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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Tweezers and Tools

Downloadable PDFarrow13Files, Calipers, Scribers, Burnishing Tools, and Sharpening Stones

Needle File Handle arrow12Needle File Handle

Blue anodized aluminum handles are well knurled with an excellent grip. The length of the handle is 4" and features a steel easy-release chuck, which presses into the barrel and remains secure. Handle will last a lifetime. Made in the USA.

Cat. # Description Tool length Handle Dia. Pack    
62213-01 Small Handle 4" 3⁄8" each 13.00 Add to Cart
62213-02 Medium Handle 5½ - 6¼" ½" each 28.50 Add to Cart

Swiss Pattern Needle Filesarrow12Swiss Pattern Needle Files

A 12-piece file set which contains the most popular shapes in a handy plastic pouch. Files come with knurled handles.Excellent quality. Available in cut #2 only. Length 5½".

62115 Swiss Pattern Needle Files 12/set 16.00 Add to Cart

Riffler File Setarrow12Riffler File Set

A set of 10 double-ended rifflers with square handles for use in tight places and for filing odd shapes. Overall length: 7". Available in medium cut only.

62116 Riffler File Set 10/set 21.00 Add to Cart


Metric and English scale micrometers with friction stop; comes in a padded plastic case.

Model A: Calibrated to read 0 to 25mm, in 0.01mm divisions.
Model B: Calibrated to read 0 to 1", in 0.001" divisions.

62060 Model A Micrometer each 42.00 Add to Cart
62061 Model B Micrometer each 42.00 Add to Cart

Vernier Caliperarrow12Vernier Caliper

Double scale vernier caliper. Nickel Plated Scale.
Inch Scale: Reading from 0 to 5" in 1/16" divisions
Metric Scale: Reading from 0 to 120mm in 1mm divisions
Readable on the vernier scale to 1/128" and/or to 0.1mm. Has a roller adjustment and it is packed in a plastic case.

62064 Vernier Caliper each 12.75 Add to Cart

Vernier Calipers Dialarrow12Vernier Calipers; Dial Type Metric/English Scales

These precision vernier calipers are molded in corrosion resistant fiberglass-filled super-polyamide nylon alloy. They are excellent tools due to there easy reading scale (black numbers on white background) and dials (light weight, fine adjustment thumb roller). Its parallel jaws are 1.57" (40mm) deep, and its reading scale does not create a parallax. Its inside-outside jaws and round metal rod depth gauge add to its value. Overall length: 8¾" (213mm).

B Dial type, 0.1mm dial, 1.3" (33mm) diameter, maximum reading 150mm, 10mm bar scale.

62065-B Vernier Caliper, B Dial Type each 118.00 Add to Cart

Digimatic Calipersarrow12Digimatic Calipers – 6" Long

Provides a digital readout to 0.0005" / 0.01mm for error-free reading
and can measure steps.

Function: zero setting, data hold, low battery alarm and data output. Provided with a data saving output port for connection with the SPC system. Powered by a single SR-44 battery. Battery life: approximately two years under normal use.

Specifications: An all metal head with a plastic housing. Range: 0 – 6" / 0 - 150mm; LCD resolution: 0.0005" / 0.0; Accuracy: ±0.001

62062-10 Without SPC Output; with Thumb Roller each 180.00 Add to Cart
62062-20 Absolute Function Type with SPC Output each 256.00 Add to Cart

Instant Read-out Precision Digital Caliperarrow12Instant Read-out Precision Digital Caliper

This caliper is made from stainless steel and measures inside and outside in inches and millimeters. Read-out from 0 to 6 inches with 0.001" resolution, or 0 to 150 mm with 0.01mm resolution. Includes a zero set button, depth measuring rod and a fine adjustment thumb wheel. A protective carrying case and battery are included.

62065-40 Instant Readout Digital Caliper each 53.50 Add to Cart

Product SheetDiamond Tip ScribersDiamond Tip Scribersarrow12Diamond Tip Scribers

Sturdy scribers are in wide use throughout the laboratory. It leaves a permanent marking on virtually any surface, including metal, glass, or plastic. Each Scriber features a hexagonal aluminum pencil shaped body, mill finish, natural diamond tip and protective cap. Different styles are available to fit all of your needs.

A. Straight Head

Overall length 6", Shank Length 1/8", Handle ¼" x 5½", 60° tip finish.

70030 Straight Tip Scriber each 13.00 Add to Cart
70031 Straight Tip Scriber 6/pk 74.00 Add to Cart
B. Angled Head

Overall Length 6½", Shank 1/16" Dia. x ¼" Long, Handle 1/8"x 6" Long, 75° tip finish.

70032 Angled Tip Scriber each 15.00 Add to Cart
70033 Angled Tip Scriber 6/pk 84.00 Add to Cart
C. Retractable Scriber

This is a high quality chrome pen that features appearance as well as utility. The diamond is mounted in a stainless steel tip and refills are available. The tip is finished at a 60° angle.

70036 Retractable Scriber each 16.50 Add to Cart
70037 Retractable Scriber Refill each 10.00 Add to Cart

Product SheetHigh Precision Diamond Scriber Diamond Scriber arrow12High Precision Diamond Scriber

This diamond scriber is the ultimate scribing instrument offering the most precision for the most delicate applications. It is available in straight or bent configurations.


  • Fine scribing under the microscope - for silicon wafers and glass coverslips
  • Precision scribing and repairing - for thin film circuits and microcircuits, etc.

These diamond mountings are 0.8mm diameter with a reduced shank size of 0.5mm or 0.25mm diameter, which holds the diamond stylus. The natural diamond has a 60° included angle and a 0.12mm tip radius. The integrated 6.35mm anodized hexagonal (non-rolling) aluminum handle has a positive finger grip in the form of grooves for easy control and nonslippage. Each diamond scriber is packaged in a protective plastic tube.

Cat. # Configuration and Shank Size Pack Price  
62107-ST Straight Mounting, 0.5mm diameter each 28.00 Add to Cart
62107-BT Bent Mounting, 0.5mm diameter each 29.00 Add to Cart
62108-ST Straight Mounting, 0.25mm diameter each 39.00 Add to Cart
62108-BT Bent Mounting, 0.25mm diameter each 42.00 Add to Cart

EMS Engraving Toolarrow12EMS Engraving Tool

Permanently be able to mark all of your important tools and samples. The Engraver comes with a Battery Pack and is operated on two "AA" Batteries

Our EMS Engraver Engraves Test Tubes, Bottles, Racks, Keys etc as well as anything made from glass, metal, stone as well as bone. Engravings are permanent and will not disappear in the presence of chemicals and solvents. The Engraver is 7" in Height ( 17.8cm). We offer a Stand for the EMS Engraver that is made from polypropylene and it measures (3½ x 3⅜")

72096-01 EMS Engraver Kit 34.00 Add to Cart
72096-02 EMS Engraver Tool Stand Kit 15.50 Add to Cart

Sapphire Burnishing Deburring Toolarrow12Sapphire Burnishing/Deburring Tool

This tool will out-perform any stone for the fine burnishing of soft or hard materials such as; miniature pivots, shafts, and pins that are made from hard steel, carbide and even ceramic.

This precisely ground sapphire blade is 1.5mm x 2.3mm, 14mm long (0.06x0.09x.56"). It is permanently mounted in a hexagonal gold anodized aluminum handle. Total length is 120mm (4.75").

62160-00 Sapphire Burnishing Deburring Tool each 28.00 Add to Cart

Hardened Steel Deburring Tool arrow12Hardened Steel Deburring Tool Set

Made from hardened steel, this tool has three razor sharp cutting edges ranging from a very sharp point to one that is approximately 10mm in length. These nickel plated triangular tools are mounted in red and black plastic handles. Tool length is 30mm by 2.1mm across (1.2"x.08"). The overall length of the tool is 154mm (5.7").2 tools/set.

62161-SD Hardened Steel Deburring Tool Set each 17.75 Add to Cart

Arkansas Sharpening Stonearrow12Arkansas Sharpening Stone

These stones are natural with close density oil-tones, and excellent qualities that make them the stone unequaled for sharpening tools such as gravers, knives, etc. Comes in a cedar wood box and they are available in two types: translucent (extra fine); and hard (fine).

Translucent Stone Size 4" x 2"x½" (102 x 51 x 12.7mm)
Hard Size 6" x 2"x½" (152 x 51 x12.7mm)

62082-00 Arkansas Sharpening Stone, Translucent each 99.50 Add to Cart
62082-10 Arkansas Sharpening Stone, Hard (Fine) each 68.00 Add to Cart

Diamond Stonearrow12Diamond Stone

This diamond stone has millions of cutting edges to sharpen most any tool. Many times faster than dry or oil stones. May be used as a file or a stone. It cuts in all directions. Available in all purpose fine grit.

62120 Diamond Stone each 8.50 Add to Cart

Diamond Sharpening Stonearrow12Diamond Sharpening Stone

This patented process of heat treatment which bonds the highest quality industrial grade diamond particles in a stainless alloy to a precision matched metal substrate, has been imitated, but has never come close to being duplicated.

Our stone which is set on a walnut pedestal with a cover is available in 3 grades: F- fine grit (600); M - medium grit (270), and C - coarse grit (180). Stone size is 2”x6” (51mmx152mm)

62082-50 Diamond Stone, Fine Grit each 42.00 Add to Cart
62082-51 Diamond Stone, Medium Grit each 54.00 Add to Cart
62082-52 Diamond Stone, Coarse Grit each 59.00 Add to Cart

Flat Emery Sticksarrow12Flat Emery Sticks

Emery paper which is glued to a wooden handle. 11" long x ¾" wide (279x19.1mm). Very useful for filing excess resin of sample block tips. Grit size ranges from number 4/0 (finest) to 3 (coarsest).

Catalog No. Grit Pack Price  
62119-04 4/0 dozen 24.00 Add to Cart
62119-03 3/0 dozen 24.00 Add to Cart
62119-02 2/0 dozen 24.00 Add to Cart
62119-01 1/0 dozen 24.00 Add to Cart
62119-10 1 dozen 24.00 Add to Cart
62119-20 2 dozen 24.00 Add to Cart
62119-30 3 dozen 24.00 Add to Cart
62119-40 4 dozen 24.00 Add to Cart

Filing/ Polishing Stick and Stripsarrow12Filing/Polishing Stick and Strips

A plastic handle, 10½" (267 mm) long, holds strips of emery paper or cloth 11"x1" (279x25.4mm). Strips are easily replaced. Comes complete with 2 strips/set (grit 120 and 240).

62118-02 Filing/ Polishing Stick and Strips set 26.50 Add to Cart
62118-12 Emery Refills in 12 Assorted Grids set 18.00 Add to Cart

Emery Paperarrow12Emery Paper

Come in sheets, size 9”x133/4” (22x34cm) in varying grit sizes. Grit 4/0 is the finest and 3 is the coarsest

Catalog No. Grit Mesh Pack Price  
62117-04 4/0 800 10 39.00 Add to Cart
62117-03 3/0 600 10 39.00 Add to Cart
62117-01 1/0 400 10 39.00 Add to Cart
62117-10 1 280 10 39.00 Add to Cart
62117-20 2 240 10 40.00 Add to Cart
62117-30 3 180 10 44.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Surgical Tools

Scissors IRIS, curved, sharp, 11cmarrow11Scissors IRIS

Curved, sharp, 11 cm

78329-01 Scissors IRIS, curved, sharp, 11cm each 42.00 Add to Cart
Eye retractor BARRAQUER, 34x9 mmarrow11Eye retractor BARRAQUER

A = 34 mm
B = 9 mm

78329-03 Eye retractor BARRAQUER, 34x9 mm each 62.00 Add to Cart
Retractor WULLSTEIN, blunt, 10.5cmarrow11Retractor WULLSTEIN

Blunt, 10.5 cm

78329-04 Retractor WULLSTEIN, blunt, 10.5cm each 305.00 Add to Cart
Micro forceps, straight, 12cmarrow11Micro forceps

Straight, 12 cm

78329-07 Micro forceps, straight, 12cm each 60.00 Add to Cart
Retractor RAGNELL, double-ended, 14cmarrow11Retractor RAGNELL

Double-ended, 14 cm

78329-09 Retractor RAGNELL, double-ended, 14cm each 85.00 Add to Cart


Flexible Shaft Machine and Abrasive Wheels arrow13arrow13