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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Illuminators, Magnifiers, Microscopes, & Graticles

arrow13Head Band Magnifiers, Loupes, Pocket Microscope, and Stereo Viewers

Optivison Head Band Magnifiersarrow12Optivison™ Head Band Magnifiers

Features a dial adjustment head band that fits any head size. Wellmade magnifiers are lightweight and durable, and fit over eyeglasses. Adjustable pivot assembly on visor can be set to desired tension, so it will stay in place when tilted.

Lenses are ground and polished prismatic.


Lens plate replacement is also available.

Magnifier Lens Plate Working Distance  
Cat. # Replacement # inch mm Power
68107-02 74.00 Add to Cart 68107-12 49.00 Add to Cart 20 508 1½X
68107-03 74.00 Add to Cart 68107-13 49.00 Add to Cart 14 356 1¾X
68107-04 74.00 Add to Cart 68107-14 49.00 Add to Cart 10 254 2X
68107-05 74.00 Add to Cart 68107-15 49.00 Add to Cart 8 203 2½X
68107-06 78.00 Add to Cart 68107-16 54.00 Add to Cart 6 152 2¾X
68107-07 78.00 Add to Cart 68107-17 54.00 Add to Cart 4 102 3 ¼X
68107-50 Optivisor Auxiliary Lens (increase 2½ x magnification) each 20.00 Add to Cart
68107-60 Optivisor Add-on Light each 41.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Self-Illuminated Reading Aid

Please see Bausch & Lomb Illuminated Stand Magnifier

Optivision Head Band Magnifiersarrow12QUASAR™ LS

L.E.D. Lighting System for Optivision Head Band Magnifiers

  • Custom fit lighting attachment for magnifying visions
  • Patent pending design utilizes the latest in LED technology
  • Reduces shadows and increases visibility in any environment
  • Lights up holes and deep cavities
  • Super long batteries life – light remains bright after 16 hours of straight use
  • Lasts up to 96 hours solid on a single set of batteries
  • Over 100,000 hour bulb life expectancy


  • Lighting system frame
  • Retro fit attachment pins
  • Longer screw for OptiLOUPE™ fitted visors
  • 2 'AA' batteries
  • Velcro strap
68107-70 QUASAR™ LS Kit each 35.00 Add to Cart

Headband with Magnifierarrow12Headband with Magnifier

  • Lightweight, adjustable headband for comfort.
  • Tilt up and away when not in use.
  • Close-up magnification while leaving both hands free for working.
  • Single lens with no center post means clear, comfortable, unobstructed vision with less eye strain and fatigue.
  • Available in a variety of magnifications.
Catalog Mag Range Headband Replacement Lens Plate
68108-01 1¾x 14" 39.00 Add to Cart 68108-11 21.00 Add to Cart
68108-02 2½x 8" 39.00 Add to Cart 68108-12 21.00 Add to Cart
68108-03 2¾x 6" 39.00 Add to Cart 68108-13 21.00 Add to Cart
68108-04 3½x 4" 40.00 Add to Cart 68108-14 33.00 Add to Cart
68108-05* 4¼, 1¾x 4", 14" 47.00 Add to Cart 68108-15 29.00 Add to Cart
68108-06* 4¾, 2½x 3", 8" 47.00 Add to Cart 68108-16 30.00 Add to Cart
68108-07* 5¼, 2¾x 2", 6" 47.00 Add to Cart 68108-17 46.00 Add to Cart

* Includes Auxiliary Lens #68108-20

68108-20 3.5x Magnification Auxiliary Lens   13.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Loupes and Magnifiers

Loupesarrow128x Loupe

Magnification: 8x
Lens Ø: 24 mm
Scale: no
Field of vision: 30 mm
Weight: 30 g
Dimension: 40 x 40 x 44 mm
68199-02 8x Loupe each 20.00 Add to Cart

Loupesarrow128x Loupe with Scale

Magnification: 8x
Lens Ø: 24 mm
Smallest graduation: 0.1 mm
Total length measurable: 10 mm
Field of vision: 30 mm
Weight: 30 g
Dimension: 50 x 40 x 45 mm
68199-03 8x Loupe with Scale each 28.00 Add to Cart

Loupesarrow1230x Microscope

  • Gives unparalleled sharp and brilliant vision with wide field of view with 30x magnification
  • Unique built-in light and easy focusing system
  • Uses two standard 1.5 V batteries
  • A must for inspection of PC boards and miniature parts
68199-04 30x Microscope each 59.00 Add to Cart

Loupesarrow1210x Loupe with Scale, 8 white LEDs

Magnification: 10x
Lens Ø: 30 mm
Number of LEDs: 8
Smallest graduation: 0.1 mm
Total length measurable: 30 mm
Field of vision: 340 mm
Lens: 3 double lenses
Focus ring: yes
Weight: 115 g
Dimension: 45 x45 x 53 mm
68199-05 10x Loupe with Scale, 8 white LEDs each 85.00 Add to Cart

Loupesarrow127x Loupe with 4 Lenses

Magnification: 7x
Lens Ø: 25 mm
Smallest graduation: 0.1 mm
Total length measurable: 16 mm (0.6")
Field of vision: 30 mm
Lens: 4 fully coated
Focus ring: yes
Weight: 43 g
Dimension: 43 x 43 x 58 mm
68199-06 7x Loupe with 4 Lenses each 62.00 Add to Cart

Loupesarrow1210x Loupe with 3 Lenses

Magnification: 10x
Lens Ø: 19 mm
Smallest graduation: 0.1 mm
Total length measurable: 16 mm
Field of vision: 30 mm
Lens: 3 fully coated
Focus ring: yes
Weight: 43 g
Dimension: 38 x 38 x 40 mm
68199-07 10x Loupe with 3 Lenses each 60.00 Add to Cart

PEAK ABC Lupe; 4Xarrow12PEAK ABC Lupe

The Peak ABC Lupe is a precision folding lupe, consisting of A lens (12x), B lens (3x) and C lens (6x). With these three lenses combined, seven kinds of magnifying power are available.

The lens is made from high quality glass optics and the body is made of aluminum.

The magnification desired will be available from the combination table shown on the back of the lupe.

Magnification: 3x, 6x, 9x, 12x, 14x, 16x, 18X
Effective Aperture:  
A lens: 14 mm ø (12x)
B lens: 20 mm ø (6x)
C lens: 28 mm ø (3x)
Size: 60 x 39 x 24 mm
Net Weight : 76 g
68160 ABC Lupe each 449.00 Add to Cart

PEAK Achromatic Magnifier; 4Xarrow12PEAK Achromatic Magnifier; 4X

Uses high-resolution achromatic lenses whose chromatic aberration has been corrected. With its wide square Field-of-View (45 x 45 mm) and its interchangeable semi-transparent/ black skirt, this unique magnifier offers you a variety of uses for precision work. Fine focus adjustment with multi-groove screw helicoid system gives you very smooth operation. Neck strap is included.

Magnification: 4x
Field of View : 45 x 45 mm
Size : 51 x 65 x 51 mm
Net Weight : 80 g
68128-04 Achromatic Magnifier each 120.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Light Gathering Magnifiers

Please see our complete listing.

Classic Eyeglass Loupesarrow12Classic Eyeglass Loupes

The classic Eyeglass Loupes which set the standard for quality optics many years ago and they are now back with major enhancements.

  • Made from precision optical glass
  • Ideal for any detail work
  • Available in single or double lens configurations
  • Side shield adapter kit provided for use with Safety Eyewear and Shields
  • Improved mounting system for more secure attachment
  • High quality case provided to protect your investment
  • Lens diameter is 24.0 mm
Catalog# Description Focal Dist. Diopters   Price  
68250-35 Single Eyeglass Loupe 3x 3.3" / 8.4 cm 12D each 46.00 Add to Cart

Spectacle Loupesarrow12Bausch & Lomb Single Lens & Double Lens Spectacle Loupes

Re-designed to better fit on eyeglasses, these eye loupes are made of precision optical glass, with frames of lightweight and durable acrylic. All lenses are approximately 1" in diameter. Loupes with double lenses permit the use of either loupe or both together for higher magnification. Loupes swing out of field of view when not needed. They come with customized storage cases.

68252-03 Single Lens Spectacle Loupe 5x each 49.50 Add to Cart
68252-06 Double Lens Spectacle Loupe 4x, 7x each 60.00 Add to Cart

Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Tissuearrow12Bausch & Lomb Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Tissue

A lot of clean in a little package. With Sight Savers® Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Tissues, you can conveniently clean lenses and a variety of other surfaces. Place the gravity feed dispenser where it's most accessible in a workplace or office environment.

  • Individually wrapped.
  • 100 Pre-moistened tissues per box, 5" x 8"
  • Box measures 5⅜" x 9" x 2⅜"
68282 Pre-moistened Lens Tissue each 15.00 Add to Cart

Clip-on Magnifiersarrow12Clip-on Magnifiers

Clips on to any eyeglass frame leaving hands free. Optical quality plastic lenses enables you to see tiny details without distortion using both eyes. Lightweight, comfortable and adjustable. Comes with carrying pouch.

  Working Distance
Catalog Diopters (in) (mm) Power Pack Price  
68260-02 2 20 508 1½X each 47.00 Add to Cart
68260-03 3 14 356 1¾X each 47.00 Add to Cart
68260-05 5 8 203 2¼X each 47.00 Add to Cart
68260-07 7 6 152 2¾X each 47.00 Add to Cart
68260-10 10 4 102 3½X each 58.00 Add to Cart


A rugged, clear-coat, aluminum-shelled flashlight that is designed to last for years. Comes with two AAA batteries and storage tube.

68190-01 Penlight each 16.00 Add to Cart

Pocket Measuring Microscopearrow12Pocket Measuring Microscope

It is as small as a fountain pen. A standard scale is incorporated in its lens barrel, giving an efficient brightness and excellent definition. It can be focused in the same way as a conventional microscope.

Magnification: 25x
Field of view: 3.30 mm
Min. scale division: 0.005
Measuring range: 3 mm
Size: 12.4 x 127 mm
Weight: 12.2 g
68130 Pocket Measuring Microscope 25x each 76.00 Add to Cart
Magnification: 50x
Field of view: 2.00 mm
Min. scale division: 0.02
Measuring range: 1.60 mm
Size: 12.40 x 127 mm
Weight: 12.2 g
68131 Pocket Measuring Microscope 50x each 86.00 Add to Cart

Stereo Viewerarrow12Stereo Viewer

A simple device, used for viewing a set of 3-dimensional aerial photos in 3-dimension. It comes with two support legs that are folded flat for storage and are unfolded for the viewing position. Photos are viewed through the two lenses simultaneously with both eyes.

Lenses may be adjusted for suitable eye-to-eye width. The coated lenses are 32mm in diameter and magnifying power is two (2).

2X Size: 118mm x 56mm x 124mm Net Weight: 227g

68100 Pocket Mirror Stereo Viewer, 2X each 35.00 Add to Cart

Mirror Stereo Viewerarrow12Mirror Stereo Viewer

For the viewing of 4" x 5" (100 x 125 mm) stereo pairs. It stands on 4 folding legs. One of the legs is equipped with a length adjusting device, that provides stabilization to the unit during observation. The magnifier can be replaced depending on the application.

Base line spacing: 260 mm
Magnification: 1.8x
Field of view without magnifier: 260 x 200 mm
Field of view with magnifier: 210 x 150 mm
Maximum size set up: 713 x 267 x 255 mm
Net weight: 2.65 kg
68105 Mirror Stereo Viewer each 590.00 Add to Cart

3D Stereo Glassesarrow123D Stereo Glasses

EMS now offers Anaglyph 3D glasses, Red-Cyan Type and Red-Blue Type. White cardboard frames with temples for your Red-Cyan or Red-Blue 3D anaglyph needs. With red and cyan filters or Red and Blue filters, the glasses can be used for either red left or red right depending on which way you fold the temples. Two different fold-scores allow you to fit the glasses to smaller or larger viewer's heads.

68139-10 3D stereo Glasses Red-Cyan 10/pk 4.50 Add to Cart
68139-20 3D stereo Glasses Red-Blue 10/pk 4.50 Add to Cart

Glass Scalearrow12Glass Scale

A transparent glass plate well polished and marked by the photo-printing technique. It provides very accurate readings and it is a helpful tool for the stereo viewer.

Glass Scale Thickness Width Length Marking Increment
Type mm mm mm area mm mm
50 3 25 80 50 0.1
100 3 25 140 100 0.1
200 3 25 220 200 0.1
68140 Glass Scale 50 each 110.00 Add to Cart
68141 Glass Scale 10 each 195.00 Add to Cart
68142 Glass Scale 20 each 295.00 Add to Cart

Magnifiers including Lighted, Steinheil, and Parasite arrow13arrow13