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Certified by the Biological Stain Commission All Dyes/Stains are for research use only. Not meant for drug, food household use

Cat. # Dyes/Stain   BSC Code Major uses Size Price  
10035 Acid Fuchsin RT DcR-11 Stain for connective tissue and erythrocytes; and proteinaceous material in liver. Cain's method for mitochondria 25g 35.00 Add to Cart
10050 Acridine Orange RT   Pickett's fluorescence method for fungi fluorescent against a dark background. For differentiation of nucleic acids and cytology 25g 110.00 Add to Cart
10350 Alcian Blue 8GX RT DcAn-25 Acid mucopolysaccharides.Cell walls. Cartilage granules. As a carbohydrate & mucosubstance stain in different pH levels. Movat's method for connective tissue stain. Monroe/Frommer method for pituitary staining. AB/PAS/OG method for human adenohypophyseal cytology 25g 232.00 Add to Cart
10360 Alizarin Red S RT DcAr-9 Minute bone and fetal ossification in mammalian embryos. Used with toluidine blue for distinction of bone & cartilage in mammalian embryos. Used with alizarin red for calcium deposits. 25g 46.00 Add to Cart
10840 Aniline Blue RT DcK-13 Used with biebrich scarlet for staining collagen, reticulum, muscle, plasma, and nuclei. All connective tissues. Used as a counterstain with red nuclear dye. 25g 36.00 Add to Cart
10850 Auramine O RT DcAu-4 Staining paraffin sections of infected tissue. Acid-fast organisms exhibit fluorescence. 25g 78.00 Add to Cart
11150 Azocarmine G RT   Alpha, beta, and all D-cells of the islets of Langerhans and in all animals. 5g 102.00 Add to Cart
11240 Azur A RT   A nuclear stain. Cell granules McNeal method for leukocytes. 10g 70.00 Add to Cart
11200 Azur B RT   Distinction of cellular RNA & DNA in botanical tissue. Negri body stain. Malarial parasites 10g 58.00 Add to Cart
11210 Azur II RT   Morphological details of marrow cells, nuclei, and bacteria. 10g 64.00 Add to Cart
11260 Basic Fuchsin (Rosaniline) RT DcFb-39 Gram positive/negative bacteria. A pituitary stain. 25g 36.00 Add to Cart
18100 Basic Green 4 (Malachite Green) RT DcMg-11 In microbiology, distinction of diphtheria and other bacteria. A vital stain for onion epidermis. 25g 42.00 Add to Cart
11265 Biebrich Scarlet (Ponceau BS) RT   Used with picric acid/aniline blue for staining collagen, recticulum, muscle, and plasma. Luna's method for erythrocytes & eosinophil granules. Guard's method for sex chromatin and nuclear chromatin. 25g 32.00 Add to Cart
11310 Bismarck Brown Y RT   PAP for staining smears. Nuclei & granules. Mucin & calciform cells of intestine, cartilage & embryo. 25g 25.00 Add to Cart
11465 Brilliant Cresyl Blue RT DcV-5 Platelets & reticulum of immature red cells. Counterstained with Wright's stain. 10g 52.00 Add to Cart
12410 Carmine (Alum Lake) RT DcCa-20 Glycogen stain. Elastic fibers in blood vessels, nuclei, & collagen. 10g 34.00 Add to Cart
12780 Cresyl Fast Violet, (Cresyl Violet Acetate) RT DcW-9 Vogt's method for nerve cells. A neurological tissue stain. Nissl substance & PAS-positive material. Powers & Clark method for spinal cord and brain with formalin or Bouins fixed. 5g 86.00 Add to Cart
12785 Crystal Violet RT DcC-68 Gram positive/Gram negative bacteria, and filaments. Holzer's method for glial fibers (nerve). Amyloid in pathological human tissue. Determining chromatin & nucleoli in plant tissue. 25g 22.00 Add to Cart
14851 Eosin Y RT DcE-58 Maximow's method for morphological details of marrow cells; a constituent of Wright Stain for elastic fibers in blood; as a eosin-phloxine counterstain. 25g 25.00 Add to Cart
15010 Erythrosin B (Erythrosin extra bluish) RT DcEr-5 Used with methylene blue as a plasma stain for nerve cells. Use crystal violet for plant tissue. 10g 30.00 Add to Cart
15500 Fast Green FCF RT DcGf-16 Lillie modification of Masson's for cells, cytoplasm, muscle, and collagen; Guard method for sex chromatin. 5g 24.00 Add to Cart
15670 Fluorescein Isothiocyanate 0-5°C Culing's Method for fluorescent antibody staining for demonstration of specific antigens. ½g 225.00 Add to Cart
15942 Giemsa RT Dry Powder DcGe-23 Thin film stain for differentiation of types of leucocytes; Rickettsiae, bacteria, & inclusion bodies. May-Grunwald/Giemsa for bone marrow stain. Pinkus' acid orcein-giemsa for connective tissue staining 10g 42.00 Add to Cart
15940 Giemsa RT solution DcGe-23 Same as above; Prepared ready-to-use. 100 ml 21.00 Add to Cart
16620 Hematoxylin RT DcH-82 Weigert's iron hematoxylin for nuclear stains. Gill's hematoxylin for nuclei & nuclear chromatin 10g 46.00 Add to Cart
16910 Indigo Carmine RT DcI-7 A stain for Negri bodies; used with acid fuchsin. Used in picric acid in contrast to basic fuchsin. ln plant cytology. 25g 60.00 Add to Cart
17920 Light Green SF, Yellowish RT DcL-38 Grocott's method for fungi. Dahl's method as a bone and calcium stain. McManus' method for glycogen. Fraser-Lendrum method as a connective tissue stain 10g 17.00 Add to Cart
18700 Methyl Green RT DcG-20 Myeloperoxidase stain; Used with bismarck brown for mucin & calciformcells of intestine, cartilage of trachea, and embryonic tissue; Used with toluidine blue for differentiating between diphtheria & other bacteria. 25g 60.00 Add to Cart
18600 Methylene Blue RT DcA-37 For use in acid-fast bacteria, acid-fast baccilli, and as a rickettsia stain. Cain's method for mitochrondria. For staining Negri bodies in nerve cells 25g 39.00 Add to Cart
18850 Methyl Violet 2B RT DcMv-10 Highman's method for amyloid and nuclei staining. Used with crystal violet & bismarck brown Y for staining metachromatic granules of diphtheria organisms 25g 48.00 Add to Cart
19010 Nigrosin, W.S. RT   For staining the central nervous system. For the negative staining of bacteria; used in place of India ink. 25g 36.00 Add to Cart
19020 Nile Blue A RT DcNb-10 A fat and lipid stain; differentiation of melamines and lipofuchsins. Staining for phospholipids. 10g 16.50 Add to Cart
19056 Oil Red O   RT AcRo-19 Used as a pigment stain 10g 17.00 Add to Cart
19060 Orange II RT   Kalter's method used with fast green FCF, safranin O, and crystal violet for quadruple staining of tissues. Orange G substitution for better contrast 25g 24.00 Add to Cart
19070 Orange G RT DcO-20 For staining fibrin, keratin, collagen, and erythrocytes. Staining alpha, beta, and gamma cells. For staining nissl substances and PAS-positive material 25g 35.00 Add to Cart
19350 Phloxine B RT EcPh-1 For staining inclusion bodies and nuclei. Thomas's method for malarial parasites. For staining hemaglobin and hemosiderin. For staining keratin, prekeratin and mucin. A beta cell stain Counterstain for hematoxylin. 25g 42.00 Add to Cart
19560 Pyronin Y RT DcPy-2 Cudder's method combined Gram/Pappenheim stain for gonorrheal pus. Kurnick's method used with methyl green which stains liver cells. For staining protein in the diazosulfanilic acid technique; a substitute for azur A. Can be used for pyronin B 5g 64.00 Add to Cart
20800 Safranin O RT DcS-40 Prussian Blue method for hemosiderin. Weigert's iron hematoxylin with methachromic dyes which stain nuclei and granules. A alkaline phosphate stain. Flemming's method for staining chromatin and nuclear elements. 25g 35.00 Add to Cart
21610 Sudan Black B RT DcZb-6 A stain for fat in animal tissue. A stain for chromosomes, golgi, and leucocyte granules 25g 36.00 Add to Cart
22050 Toluidine
Blue O
RT DcU-10 Alizarin red/Toluidine blue for distinction between bone & cartilage and the degree of ossification in mammalian embryos. Johnson's method for methachromatic tissue. With cresyl violet for staining DNA & RNA. With thionin for malignant cells of biopsy specimens 50g 36.00 Add to Cart
22720 Wright Stain RT DcWr-46 For differentiation of blood corpuscles. Used with brilliant cresyl blue for staining platelets and reticulum of immature red cells. For staining blood and bone marrow films. 25g 36.00 Add to Cart

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