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arrow13Edge® Digital 3D Micro/Macroscopes

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Edge Digital 3D Micro/MacroscopesEdge Digital 3D Micro/MacroscopesXL Image Galleryarrow13Edge® 3D Digital MicroscopeEdge® Digital 3D Microscope Mark 2

Powerful and Affordable 3D Light Microscopes for Industry - Research - Biomedicine - Education


The Edge® 3D Microscope is a highly sophisticated digital 3D microscope with a wider variety of features than are found in expensive 3D confocal microscopes and for a fraction of the cost!

The microscope is one of the most important tools for science and industry. Although microscope specimens are three-dimensional objects, the vast majority of conventional microscopes produce only flat, two-dimensional images, with extremely shallow depth of field. With the advent of computers, lasers and robotics, the poor depth of field problem has been solved. Automated microscopes can take a series of images at different focus points, and then the out-of-focus portions are removed from each image. A computer reconstructs the in-focus portions of the image with dramatically extended depth and clarity. Until now, these new and revolutionary advances in 3D imaging have not been translated into affordable microscopes. To address this problem, The Edge® has been developed as a unique 3D microscope with extended depth of focus and clarity that is inexpensive and user friendly. It is an innovative superior 3D light microscope with the flexibility and multiple features of a universal microscope.

Why 3D?

  • The real world is 3D
  • Reduce misinterpretation and misdiagnosis
  • Increase productivity

Why Edge® 3D?

  • Fully automated 3D imaging
  • Plug & play and user friendly
  • Breakthrough value


  • Modes of 3D imaging
    • Stereo 3D using active 3D glasses
    • Stereo 3D using Red/Cyan 3D glasses
    • Motion Parallax 3D Movies (no glasses required)
    • 3D Surface Profiling of Specimens
  • Automated Z-Focus Stacking Produces Extended Depth of Focus Images
  • Uses Standard Objective Lenses 2X to 100X with Magnifications over 1,000 times
  • Transmitted Light
    • Brightfield
    • Darkfield
      http://www.edge3-d.comClick for additional information
    • Phase Contrast
    • Oblique Illumination and Polarization
  • Reflected Light
  • Fluorescence Module
  • Edge® 3D Panfocal™ Software
    • User Friendly Plug & Play System
      • Controls the microscope
      • Performs 3D image analysis


Gary Greenberg, PhD. Edge®, Nonconfocal 3D Microscopy, 2018. Biophotonics. Edge Digital 3D Micro/Macroscopes



Edge®'s extended depth of focus features provide greatly enhanced imaging of thick, real-world specimens encountered in applications such as Marine Biology and Plant Biology.


With the 3D technology of the Edge®, one can examine rocks, pebbles, sand or polished sections, all with amazing three-dimensional clarity.


The full depth of focus 3D features of the Edge® microscope make it ideal for examining a large range of different industrial products for quality control, production line vision, and failure analysis applications.


The Edge® 3D microscope will help to solve the difficult problems encountered in visualizing the placement and integrity of circuitry components, such as bond testing application.


The nervous system is a complex three-dimensional network. The Edge® 3D microscope is the ultimate neurobiology microscope as it defines and reveals otherwise ambiguous areas in samples.


Cytopathology is a perfect application for the Edge® 3D microscope, as specimens such as PAP smears and needle biopsies are very three-dimensional by nature. The rich depth information that the Edge® 3D microscope provides results in less false negatives. Users are encouraged to section their samples 50 micron thick, rather than the standard 5 micron sections. Three-dimensional visualization of thick samples improves both productivity and accuracy.


Conventional microscopes Edge® 3D Microscope Z-Focus Stacking
Nerve Cell Microscope focus levels Brain nerve cell Transmitted light stacking results from edge 3D microscope
Conventional microscopes only allow you to see small portions of the image in focus at a time. Edge® 3D microscopes allow you to see the entire image in focus with Z-Focus Stacking technology.
Sample = Golgi Stained Neurons, transmitted light
Conventional microscopes Edge® 3D Microscope motion parallax mode
Standard Boom Stereo Microscope Articulating Arm Stereo Microscope
With conventional microscopes most of the image is out of focus. The Edge-3D microscope's Motion Parallax mode provides rich visual depth information.
Sample = Purkinje cell, transmitted light
Conventional microscopes Edge® 3D Microscope 3D Model mode
Standard Boom Stereo Microscope Articulating Arm Stereo Microscope
With conventional microscopes it is sometimes very difficult to make clear observations. The Edge-3D microscope's 3D Model mode provides valuable perspective and control to your samples.
Sample = Microelectronics

Edge® 3D Multi-Function Microscopearrow12Edge® Digital 3D Microscope Mark 2

With Z-Axis Stacking and Six 3D Imaging Modes

The Edge® 3D Light Microscope delivers three-dimensional imaging with extreme versatility. Packaged in an anodized aluminum body, the Edge® 3D Microscope is a truly high-performance Plug-and-Play microscope.

With the innovative Edge® 3D Panfocal™ Z-Stacking Software Package, the user is able to control stage focus, illumination, image capture, and perform 3D image analysis.

Application Specifications

  • Edge® Panfocal™ 3D Software controls stage focus, illumination, image capture, and performs 3D image analysis and measurement
  • Plug and Play 3D Control& Display Unit includes
    • 3D Computer with Nvidia Graphics Card
    • 24 inch 3D Monitor
    • 3D Emitter with Active 3D Glasses
  • Illumination
    • Transmitted Illumination
    • Reflected Illumination
    • Epi-Fluorescence Illumination (optional accessory)
  • Compatibility with most optical systems, including
    • Brightfield
    • Darkfield (optional accessory)
    • Phase Contrast (optional accessory)
    • DIC (optional accessory)
    • Polarization (optional accessory)
    • Epi-Illumination (optional accessory)
    • Oblique Illumination
  • Magnification Range
    • Uses conventional microscope objective lenses with objective magnifications from 2x-100x resulting in screen magnifications of over 5,000 times
  • Resolution (X-Y Dimension)
    • 250 nm (using 1.4 NA Plan Apo Optics)

Physical Specifications

Size 30 x 30 x 36 cm
Weight 14 kg
Construction Anodized aluminum
Electrical Requirement 100-240V, 50-60Hz
Electrical Connections 1 USB2 output
1 Transformer connection
Reflected Lights 2 LEDs rated at 1 Watt each
Transmitted Lights 2 LEDs rated at 1 Watt each
T-2 Adapter Connects to wide variety of cameras
Camera 24 Megapixel camera with full HD video
Lens Turret Places for 5 RMS objective lenses
Optical System Compatible with most infinity lenses including Olympus, Motic, and 160 mm tube-length objective lenses
Objective Lenses 10x PlanApo lens included
Stage Focus Automated motorized Z-stage
Focus Travel Range 50 mm in 0.5 micron steps
X-Y Stage Dimensions 6 x 6" (152 x 152 mm)

Six Modes of 3D Imaging

  • Stereo viewing in real-time
  • Motion parallax 3D movie loops
  • Reconstructed 2D version of Z-stack
  • Full-focus reconstructed stereo 3D
  • 3D profiling of surface topology
  • 4Dstereo movie loops
  • 3D measurement of specimen features

Basic System Includes

  • Edge® 3D Microscope Body
  • Edge® 3D Panfocal Software Package with 3D measurement
  • Swing-in high/low po condenser lens
  • 10x PlanApo objective lens
  • 3D Computer Control Unit with Nvidia 3D Graphics Card
  • 3D Display System with 24 inch Monitor and Active Glasses
  • Camera Head
  • DSLR Camera

Optional Accessories

  • Range of Objective Lenses available
  • Epi-Illumination Fluorescence (3 Color System)

Ordering Information

96500 Edge-3D Research Microscope Mark 2
3D Computer Control Unit
24" 3D Display System w/3D Glasses
Edge® 3D Panfocal Software Package with 3D measurement
High Resolution Digital SLR Camera
Camera Head for Infinity Objectives
Swing-in high/low po condenser lens
10x PlanApo objective lens
each 43,000.00 Add to Cart

Objective Lenses required for operation

Motic Infinity Plan Apochromatic Objective Lenses

96500-40 4x - N.A. 0.15; W.D. 20mm each 1,200.00 Add to Cart
96500-42 20x - N.A. 0.65; W.D. 0.7mm each 2,200.00 Add to Cart
96500-43 40x - N.A. 0.95; W.D. 0.1mm each 2,750.00 Add to Cart
Motic Plan Fluar Objective Lenses
96500-50 Plan Fluar Objective 4x each 567.00 Add to Cart
96500-51 Plan Fluar Objective 10x each 994.00 Add to Cart
96500-52 Plan Fluar Objective 20x each 1,029.00 Add to Cart
96500-53 Plan Fluar Objective 40x each 1,330.00 Add to Cart
96500-54 Plan Fluar Objective 50x Oil each 1,470.00 Add to Cart
Motic Phase Contrast Objective Lenses
96500-60 PL Ph10x/0.25 each 287.00 Add to Cart
96500-61 PL Ph20x/0.4 each 350.00 Add to Cart
96500-62 PL Ph40x/0.65/S each 518.00 Add to Cart
96500-63 PL Ph100x/1.25/S-Oil each 728.00 Add to Cart
Motic Condenser Lenses
96500-70 Phase Contrast 5 Position Turret Condenser each 686.00 Add to Cart
96500-71 Abbe Condenser each 196.00 Add to Cart
LED Fluorescence Unit
96500-90 Three Color System each 12,000.00 Add to Cart

3D Pan-Focal Macro/Microscope3D Pan-Focal Macro/Microscopearrow123D Pan-Focal Macro/Microscope

Improves Accuracy and Increases Productivity

Panfocal 3D software controls the focus of the camera to produce a stack of images, each taken at different focus levels. The stack of images is processed to remove the out-of-focus blur and an extended depth of focus image is produced that can be seen as a 2D picture, stereo 3D picture, rotational 3D movie, or surface profile.


  • Automated Z-Focus Stacking
  • Extended Depth of Focus
  • Rotational 3D Imaging
  • Stereo 3D Imaging
  • Surface Profiling

Basic Unit Includes

  • Chassis and Body constructed of aluminum
  • Auto-focusing camera head with 1/4-20 mount
  • Automated Z-Axis Focus with 2 inch travel
  • Manual focus with 12 inch travel
  • 3D Computer with 24 inch 3D Monitor
  • Edge® Panfocal™ 3D software

Ordering Information

96510 Edge® 3D Pan-Focal Macro/Microscope 3D Computer Control Unit, including:
24" 3D Display System with 3D Glasses, Edge® 3D Panfocal Software Package (Camera and lenses not included)
each 13,000.00 Add to Cart
96500-20 Digital SLR Camera (Nikon D3300 Camera, 60mm f/2.8 macro lens) each 1,755.00 Add to Cart
96500-25 USB3 Video Camera (5 MP) each 1,625.00 Add to Cart
96500-10 Infinity Tube Accessory for C-Mount Video each 2,850.00 Add to Cart
96500-15 Infinity Tube Accessory for T-2 Mount DSLR each 2,850.00 Add to Cart
arrow12Motic Infinity Plan Apochromatic Objective Lenses
96500-40 4x - N.A. 0.15; W.D. 20mm each 1,190.00 Add to Cart
96500-41 10x - N.A. 0.35; W.D. 4.2mm each 1,435.00 Add to Cart

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