giving thin to medium coating using a single strand or several lengths. 1m length

91045 Carbon Fiber - fine strands (1m) each 25.00 Add to Cart
91045-10 Carbon Fiber - fine strands (10m) each 90.00 Add to Cart
91045-100 Carbon Fiber - fine strands (100m) each 675.00 Add to Cart

Carbon Rod Sharpenerarrow12Carbon Rod Sharpener

Sharpens either ¼ inch or ⅛ inch rods.

Simply insert the blunt carbon rod into the collet and push button on the side of housing. Rotate collet to produce 1 mm diameter tip in about three to four seconds.

To reduce the possibility of tip breakage, stop the motor before withdrawing the sharpened rod.

This sharpener produces straight sided tips. To make pencil form rods, use a regular pencil sharpener.

70305-10 Electric Carbon Rod Sharpener, 110V each 1,025.00 Add to Cart
70305-20 Electric Carbon Rod Sharpener, 220V each 1,025.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Manual Carbon Rod Sharpener

Used to sharpen rods into 1 millimeter cylindrical tips

70305-60 Carbon Rod Sharpener (⅛" (3 mm) rods) each 70.00 Add to Cart
70305-65 Carbon Rod Sharpener (¼" (6.2 mm) rods) each 75.00 Add to Cart
70305-70 Cutter Replacement for Carbon Rod Sharpener each 13.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Hand Tool For Creating Two Step Carbon Rods

Comes complete with brass adjustment tool.

70305-40 Two Step Carbon Rod Sharpener, for ¼" rods each 150.00 Add to Cart
70305-45 Replacement Blades, for ¼" rods each 21.00 Add to Cart

amberclensarrow12Amberclens Foam Cleanser

A multipurpose anti-static foaming cleaner. Ideal for general cleaning on a wide variety of Laboratory, industrial, aerospace and commercial equipment.

Removes tough, stubborn stains such as grease, grime, and dirt

Anti-static formulation, reduces the attraction of airborne dust

68551-13 Amberclens Foam Cleanser 400 ml 30.00 Add to Cart

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