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arrow13Aldehyde Control Systems

Neutralex aldehyde wastes  spillsThese products offer a safe, efficient and economical solution for the control of aldehyde wastes and/or spills

  • Four unique products for fast, safe and efficient aldehyde neutralization
  • Eliminates exposure to potentially hazardous conditions
  • It is a certified technology for treating formalin waste
  • Complies with federal, state, and local ordinances


  • CAL/EPA certified technology
  • Complete aldehyde neutralization in 15 minutes
  • No drain-clogging polymer by-products
  • Final neutralization levels down to 10 ppm
  • No pH adjustment
  • Easy to use: Pre-measured pouches are ready to use convenient to store and will not leak or freeze during the winter months
  • Neutralex® Starter Kit consists of:
    16 Neutralex® pre-measured pouches, each pouch neutralizes 4 liters (1 gallon) of aldehyde
    Aldehyde Test Kit consisting of 100 analytical test strips
    9.5 L (2.5 gallon) Reaction Container
Not for sale overseas
Catalog # Tissue-Tek Description Pack Price  
63330-16 4047 Pre-measured Pouches 16/pk 220.00 Add to Cart
63330-10 9152 Aldehyde Test Kit 100/pk 238.00 Add to Cart
63330-25 4276 9.5 L Reaction Container each 145.00 Add to Cart

msdsPolyform-F Free-Flowing Granules arrow12Polyform-F™ Free-Flowing Granules

For Accidental Spills of Formaldehyde, Glutaraldehyde & other aldehyde solutions

Protection against formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde vapor has never been easier!

Polyform-F is the spill control product of choice for the safe and rapid control of harmful vapors from Formaldehyde, Glutaraldehyde, 10% Neutral Buffered Formalin, and other aldehydes, including Cidex-OPA and Formaldehyde based embalming solutions. Once Polyform-F free flowing granules are applied, the harmful vapors are eliminated in 2 to 3 minutes. Formaldehyde and other aldehyde solution are neutralized and polymerized. This safe reaction leaves a non-hazardous biodegradable polymer, safe and simple for personnel to clean up and dispose of.

Polyform-F may be used in conjunction with Formalex liquid control agent in a spray bottle, for very small spills, vapor control for trash cans, and for hard to reach areas affected by the spill, such as cabinet faces and drawers.

Perfect for use in

  • Hospital & Medical Labs
  • Morgues & Autopsy Suites
  • Histology & Pathology Labs
  • Medical Schools & Universities
  • Hospital G.I. Labs
  • Anatomy and Biology Labs
  • Labor & Delivery Suites
  • Veterinary School Laboratories
  • Operating Rooms
  • Specimen Transportation
  • Specimen Storage Areas
  • Shipping & Receiving Areas
  • Mortuary & Embalming Suite
  • Where ever aldehydes are used
68559-01 Polyform-F Free-Flowing Granules 32 oz 21.00 Add to Cart
68559-02 Polyform-F Free-Flowing Granules 1 Gal 54.00 Add to Cart

Emergency Spill Response Kitsarrow12SRK™ Emergency Spill Response Kits

Ideal solution for small volume chemical users

These kits include Safety Goggles, Gloves, Waste Bags, a Broom/Pan Combination, along with either

Polyform-F™ – for use on formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde,
Solvent Handler – for use on solvent solutions, or
Acid Handler and Base Control – for use on X-Ray fluids, acid/fixer and base or caustic/developer solutions

These response kits are perfect for

  • Medical Labs
  • Histology
  • Pathology
  • Clinical Labs
  • Physicians
  • Hospitals
  • Dentists
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Veterinary Labs
  • X-Ray Labs
  • Industrial Labs
  • Research Labs
  • Pharmacies
  • Shipping
  • Receiving
  • Storage Areas
68560-01 SRK Polyform-F Granular Shaker Bottles, 2 x 32 oz kit 83.00 Add to Cart
68560-02 SRK Polyform-F Granular Dispenser Bottles, 2 x 1 gal kit 154.00 Add to Cart
68560-03 SRK Solvent Handler Granular Shaker Bottles, 2 x 32 oz kit 125.00 Add to Cart
68560-04 Solvent Handler Granular Shaker Bottle, 32 oz each 48.00 Add to Cart
68560-05 SRK Solvent Handler Granular Shaker Bottles, 2 x 1 gal kit 390.00 Add to Cart
68560-06 Solvent Handler Granular Shaker Bottle, 1 gal each 150.00 Add to Cart
68560-07 SRK 2 x 32 oz Acid Handler and 2 x 32 oz Base Control Granular Shaker Bottles kit 129.00 Add to Cart
68560-08 Acid Handler Granular Shaker Bottle, 32 oz each 21.00 Add to Cart
68560-09 Base Control Granular Shaker Bottle, 32 oz each 20.00 Add to Cart
68560-11 Acid Handler Granular Shaker Bottle, 1 gal each 59.00 Add to Cart
68560-12 Base Control Granular Shaker Bottle, 1 gal each 59.00 Add to Cart

FAN Pad-GLarrow12FAN Pad-GL™ Formaldehyde Absorbent Neutralizer Pads

Absorbs & Neutralizes Formaldehyde & Glutaraldehyde, destroying their hazardous vapors

These super absorbent pads are specially treated with Formalex and designed for the ultimate destruction of formaldehyde, 10% NBF formalin, and glutaraldehyde solutions. They were designed to facilitate the reduction of formaldehyde vapors by absorbing and neutralizing formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde and other aldehydes. They provide excellent vapor control during gross examination, dissecting, transporting, or transferring formalin fixed tissue. They are also used for vapor control in storage of formalin, formalin fixed tissue containers and for small formalin spills. Once the formalin solution is absorbed, the FAN Pad GL will convert formaldehyde and other aldehydes to a non-hazardous polymer, eliminating the source of harmful vapors making the work area a lot safer. Effective moist or dry, they are the safest and most effective method of controlling air quality in

Anatomy Autopsy Biology Dermatology Labs
Embalming Suites Endoscopy Formalin Storage G.I. Labs
Gross Dissection Grossing Examination Health Science Labs Histology
Labor & Delivery Morgue Operating Room Pathology
Research Labs Small Spills Specimen Storage Specimen Transport
Tissue Storage Tissue Transport    

Three Sizes Available

arrow10FAN PAD-GL™ Mini

Blue is an excellent background during tissue grossing. Each sheet absorbs & neutralizes up to 20 ml of 10% formalin.
Each Sheet Size: 11" x 10"
55 Absorbent Sheets/roll

arrow10FAN PAD-GL™ Small

Absorbs & neutralizes up to 200 ml of 10% formalin.
Working Surface 6" x 14"
8 Super Absorbent Pads/bag

arrow10FAN PAD-GL™ Large

Absorbs & neutralizes up to 400 ml of 10% formalin.
Working surface 9" x 21"
6 Super Absorbent Pads/bag


Catalog # Size Price for 1-5 Price for 6+  
63336-01 FAN Pad-GL™ Mini (11" x 10") 26.00 25.00 Add to Cart
63336-02 FAN Pad-GL™ Small (6" x 14") 28.00 27.00 Add to Cart
63336-03 FAN Pad-GL™ Large (9" x 21") 28.00 27.00 Add to Cart

FAN Pad-GLULTRAarrow12FAN Pad-GL™ ULTRA Grossing Pads

A Unique Foundation for Specimen Dissection

A totally new & dry formaldehyde absorbent neutralizer pad. It provides a unique foundation for specimen dissection that absorbs and neutralizes formalin, destroying its harmful vapors while dissecting tissue. Designed to be dense enough to provide exceptional knife suppression, yet soft enough to reduce wear on dissecting blades.

  • Desirable blue background for excellent tissue contrast
  • Exceptional knife suppression while dissecting tissue
  • Soft enough to reduce wear on dissecting blades
  • Excellent formalin absorbent & neutralizer

More applications for reducing formalin vapors

Autopsy G.I. Lab & Endoscopy Labor & Delivery Surgery & OR Suites
Specimen Storage Areas Specimen Transport Boxes & Coolers Specimen Transport Cart Specimen/Biopsy Cassette Transfers

Three Sizes Available

FAN PAD-GL™ ULTRA, Size: 8" x 11", will Absorb & Neutralize up to 100 ml of Formalin
FAN PAD-GL™ ULTRA, Size: 11" x 15", will Absorb & Neutralize up to 200 ml of Formalin
FAN PAD-GL™ ULTRA, Size: 15" x 20", will Absorb & Neutralize up to 250 ml of Formalin


63337-01 FAN Pad-GL™ ULTRA, 8" x 11" 25/pk 31.00 Add to Cart
63337-02 FAN Pad-GL™ ULTRA, 11" x 15" 25/pk 48.75 Add to Cart
63337-03 FAN Pad-GL™ ULTRA, 15" x 20" 25/pk 87.00 Add to Cart


Designed for those who prefer a dry formalin neutralizer pad

  • Each pad is treated with a liquid formalin neutralizer, processed through a gentle drying process, maintaining the same neutralizing effectiveness as a moist pad
  • Absorbs and neutralizes excess formalin
  • Surface is cut-resistant and durable, providing an excellent grossing platform
  • The medium blue color cutting surface is a key visual benefit providing good contrast while grossing tissue, even when working with the smallest biopsies

Three Sizes Available

FAN PAD-GL™ ELITE, Size: 8" x 11"
FAN PAD-GL™ ELITE, Size: 11" x 15"
FAN PAD-GL™ ELITE, Size: 15" x 20"


63338-01 FAN Pad-GL™ ELITE, 8" x 11" 25/pk 47.00 Add to Cart
63338-02 FAN Pad-GL™ ELITE, 11" x 15" 25/pk 74.00 Add to Cart
63338-03 FAN Pad-GL™ ELITE, 15" x 20" 25/pk 134.00 Add to Cart

Neutra Padsarrow12Neutra-Pads™

  • Revolutionary grossing pad that absorbs and neutralizes 10% formalin
  • Significantly reduces the effects of noxious vapors
  • Unique pad design encapsulates formalin and promotes neutralization
  • Exclusive plastic pad backing prevents escape of harmful liquids; keep grossing area drier, cleaner and safer
  • Neutra-Pads™ come packaged:
    10 pads per bag, 10 bags per case, each pad measures 20.3 x 25.4 cm (8" x 10")
Not for sale overseas
Catalog # Tissue-Tek Description Pack Price  
63332-01 9157 Neutra-Pads™ 10/pk 44.00 Add to Cart
63332-10 9157 Neutra-Pads™ 100/pk 382.00 Add to Cart


  • Rapidly absorbs and neutralizes small formalin spills
  • Significantly reduces the effects of noxious vapors
  • Perfect liner for tissue transporting trays
  • Ideal as a shelf liner in tissue storage areas
  • Convenient pop-up dispensing container provides fast accessibility to wipes
  • Includes 4 rolls, 60 wipes per roll; Wipe size: 30.5 cm x 31.8 cm or (12" x 12.5")
Not for sale overseas
Catalog # Tissue-Tek Description Pack Price  
63334-04 4279 4-Roll Pack each 195.00 Add to Cart


  • Fast, effective control agent for accidental aldehyde spills
  • Diminishes harmful vapors
  • Neutralizes hazardous aldehydes
  • Neutra-Form™ Sets consist of: 2 containers; each container neutralizes larger spills of 10% formalin or 2% glutaraldehyde.
Not for sale overseas
Catalog # Tissue-Tek Description Pack Price  
63335-02 4304 Neutra-Form™ Set each 275.00 Add to Cart

msdsForm-Zero™ Formaldehyde Reducing Agentarrow12Form-Zero™ Formaldehyde Reducing Agent

From Formalin to Drain in 20 Minutes

Form-Zero is a unique formaldehyde reducing agent that safely and quickly neutralizes 10% NBF (4% Formalin)(4% Formaldehyde) and as well 4% gluteraldehyde. No pH adjustments required and this will not clog drains.

24150 Form-Zero™ 500 ml 9.50 Add to Cart

msdsNeutraGreen™ Neutralizerarrow12NeutraGreen™ Neutralizer

Transforms waste formalin into an odorless, 100% nonhazardous material. Comes in liquid form with no powders to mix or dissolve. One of the fastest neutralizers available with a reaction time of only 2-3 hours. Third-party environmental data confirms NeutraGreen™ will neutralize waste formalin to a material that is non-toxic as well as non-hazardous.

24146-01 NeutraGreen™ Neutralizer 1 gal 26.00 Add to Cart
24146-02 NeutraGreen™ Neutralizer 2.5 gal 72.00 Add to Cart
24146-03 NeutraGreen™ Neutralizer 5 gal 136.00 Add to Cart

arrow12NeutraTest™ Strips

Residual Low Range Formaldehyde Test Strips

Test Strips optimized for the NeutraGreen™ liquid neutralizer. Immerse strip in treated waste solution and results will be rendered in 90 seconds. Much more efficient and less costly than conventional test kits.

24147 NeutraTest™ Strips 100/bottle 120.00 Add to Cart

Scalpels Blades and Knives arrow13arrow13