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Electron Microscopy Sciences



How-To Videos

Biological TEM Processing

Product Videos

Cat No. Product Video
EMS150T Turbo-Pumped Sputter Coater/Carbon Coater Setting up your EMS 150T
3400 EMS 150T ES Plus Ramped Carbon Deposition
EMS 150 Series Sputter Coaters/ Carbon Coaters Controlled-Pulse Carbon Cord Deposition
3750 to
CryoCapsule Supplementary Video
    Loading Tutorial
6390.1 ULTRAPOL End & Edge Polisher ULTRAPOL End & Edge Polisher Workholders
74395Darkroom TimerDarkroom Timer
7640 LatticeAx™ The LatticeAx 420 Cleaving Process
    LatticeGear talks at ISTFA 2013
    Indent using LatticeAx™
    Whole Wafer Cleaving
    Cleaving with the LatticeAx™ Indenter Knob
    Set the LatticeAx™
    Cleaving Accurately using the LatticeAx™
    TSV Cleaving using the LatticeAx™
    Clean Copper Cleaving
    Clean Silicon Wafer Cleaving with the LatticeAx™
    Set Scribe Cleave
    Diamond Indenter Replacement
    Small Sample Cleaving Tool – Accurate Cleaving of Small Samples
    Cleaving Thick and Thin Glass
    Cleaving a Thin Die with the LatticeAx™
7670 FlipScribe™ Cleaving and Scribing Reinvented
    Downsizing a Silicon (111) Wafer with the FlipScribe
    Cleaving Narrow Samples
    Cleaving Samples into 1mm Strips
    Making a Small Rectangular Sample using the FlipScribe
    Gripping small sample with the FlipScribe holder
7680 FlexScribe Gripping small sample with the FlipScribe holder
14653 Technovit® 7100 Cutting Technovoit 7100 on a LKB Historange Microtome
Terg-A-ZymeHow to Clean Proteins with Enzymatic Detergent
Tissue-Tek® Cryo3® Flex Cryostat Cryo3 Flex Cryostat 3D Precision Chuck
    Flex Cryo3 Flex Cryostat Anti-Roll Rake
19200 Paraformaldehyde Permeabilization and Fixation
    Mounting Your Specimen
22409 Uranyless UranyLess TEM Staining Alternative for Uranyl Acetate
62800 CryoJane® The Cryostat Frozen Sectioning Aid System Cryosectioning 1) An Introduction
    Cryosectioning 2) Machine Preparation
    Cryosectioning 3) Sample Preparation
    Cryosectioning 4) Preparing to Cut
    Cryosectioning 5) Cutting and Slide Mounting
    Cryosectioning 6) Cleaning
70536-10 Breathe-Easy® Breathe-Easy® for Petri Dishes
71834-10 Roto-Shake Genie® Roto-Shake Genie Standard Rotator/Rocker
    Roto-Shake Genie Orbital Shaking Platform
71841 Mixer Vortex Genie® 2T Vortex Genie 2T
71838 Vortex Genie® 2 Digital Digital Vortex Genie 2
71877-01 to
LiveSlide Living Slides Pinnularia Diatom 400x
    Ostracod 100x
    Tardigrade (also known as water bear) 400x
    Copapod 400x
    Rotifer 400x
77577 Cryogenic Labels Laser Template Tutorial
    Mail Merge Tutorial

  Dymo Template Installation
80069 MAG*I*CAL® MAG*I*CAL® Handling
89011 uSCOPE MXII Inserting a Slide into the uScopeMXII
    Scanning a slide with the uScope MXII
    Browsing a slide with the uScope MXII
91090 Critical Point Drier 850 CDP (Critical Point Dryer)
92100 Visio-tek Digital Wi-Fi Microscopes Visio-tek Wi-Fi Digital Microscope
    Visio-tek Tutorial
L12600 Lynx II Lynx II Instruction/Manual
MeX Turning a SEM into a 3D measurement device
PP3010T Cryo-SEM Preparation System Hitachi + PP3010T
    PP3010T Cryo preparation system for SEM
    CryoSEM with JEOL Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope and Quorum CryoSEM
SFA-XX NIGHTSEA™ Fluorescence Viewing System Nightsea™ Fluorescence Adapter for Stereomicroscopes
    Fluorescence Anywhere
    Adding fluorescence to a conventional stereo microscope
    EZ4 adapter for NIGHTSEA Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter
    Fluorescence Search for Microplastics
    Nightsea for Dino-Lite