Cryo Rotate Stage

Designed for use with the PP3010 Cryo Preparation System 
Offering 360° rotation, the innovative Cryo Rotate Stage allows for ion milling and observation/analysis of samples at cryogenic temperatures down to -160 °C. 
The unique Cryo Rotate Stage facilitates cryo-FIB lamella preparation, cryo-FIB lift out and cryo-tomography. The Cryo Rotate Stage is compatible with most makes and models of SEM and FIB/SEM. 

Recommended Applications

  • Cryo-SEM and Cryo-FIB/SEM samples
  • E Cryo-FIB lamella preparation
  • Materials science
  • Biological life science  
  • EBSD and sample feature alignment
  • Correlative microscopy  

Please contact us to specify the Cryo Rotate Stage to your requirements. 

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