FAN Pad-GL™ Formaldehyde Absorbent Neutralizer Pads

Absorbs & Neutralizes Formaldehyde & Glutaraldehyde, destroying their hazardous vapors

These super absorbent pads are specially treated with Formalex and designed for the ultimate destruction of formaldehyde, 10% NBF formalin, and glutaraldehyde solutions. They were designed to facilitate the reduction of formaldehyde vapors by absorbing and neutralizing formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde and other aldehydes. They provide excellent vapor control during gross examination, dissecting, transporting, or transferring formalin fixed tissue. They are also used for vapor control in storage of formalin, formalin fixed tissue containers and for small formalin spills. Once the formalin solution is absorbed, the FAN Pad GL will convert formaldehyde and other aldehydes to a non-hazardous polymer, eliminating the source of harmful vapors making the work area a lot safer. Effective moist or dry, they are the safest and most effective method of controlling air quality in

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Three Sizes Available


Blue is an excellent background during tissue grossing.
Each sheet absorbs & neutralizes up to 20 ml of 10% formalin.
Each Sheet Size: 11" x 10"
55 Absorbent Sheets/case


Absorbs & neutralizes up to 200 ml of 10% formalin.
Working Surface 6" x 14"
8 Super Absorbent Pads/case


Absorbs & neutralizes up to 400 ml of 10% formalin.
Working surface 9" x 21"
6 Super Absorbent Pads/case


Cat # Description Pack Price Quote Quantity
Cat #: 63336-01 Description: FAN Pad-GL Mini Pad (11" x 10" pad) Pack: Each Price: $30.50 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 63336-02 Description: FAN Pad-GL Small Pad (6" x 14" pad) Pack: Each Price: $33.00 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 63336-03 Description: FAN Pad-GL Large Pad (9" x 21" pad) Pack: Each Price: $44.50 Add to Quote: