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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Grids, Grid Storage, and Grid Preparation

Downloadable PDFarrow13Grid Preparation Supplies and Accessories


These pinholes are prepared from pure copper foil, 3 mm in diameter, 25 microns thick. They possess very high roundness and edge retention. Blackened on one surface. Mounted in black anodized aluminum discs. Mounted in a recessed hole in an anodized holder, 16 mm in diameter.


  • Spatial filtering
  • Controlling the diameter of light beams
  • Creating point light sources
  • Image analysis
  • Etc.
PH-C1 Pin Hole 0.001 mm (1µ) diameter each 238.00 Add to Cart
PH-C2 Pin Hole 0.002 mm (2µ) diameter each 236.00 Add to Cart
PH-C5 Pin Hole 0.005 mm (5µ) diameter each 230.00 Add to Cart
PH-10 Pin Hole 0.01 mm (10µ) diameter each 210.00 Add to Cart
PH-C25 Pin Hole 0.025 mm (25µ) diameter each 160.00 Add to Cart
PH-C50 Pin Hole 0.05 mm (50µ) diameter each 160.00 Add to Cart
PH-100 Pin Hole 0.1 mm (100µ) diameter each 160.00 Add to Cart
PH-C250 Pin Hole 0.25 mm (250µ) diameter each 144.00 Add to Cart
PH-C1000 Pin Hole 1.0 mm (1000µ) diameter each 164.00 Add to Cart
Horizontal Grid Box
Horizontal Grid Box in Case

arrow11Horizontal Grid Box

Slide-in type

These grid boxes offer easy handling of the grids without damaging the support film.







71161-01 Horizontal Grid Box each 26.00 Add to Cart
71161-02 Horizontal Grid Boxes 3/pk 70.00 Add to Cart
71161-03 Horizontal Grid Boxes in Case 8/pk 195.00 Add to Cart



Grid Storage Box, 50 Capacityarrow11Grid Storage Box, 50 Capacity

Storage for 50 grids in deep diamond-shaped wells. All wells are identified. The base is resistant to organics and reactions can be carried out on grid-mounted samples in the wells. Complete with grid recording card.

71150 Grid Storage Box, 50 Capacity each 5.75 Add to Cart
71152 Grid Storage Box, 50 Capacity 1 dozen 57.00 Add to Cart

EMS25 TEM Grid Storage Boxarrow11EMS25 TEM Grid Storage Box

The EMS25 is a small capacity grid storage box, designed as a low alternative to larger grid boxes where extra storage capacity is not required.

The box has a sliding cover, allowing access to 5 slots at a time.

Each diamond shaped hole is capable of storing a 3.05 mm or 2.3 mm diameter grid. Storage referencing is managed via recessed alpha numeric indexing on the sides of the box.

The box contains two side features, allowing for easier handling during specimen removal, as well as a matt strip for extra notation.

The EMS25 is also available with a unique number printed in blue on the face, code EMS25BN; batches with sequential numbers are available. Both boxes come with a durable 25 column card for record keeping.

Our grid boxes are intended for use in both routine grid handling and for long term grid storage. Their compact flat shape and low cost make them well suited for the transportation of coated grid products and for the long term storage of catalogued specimens.


Size 56 mm (L) x 36 mm (W) x 6 mm (D)
Weight 9 grams
Materials: Base: ABS-PHAT (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene + Anti-Static Additive)
Cover Clear Polycarbonate
71159 EMS25 TEM Grid Storage Box, 25 Capacity each 4.50 Add to Cart
71159-10 EMS25 TEM Grid Storage Box, 25 Capacity 1 dozen 48.00 Add to Cart
71159-20 EMS25 TEM Grid Storage Box, 25 Capacity, w/number each 5.50 Add to Cart
71159-30 EMS25 TEM Grid Storage Box, 25 Capacity, w/number 1 dozen 60.00 Add to Cart

Grid Storage Boxarrow11Grid Storage Box, 100 Capacity

100 grids can be stored in identified diamond-shaped wells for daily handling or long-term storage. Complete with grid recording card.

71140 Grid Storage Box, 100 Capacity each 16.50 Add to Cart
71142 Grid Storage Box, 100 Capacity 1 dozen 185.00 Add to Cart

arrow11Multipurpose Electron Microscope Specimen Box – MEM Grid Box

Multipurpose Electron Microscope Specimen Box Grid StorageA newly designed Grid Box with safety, ease and convenience in mind – This multipurpose electron microscope specimen grid box is one of the most desirable boxes on the market


  • Eliminates the chances of tweezer insertion damaging the grids – The "tweezers slot" and "grid slot" are in a separate location. The tweezers are only able to grip the edge of the grid enabling it to be picked up
  • Grids stored no longer jump out of the box while you remove the cover – Between the body of the box and the sliding lid, there is a separate plastic cover, which allows for only four slots being exposed at a time.
  • The Grid Record Card is stored safely by insertion along on the reverse side of the box
  • MEM-96 – will able to store up to 96 grids
  • MEM-32 – will able to store up to 32 grids with 8 Blocks
  • Measures: 81 mm (L) x 54 mm (W) x 6 mm Thick
71164-01 MEM-96 Grid Storage Box each 13.00 Add to Cart
71164-10 MEM-96 Grid Storage Box 10/pk 126.00 Add to Cart
71165-01 MEM-32 Grid Storage Box each 13.00 Add to Cart
71165-10 MEM-32 Grid Storage Box 10/pk 126.00 Add to Cart


Instructions for MEM Grid Box
Animated Instructions for MEM Grid Box

TEM-Specimen Grid Boxarrow11TEM-Specimen Grid Box – SB50

This newly designed TEM grid storage box, for routine handling and long term storage of 50 standard size TEM grids. This new ergonomic design incorporates several features that overcome the disadvantages associated with storage boxes of the more conventional "sliding cover" design. This new box has a unique number on the face and on one end.


Size 75 mm (L) x 65 mm (W) x 6.5 mm (D)
Weight 22 grams
Materials: Base: ABS-PHAT (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene + Anti-Static Additive)
Cover CAB (Cellulose Acetal Butyrate)


  • The blue arrow at the 12:00 o'clock position indicates the park position for the cover when not it is not in use. This is a firm grip "click" position and it cannot be moved accidentally thus preventing spillage
  • The clear cover can be rotated smoothly through 360 degrees once the slight initial resistance of the park position has been overcome exposing a maximum of 2 or 3 diamond shaped slots at any one time
  • The 50 diamond shaped slots have an alphanumeric referencing system. Each box is supplied with an index record card for additional information
  • The material the bases are made from have been chosen due to their anti-static properties. The clear cover has self-lubricating properties, which reduces friction, enabling the cover to move freely while remaining in close contact with the face of the base
  • The storage boxes are designed to be stacked, the base locating precisely over the face of another box
71135-01 SB50 Grid Storage Box each 15.50 Add to Cart
71135-12 SB50 Grid Storage Box 12/bx 177.00 Add to Cart
71136-01 SB50N Grid Storage Box with Unique Number each 18.00 Add to Cart
71136-12 SB50N Grid Storage Box with Unique Number 12/bx 186.00 Add to Cart

Numbered Grid Storage Boxarrow11Numbered Grid Storage Box, 100 Capacity

The standard 100 capacity grid storage box with a unique number printed on the face and on one end.


  • Eliminates the placement of the specimen grid in the wrong box
  • Easy retrieval of grid box from storage
  • Complete with grid recording card
71137 Numbered Grid Storage Box, 100 Capacity each 19.00 Add to Cart
71138 Numbered Grid Storage Box, 100 Capacity 10/lot 182.00 Add to Cart
71139 Numbered Grid Storage Box, 100 Capacity 100/lot 1,700.00 Add to Cart

Grid Storage Boxarrow11Grid Storage Box, 100 Capacity

A newly designed grid storage box similar to the original LKB box. Made from a special plastic that minimizes static. Complete with grid recording card.

Measures: 8 cm (L) x 5 cm (W) x 7 mm (T)

71155 Grid Storage Box, 100 Capacity each 10.00 Add to Cart
71156 Grid Storage Box, 100 Capacity 1 dozen 114.00 Add to Cart

Araldite 502LKB Grid Storage Boxarrow11The Original LKB Grid Storage Box

For years, The LKB Grid Storage Box is the one that everyone is looking for. Now it is available again from EMS. The box is made from ABS (a copolymer of Acrylonitrile, Butadien and Styrene) which will not tolerate temperatures above 70°C, while the lid is made of Polymethacrylate (Flexiglas, Perspex), which should not be exposed to temperatures above 45°C. Neither the box nor the lid will resist organic solvents.

The box consists of 100 diamond shaped holes for storing up to 100 EM grids, either 3.05 mm or 2.3 mm in diameter. The box measures 3" (75 mm) (L) x 2⅛" (55 mm) (W) x ¼" (7 mm) (H) and it comes complete with 10 index cards.

71147-01 LKB 100-Grid Storage Box each 29.00 Add to Cart
71147-12 LKB 100-Grid Storage Box 10 272.00 Add to Cart

TEM Grid Storage boxesarrow11Inexpensive Grid Storage boxes

THE EMS 50 and EMS100 Capacity Inexpensive Grid Storage boxes

The EMS50 and EMS100 TEM Grid Storage Boxes are used for the storage of TEM grids for routine grid handling, transport and long term TEM grid storage for standard grids that are 3.05 mm in diameter. The box has a simple number/letter combination printed on the side of the body. Dimensions for both boxes are: 75 x 55 x 6.5 mm. Anti Static treated.

71146-01 EMS 50 Grid Box each 7.25 Add to Cart
71146-02 EMS 100 Grid Box each 8.25 Add to Cart

Dial-A-Grid Storage Modulesarrow11Dial-A-Grid Storage Modules

A two tone color coded plastic box with insert which has 24 letter-labeled crossed slots, where the grids can be stored. A rotating protection plate covers the slots and allows for exposure of one grid at a time.

Measures: 2⅓" (L) x 1¾" (W) x ½" (H) (57 x 45 x 12.5 mm)

71148-01 BEEM® Dial-A-Grid Storage Box each 6.25 Add to Cart
71148-05 BEEM® Dial-A-Grid Storage Box 50/pk 262.00 Add to Cart
71148-10 BEEM® Dial-A-Grid Storage Box 100/pk 450.00 Add to Cart

*BEEM® Is A Registered Trademark of Better Equipment For Electron Microscopy, Inc.

BEEM Dial-A-Grid and Block Storage Modulesarrow11BEEM® Dial-A-Grid and Block Storage Modules

The same as Dial-A-Grid Module but with two additional cavities for block storage.

71149-01 BEEM® Dial-A-Grid & Block Storage each 6.25 Add to Cart
71149-05 BEEM® Dial-A-Grid & Block Storage 50/pk 262.00 Add to Cart
71149-10 BEEM® Dial-A-Grid & Block Storage 100/pk 450.00 Add to Cart

*BEEM® Is A Registered Trademark of Better Equipment For Electron Microscopy, Inc.

EMS Dial-Grid-N-Block-Storagearrow11EMS Dial-Grid-N-Block-Storage

24 slots labeled with letters from A-X where the grids can be stored and rotated for easy access as well as 3 additional cavities for block storage. Available with and without a unique identification number.

71158-01 EMS Dial-Grid-N-Block Storage each 13.00 Add to Cart
71158-05 EMS Dial-Grid-N-Block Storage 50/pk 617.00 Add to Cart
71158-10 EMS Dial-Grid-N-Block Storage 100/pk 1,200.00 Add to Cart
71158-15 EMS Dial-Grid-N-Block Storage/With Number each 14.00 Add to Cart
71158-20 EMS Dial-Grid-N-Block Storage/With Number 50/pk 665.00 Add to Cart
71158-25 EMS Dial-Grid-N-Block Storage/With Number 100/pk 1,300.00 Add to Cart

TEM Grid Freeze Drying Holderarrow11TEM Grid Freeze Drying Holder

Freeze drying holder to hold 24 standard TEM grids.

EMS063 TEM Grid Freeze Drying Holder each 459.00 Add to Cart
cryogenic grid storage box

arrow11Cryogenic Grid Storage Boxes

These specimen grid boxes are tools for storing or transferring cryogenic TEM specimen grids.

  • Four diamond shaped slots
  • Non-static clear covershield held in place with stainless steel screw, which is tapped in the center of the box
  • Box fits the FEI Vitrobot™, Gatan 626™, Gatan 3500™
  • Available with lid, pin-type lid, or without lid
71166-10 Cryo Grid Box, Round, w/Lid each 9.95 Add to Cart
71166-10-W Cryo Grid Box, Round, w/Lid, White each 9.95 Add to Cart
71166-20 Cryo Grid Box, Square, w/Lid each 9.95 Add to Cart
71166-30 Cryo Grid Box, Round, wo/Lid each 7.40 Add to Cart
71166-40 Cryo Grid Box, w/Pin Type Lid for FEI Vitrobot each 19.00 Add to Cart
71166-50 Cryo Grid Box, w/Pin Type Lid each 13.00 Add to Cart
71166-60 Cryo Grid Box, w/Lid, Sq for Gatan CT3500 each 18.50 Add to Cart

Gripper Tool for Cryo Grid Boxesarrow11Gripper Tool for Cryo Grid Boxes

Use this tool to open the lid of our cryogrid box (EMS Cat. #71166-40). It features a spring loaded vise that grips the lid securely and a ribbed barrel for ease in unscrewing the lid. Made of high quality aluminum, it can be used with liquid nitrogen. Can also be used to carry the cryo grid box.

71166-SP Gripper Tool for Cryo Grid Boxes each 36.00 Add to Cart

cryogenic grid handling toolarrow11Cryogenic Grid Box Handling Tool

This tool has one end which is threaded and fits into the center hole of the Cryogenic Grid Storage Box (where the screw goes in to secure the lid) for moving the box in and out of the cryogenic chamber.

71165-50 Cryogenic Grid Box Handling Tool each 19.95 Add to Cart
JEOL 3-Position Grid Insertarrow11JEOL 3-Position Grid Insert

A three position insert which will fit standard JEOL 2 position holders as a direct replacement.

Specimens are held in place with our push fit, easy to use circlips. The circlip extraction tool, Cat. #EMS016 is needed to install and remove circlips.

EMS056 JEOL 3-Position Grid Insert each


Add to Cart

Vitrobot Filter Paperarrow11Vitrobot™ Filter Paper

This special Filter Paper has an outer diameter of 55 mm, with an inner diameter of 20 mm. Made from Grade 595 paper.

71166-65 Vitrobot™ Filter Paper 100/pk 38.00 Add to Cart
CryoEM Puck
  • 71168a
  • 71168b
  • 71168c
  • 71168d
  • 71168e
  • 71168f
  • 71168g
  • 71168h
  • 71168i

arrow11EMS Cryo Pucks

Organized storage and transport for Cryo-EM specimen grids under cryogenic conditions

  • 12 wells per puck for Cryo Grid Boxes
  • Each puck has a unique alpha-numeric code for easy identification
  • Indexed wells for sample tracking
  • Holds round Cryo Grid Boxes
  • Puck depth accomodates pin type lid style Cryo Grid Boxes
  • When using Cryo Grid Boxes with flat-style lids, you can store up to 24 Cryo Grid Boxes per puck
  • Special tweezer slots allow easy and secure removal of Cryo Grid Boxes
  • Shelved shipping Cane holds up to seven pucks
  • Shelved Storage Cane
71168-01 EMS Cryo Pucks Complete Set
(7) EMS Cryo Pucks
(1) Shelved Puck Shipping Cane
(1) Shelved Storage Cane
(1) Angled Cryo-Tongs
(1) Protective Storage Case
set 2,397.00 Add to Cart
71168-02 EMS Cryo Pucks each 110.00 Add to Cart
71168-07 EMS Cryo Pucks 7/pk 730.00 Add to Cart
71168-08 EMS Cryo Puck Storage Case each 290.00 Add to Cart
71168-09 Shelved Storage Cane (holds 10 pucks) each 400.00 Add to Cart
71168-10 Double Puck Loading Dewar with Lid each 325.00 Add to Cart
71168-11 Bent Cryo Tong each 142.00 Add to Cart
71168-12 Shelved Puck Shipping Cane each 892.00 Add to Cart
71168-13 Cryo Express Dry Shipper with Case each 1,450.00 Add to Cart

Grid Matsarrow11Grid Mats

White silicone rubber mats, with numbered compartments. Good for organizing grids. They will not slide or jump between compartments. Also ideal for staining grids. Easy to pick up grids without damaging forcep tips. Mats are available for square and round petri dishes, (100 mm diameter).

71160 Square Grid Mat each 6.00 Add to Cart
71162 Square Grid Mat 1 dozen 68.00 Add to Cart
71170 Round Grid Mat each 6.00 Add to Cart
71172 Round Grid Mat 1 dozen 68.00 Add to Cart

Grid Transporting Box arrow11Grid Transporting Box

This unique Box allows for the storage and transportation of grids without any worry of them moving around or being damaged. The Plate is made from Silicone and has 54 individual compartments 10 mm in size. Each compartment can hold 3 grids and the grids can be easily picked up from the Silicone surface.

71173-01 Grid Transporting Box each 60.00 Add to Cart

Technical Tips

A Simple Method for Handling Grids

Picking Trayarrow11Picking Trays

These unique trays, which are available in either black rigid ABS plastic or aluminum in black or tan.

The trays feature 42 cells with a lip differentiating each cell. The cells measure 11 mm x 11 mm (7/16 x 7/16").

Tray measures 96 x 34 mm (3.78 x 1.34").

Trays perfect for placement of grids and storage of small components.

71171-01 Picking Tray, Black ABS Plastic each 19.50 Add to Cart
71171-02 Picking Tray, Black Metal each 32.00 Add to Cart
71171-03 Picking Tray, Tan Metal each 32.00 Add to Cart

EMS Domino Rackarrow11EMS Domino Rack

The EMS Domino rack is "U" shaped and made from an aircraft alloy sheet stock with serial perforations; thermally bonded spaceage copolymer; 5 mm diameter holes, 28 holes per rack. The formvar film cast on the rack will stretch across a series of smooth edged holes forming a flat, wrinkle free film that is ready for grid mounting. The Domino Rack allows the sections within the slot to dry flat and wrinkle free; it reduces the film and section contamination to negligible levels.

Moran, D.T., and Rowley, J.C., (1987). "Biological Specimen Preparation for Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy in Biology: Microscopy and Methods, ed. M.A. Hayat. Academic Press, New York./ pg 1-22.

70620 EMS Domino Rack each 30.00 Add to Cart
70621 EMS Domino Rack 10/lot 270.00 Add to Cart

Five-Slide Gripperarrow11Five-Slide Gripper

The Five-Slide Gripper accommodates five microscope slides in one staining procedure.

  • It fits most coplin and round-open staining jars
  • It is made from a special material which is resistant to all chemicals and solvents which are used in staining
  • There is no need to remove slides for drying
  • It withstands drying temperatures up to 80°C
71410-06 Five-Slide Gripper 6/pk 74.00 Add to Cart

Five-Slide Gripperarrow11Plexiglas Microscope Slides

A Fool-Proof method for the mounting of serial sections on Single Hole Grids.

These plexiglass slides are 3 x 1" (75 x 25 mm) and 1 mm thick. They prevent wrinkling and section loss while mounting sections on the grid. The procedure is simple: A Fool-Proof Method for Mounting Serial Sections on Single Hole Grids.

71891-10 Plexiglas Microscope Slides 5/pk 30.00 Add to Cart

FlowView Starter Kit TDSSlice Capsulesarrow11Grids Staining Pad

Observing the ultrastructure of cells under an electron microscope is an important aspect of biological research, especially in the neurosciences.

Unfortunately, preparing a sample for a transmission electron microscope is a long and difficult process. This product was designed to simplify the preparation of samples and make the process more time efficient.

71187 Grids Staining Pad kit 76.00 Add to Cart

FlowView Starter Kit TDSSlice CapsulesGrid Staining Matrix Systemarrow11Grid Staining Matrix System

This unique staining device allows you to stain up to 25 grids at one time or as little as one The Matrix system has a simply alpha-numeric identification system. The unit is not solvent or chemically resistant to acids so all stains should be aqueous based only. The system requires very little stain and you may use different vessels for each stain.

The amount of Volume of stain required is as follows:

21 - 25 grids 11ml
16 - 20 grids 9ml
11 - 15 grids 7ml
06 - 10 grids 5 ml
01 - 05 grids 3ml

Each system includes the following:

  • Matrix Body
  • 2 each of the Staining Vessels (Red and Blue)
71179-01 Grid Staining Matrix System Kit each 100.00 Add to Cart
71179-05 Matrix Body with handle and cover each 62.00 Add to Cart
71179-06 Staining Vessels, 1 red and 1 blue 2/pk 72.00 Add to Cart
71179-07 Staining Vessel, blue each 37.00 Add to Cart
71179-08 Staining Vessel, red each 37.00 Add to Cart

Film Casting Device emsexclu.gif (210 bytes)arrow11Casting Film Device

An all glass apparatus. It casts uniformly thin films of parlodion, formvar, or butvar directly onto 1x3 microscope slides. The film casting solution can be used repeatedly. A built-in fine-pressure-release valve helps control the speed of drainage. The thickness of the film is controlled by the concentration of the film solution and the rate of the drainage. The unit requires 100 mls of film casting solution to start.

The unit comes complete with:

  • 500 ml capacity flask with built-in valves; Air-in and Air-out
  • Film casting Cylinder with Cover
  • 75 cc Atomizer
71305-01 Complete Film Casting Device each 595.00 Add to Cart
71305-04 500 ml Flask Replacement each 342.00 Add to Cart
71305-06 Film Casting Cylinder Replacement each 250.00 Add to Cart
60804 Atomizer Replacement each 12.00 Add to Cart

arrow11Product Links

Downloadable PDFAll Glass Nebulizerarrow11All Glass Nebulizer

An all glass unit for the simple production of microdroplets. An object is held vertically in front of the nebulizer outlet and by squeezing the atomizer a fine spray is created. The nebulizer set comes with an All Glass Nebulizer bulb and Atomizer.

70505-01 Nebulizer Set Set 950.00 Add to Cart
70505-05 Nebulizer Set 5 Sets 3,900.00 Add to Cart
70506-01 Nebulizer Only each 825.00 Add to Cart
70506-05 Nebulizer Only 5/pk 3,900.00 Add to Cart
60804 Atomizer Replacement each 12.00 Add to Cart

Grid-Stick Kitarrow11Grid-Stick Kit

A helpful device for multi grid staining. If instructions are followed carefully you can say good-bye to precipitate and dirt. The Grid Stick is made from a thin, but rigid alloy that does not react with commonly used organic solvents or stains. The stick itself measures 4 mm wide, 75 mm long and has a slot along its center with small undercut notches on one side to make grid removal simple. A small area on the top of each stick is reserved for identification.

The Grid Stick is coated with a specially-formulated pressure- sensitive adhesive. This adhesive is resistant to solvents used in conventional staining methods (e.g., water, alcohol, ethanol) and aggressively holds the grids in place during staining, emulsion coating, carbon coating, shadow casting, serial section collection, etc., yet will not remain on the grid once it is removed from the stick. During staining the grids are held in the same plane as the solution flow, minimizing the risk of breaking the formvar film and, or collecting surface debris.

Grids may be stored, handled, and examined with minimal effort. For example, if your grids are on SynapTek Grid Sticks you can simply place the stick on the stage of a phase microscope, identify the material (you will see outlines of large cells), and determine its condition (i.e., holes in material, dirt on grids) in only a few seconds without disturbing a single grid. In short, you will find that the SynapTek Grid Stick is simple, easy to use, and most importantly, highly reliable.

SynapTek Grid-Stick consists of:

  • 5 coated Grid Sticks
  • 10 Staining Pipettes (modified)
  • 2 flow-limiting Plugs and Bulbs
  • Instructions
71175 Grid-Stick Kit each 89.00 Add to Cart

Replacement Components

71176 Grid-Stick, uncoated 10/pk 16.00 Add to Cart
71177 Staining Pipettes with 2 plugs 20/pk 175.00 Add to Cart
71178 Grid-Stick Glue (For recoating Grid-Stick) 5 ml 16.00 Add to Cart

msdsGrid Coating Pen For TEMarrow11Grid Coating Pen For TEM; Coat Quick "G"

The Coat-Quick "G" pen improves the adherence of tissue sections onto the grids. With a touch of the pen to the grid, a thin layer of coating is applied to the grid. Drying takes place in approximately 1-2 minutes at room temperature. After it has dried the grid is ready for tissue mounting. The pen is also used in pretreating grids prior to mounting supporting films such as formvar and carbon; it minimizes dislodging, widening, or breaking of the support film.

70624 Grid Coating Pen each 33.00 Add to Cart

arrow11EFFA Multiple Grid Staining Device

Please see Grid-Stick Kit

Downloadable PDFHot Pen - Wax PenHot Pen - Wax Pen; A Tool for Separating Sectionsarrow11Hot Pen - Wax Pen; A Tool for Separating Sections

Powered by AA batteries. This pen helps to flatten and separate tissue sections and reduces compression in thin sections.

Available in two models: Wax Pen 1 is powered by one AA battery; Wax Pen 2 is powered by two AA batteries. Both pens are using the same tip. Replacement tip (Cat. #72679-RT) is a straight one. Replacement tip (Cat. #72679-03) is a set of three different configurations: Straight, Hook, and "U" Shaped Tips.

Cat # Length with Tip w/o w/Cap Diameter      
72678 Wax Pen 1 6½" 6¾" ¾", 18 mm each 27.00 Add to Cart
72679 Wax Pen 2 8¼" 8¾" ¾", 18 mm each 30.00 Add to Cart
72679-RT Replacement Tip       each 5.75 Add to Cart
72679-03 Replacement Tips       set of 3 18.00 Add to Cart

Product Links

Perfect Loopemsexclu.gif (210 bytes)arrow11Perfect Loop

Using this PERFECT LOOP, you can place your thin sections, cut on the ultramicrotome, easily on the grid mesh without creases.

Perfect Loop for Ultra Thin sections

Perfect Loop for Ultra Thin sections
1. Center the loop
above the sections
Perfect Loop for Ultra Thin sections
2. Slowly lower
the loop over the
sections and touch
the water
Perfect Loop for Ultra Thin sections
3. Gently lift up the
loop with the sections
in a droplet of water
Perfect Loop for Ultra Thin sections
4. Lower the loop
onto a grid and lift
up again
Perfect Loop for Ultra Thin sections
5. The grid holds
to the loop by
surface tension
Perfect Loop for Ultra Thin sections
6. Lower the loop
to the filter paper
to remove water
Perfect Loop for Ultra Thin sections
7. For coated grids,
touch with filter paper
to remove water
Perfect Loop for Ultra Thin sections
8. Separate the grid
from the loop with
an eyelash

70944 Set of Handle & Loop set 95.00 Add to Cart
70945 Loop only each 70.00 Add to Cart
70946 Loop only 5/each 295.00 Add to Cart
70948 Handle only each 32.00 Add to Cart
Perfect Loop for Light Microscopy (large sections) The outside diameter of the loop is 7 mm.
70940 LM Set of Handle & Loop set 95.00 Add to Cart
70941 LM Loop only each 70.00 Add to Cart
70942 LM Loop only 5/each 295.00 Add to Cart
70943 LM Loop Handle each 29.00 Add to Cart

Technical Tips

Section Pick-up; The Perfect Loop

Micro-Test Staining Disharrow11Micro-Test Staining Dish

This staining dish is made from clear glass and has 10 cells in 2 rows of 5 each. Each cell is 2 mm deep and holds 0.15 ml of solution. Very useful in specimen preparation, EM staining, and Boerner-Jones-Lukens microfluocculation test.

Measures: 108 X 57 mm (4¼" x 2¼").

71564 Micro-Test/Staining Dish each 31.00 Add to Cart

arrow113-Well Porcelain Slide – Micro Spot Plate

Porcelain Micro Spot Plate is ideal for microchemical applications. With three concave depressions.

Cavities measure ⅞" O.D. x ¼" Deep (22 x 7 mm). Plate overall measures 3⅜" (L) x1 ⅜" (W) (85 x 34 mm)

71561-01 3-Well Slide Porcelain each 38.00 Add to Cart
71561-06 3-Well Slide Porcelain 6/pk 205.00 Add to Cart

White Porcelain Platearrow11White Porcelain Plate

12 cavities on a white porcelain plate. Used for staining and color reactions.

They measure: 4⅝" (L) x 3½" (W) (118 x 90 mm). Cavity depth: ¼" (6.4 mm).

71562-01 White Porcelain Plate each 34.00 Add to Cart
71562-06 White Porcelain Plate 12/pk 360.00 Add to Cart

Glazed Porcelain Platearrow11Glazed Porcelain Plate

Our economical glazed porcelain plate is made from high purity raw material, uniform in quality and resistant to acids and alkalis. It can withstand sudden temperature changes without cracks, explosion or deformation. Under normal conditions, the glazed plate can sustain a temperature of up to 1050°C.

Available in two models:

  1. 6 well with overall measurements of 3¼" (L) x 2⅛" (W) x ⅜" Thick
  2. 12 wells with overall measurements of 4½" (L) x 3½" (W) x ½" Thick
Cat. # Description Well Measures Pack    
71575-06 6-Well 20 mm Dia x 5 mm Deep each
3.00 Add to Cart
71575-12 12-Well 20 mm Dia x 5 mm Deep each 5.00 Add to Cart

12 Cavities Spot Plate, Polypropylenearrow1112 Cavities Spot Plate, Polypropylene

Very similar to the white porcelain plate, this PP plate comprises 12 cavities of approximately 1 ml capacity and is economically priced. This plate is very high quality, unbreakable as well as autoclavable.

71572-01 12-cavities Spot Plate, Polypropylene each 8.50 Add to Cart
71572-10 12-cavities Spot Plate, Polypropylene 10/cs 80.00 Add to Cart

3-Cavities Spot Platesarrow113-Cavities Spot Plates, LDPE

These spot plates have three depressions 21 mm diameter x 7 mm deep. The tray is 28 mm x 85 mm. Made from low density polyethylene and will withstand temperatures up to 80°C. The shipping weight is 0.6 lb per case of 40.

71574-05 3-cavities Spot Plate, Polypropylene 5/pk 9.75 Add to Cart
71574-40 3-cavities Spot Plate, Polypropylene 40/cs 74.00 Add to Cart

Pyrex Platearrow11Pyrex® Plate

A 9 cavity Pyrex pressed plate which offers a clear view for observation by transmitted light. The plate measures: 4" (L) x 3 ⅜" (W) (100x85 mm). The cavity is ¼" (6.4 mm) deep with a ⅞" (22 mm) opening.

71563-01 Pyrex Plate each 59.00 Add to Cart
71563-06 Pyrex Plate 6/pk 326.00 Add to Cart

Silicone Staining Padarrow11Silicone Staining Pad

Made from white silicone, a non-reactive material. Pad has 40 cells in 5 rows of 8 each. Each cell is half-sphere shaped with an opening of 6 mm dia. and 5 mm deep. A few drops of staining solution is added to the wells and grids are then immersed and retrieved as per staining procedure. A watch-glass plate comes with each dish to reduce oxygen and evaporation.

Measures: 5" (L) x 3" (W) x ½" (T) (127 x 76 x 13 mm)

71565 Silicone Staining Pad each 24.00 Add to Cart

Syracuse Watch Glassarrow11Syracuse Watch Glass

A clear watch glass which measures 65 mm(OD) x 50 mm(ID) x 10 mm(Deep). The glass is grooved and has a recessed bottom which allows for stacking and prevents scratching. It is ideal for staining and specimen preparation.

71570-01 Syracuse Watch Glass each 12.50 Add to Cart
71570-06 Syracuse Watch Glass 6/pk 64.00 Add to Cart
EMS Grid Prep Holder, 36 Capacity
EMS Grid Prep Holder, 81 Capacity

arrow11EMS Grid Prep Holder

Electron Microscopy Sciences introduces unique preparation trays which may be used for staining and/or placing an evaporator for the coating of grids.

The trays have a M4 tapped hole in the center which allows for insertion of pin mount. They also have a screw pin in the middle that may be used as a handle for manipulating the trays.

They are made from medical grade aluminum and come in a plastic storage box.

Available in two sizes:

  1. 36 capacity: measures 1.688" (L) x 1.688" (W) x 0.250" Thick (43 mm x 43 mm x 6 mm)
  2. 81 capacity: measures 2.563" (L) x 2.563" (W) x 0.250" Thick (65 mm x 65 mm x 6 mm)
71175-01 EMS Grid Prep Holder, 36 Capacity each 58.00 Add to Cart
71175-02 EMS Grid Prep Holder, 81 Capacity each 76.50 Add to Cart

The EMS Staining Plateemsexclu.gif (210 bytes)arrow11The EMS Staining Plate

The EMS Staining plate for Electron Microscopy was developed by Dr. Miguel Berrios, at SUNY at Stony Brook, Dept of Pharmacological Sciences, School of Medicine, New York.

The chemical etching process, antibody incubations and final staining with heavy metal salts of each grid is performed in the small cone-shaped wells on the EMS staining plate.

The EMS Staining Plate for electron microscopy post-embedding staining and immunohistochemistry offers several advantages over all other commercially available staining devices. The base plate is a solid piece of chemical-resistant silicone 127.5 mm long, 85.5 mm wide, 11.5 mm thick with 96 cone-shaped wells organized (like the microtitration plate) in parallel rows of eight, using the lid of a 96-well Falcon 3072 Microtest™ III Plate as a cover. The base has two notches to serve for orientation and a 1.5 mm x 4.4 mm deep lip where the cover rests. Each well is an inverted cone 7 mm in diameter and 2 mm deep. Grids either float or rest at the bottom of each well. The wells allow incubation of a grid in 12-60 microliters of solution without reagent loss due to adsorption or cross contamination, even when the plate is tilted up at 70°. Due to the shape of the well, the flat surface of the grids never come into contact with the walls of the well, both facilitating sample staining and grid recovery.

Plates made from silicone offer two advantages:

  • Resistant to all chemicals and solvents
  • During manipulation of the grids in the well there is no risk of damaging the fine points of the tweezers

Reference: Berrios, Miguel; (1991), A Staining Plate For Electron Microscopy. 48: 90-92.

71568 EMS Staining Plate each 35.25 Add to Cart

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Staining Dishes and Jars

Downloadable PDFVacuum Pick Up Systemarrow11Vacuum Pick Up System

Handle delicate miniature objects without scratching, breaking or pinching. The system avoids contamination of parts and performs functions that tweezers does such as sorting, picking up, holding, carrying, and transferring. As well it is an alter-native way for handling cover slips without the use of forceps.


  • Picks up grids faster and easier than tweezers – WARNING: Never use this device on coated grids
  • Quiet operation
  • Eliminates all tweezer damage to grids
  • Good suction (produces 14" Hg vacuum and an air flow of 125 cubic inches/minute); Can pick up aluminum stubs
  • Can be used as a tool to pick up glass slides, cover slips, wafers, thin film samples, etc

Double-insulated (115-120V, 60Hz, 2-wire). Light weight, completely assembled and ready for immediate operation as soon as the proper tip is selected and installed. Vacuum is created at the tip by placing the finger over the control hole on the anodized aluminum vacuum pen. To break the vacuum, just remove your finger from the hole.

Vacuum Pick-up System includes:

Vacuum Pick-up System complete set: Vacuum Generator, Aluminum Vacuum Pen, Five Vacuum Tips, Set of eight Rubber Vacuum Cups (size ranging: ⅝", 9/16", ½", 7/16", ⅜", 5/16", ¼" and 3/16"), an In-Line Filter, and 4 ft (122cm) of Vacuum Tubing.

71894 Vacuum Pick-Up System, 115V/60Hz each 205.00 Add to Cart
71895 Vacuum Pick-Up System, 220/60Hz each 245.00 Add to Cart
71896 Vacuum Generator 115V each 112.00 Add to Cart
71897 Vacuum Generator 220V each 132.00 Add to Cart
71894-01 Vacuum Pick-up Pen only each 38.00 Add to Cart
71894-02 Vacuum in-line-filter ⅜" x 1½" each 12.00 Add to Cart
Vacuum pick-up tips, Stainless steel, 1.5" long:
71898 12 gauge, 0.109" (O.D.); 0.085" (I.D.) each 9.00 Add to Cart
71899 16 gauge, 0.065" (O.D.); 0.047" (I.D.) each 6.00 Add to Cart
71900 18 gauge, 0.050" (O.D.), 0.033" (I.D.) each 6.00 Add to Cart
71901 20 gauge, 0.035" (O.D.), 0.022" (I.D.) each 6.00 Add to Cart
71902 25 gauge, 0.020" (O.D.), 0.095" (I.D.) each 6.00 Add to Cart
71903 Vacuum suction cups 0.500" diameter each 5.25 Add to Cart
71904 Vacuum suction cups 0.250" diameter each 5.25 Add to Cart
71905 Vacuum suction cups 0.164" diameter each 5.25 Add to Cart
71906 5/16" (7.94 mm) Vacuum Suction Cup each 5.25 Add to Cart
71907 ¼" (7.94 mm) Vacuum Suction Cup each 5.25 Add to Cart
71909 Set of 7 Rubber Cups (9/16", ½", 7/16", ⅜", 5/16", ¼", and 3/16") 7/set 32.00 Add to Cart

Vacuum Pick-Up Toolarrow11ESD Vacuum Tool

Battery-free, hand-held vacuum pick up pen designed for the safe pick-up of SMD components during assembly, test and rework processes. With fountain-pen dimensions, Vampire grabs, lifts and places components in complete safety, aided by a powerful internal piston and a full ESD protection. A complete choice of tips designed for any size of SMD component helps the operator to have always the right tool in hand. Includes: pen, conductive metal straight needle, 45° angled metal needle, conductive rubber cup 4mm, conductive rubbercup 6mm, conductive rubber cup 9 mm, and lubricant kit.

71927-01 ESD Vacuum Tool Kit, includes: vacuum pen, straight conductive metal needle, 45°angled conductive metal needle, conductive rubber cup 4mm, conductive rubber cup 6mm, conductive rubber cup 9mm kit 60.00 Add to Cart
71927-02 ESD Vacuum tool replacement set: straight conductive metal needle, 45°angled conductive metal needle, conductive rubber cup 4mm, conductive rubber cup 6mm, conductive rubber cup 9mm set 32.00 Add to Cart
71927-03 ESD Vacuum tool replacement set: conductive rubber cup 4mm, conductive rubber cup 6mm, conductive rubber cup 9mm set 15.00 Add to Cart
71927-04 Spare ESD 4mm cups each 5.00 Add to Cart
71927-05 Spare ESD 6mm cups each 5.00 Add to Cart
71927-06 Spare ESD 9mm cups each 5.00 Add to Cart
71927-07 Straight needle with ESD 4mm cup each 9.00 Add to Cart
71927-08 Straight needle with ESD 6mm cup each 9.00 Add to Cart
71927-09 Straight needle with ESD 9mm cup each 9.00 Add to Cart
71927-10 45° angle needle with ESD 4mm cup each 10.00 Add to Cart
71927-11 45° angle needle with ESD 6mm cup each 10.00 Add to Cart
71927-12 45° angle needle with ESD 9mm cup each 10.00 Add to Cart

Downloadable PDFPen Vacarrow11Pen Vac™

Pen-Vac™ is a new improved way to handle small, flat surface objects. Beside the electronics assembly industry, jewelers, model builders etc. Pen-Vac is ideal for EM work as well. It can be used to handle grids, pick up stubs, align membranes, work with glass slides, cover slips and much more. Holds up to one minute.


  • Lifts up to 50 grams
  • Totally self-contained vacuum
  • Light-weight, less than one ounce
  • Fits in your pocket like a pen
  • Brushed aluminum body
  • Optional storage compartment for vacuum tips and cups
  • No power supply needed
  • Available in various sizes
  • Interchangeable vacuum probes

Pen-Vac™ comes with:

A variety of Vacuum Probes, complete with a vacuum cup attached and it is available with plastic or aluminum hubs. Straight and angled to suit your applications. The stainless steel needle portion of the probes are one-half inch long.

Vacuum Cups come in a wide range of materials. We offer the Static Dissipative and the Conductive Cups that provide ESD protection for electrostatic discharge of sensitive components. Cups comes in three sizes: ⅛" (3.17 mm); ¼" (6.35 mm); and ⅜" (9.52 mm).

Set consists of:

One Pen with 6 Probes and Cups. (6 Probes: 3 angled, ⅛", ¼", ⅜" and 3 straight ⅛", ¼", ⅜").

71914 Complete Pen-Vac System Set 77.00 Add to Cart
71915 Same as 71914 with Deluxe Case Set 84.00 Add to Cart
Probes and Cups:
71916 ⅛" Straight and Bent, Small 2/pk 6.50 Add to Cart
71917 ¼" Straight and Bent, Medium 2/pk 6.50 Add to Cart
71918 ⅜" Straight and Bent, Large 2/pk 6.50 Add to Cart

EDX, XEDS Calibration arrow13arrow13