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arrow13Glass Knives Maker, Tissue Embedding, and Slide Stainer

GKM-2 Glass Knifemakerarrow12GKM-2 Glass Knifemaker

For the highest quality glass knives, utilizing the "balanced break" method.

Features & Benefits

  • Solid, heavy design
  • Easily produces controlled, consistent breaks
  • Digital readout displays applied load as breaking arm is moved
  • Produces knives up to 8 mm wide
  • "Balanced Break" method for the sharpest knives
  • Micrometer positioners
  • Built-in stops for easy positioning
  • Precision mechanics supports "Slow-Break" technique

Taking the guesswork out of glass knife making...

The GKM 2 was developed to produce superior-quality glass knives utilizing the balanced break technique. For reproducible results, two aspects of the breaking procedure must be measureably controlled: position and load. The positioning of the glass on the GKM 2 is controlled by precision micrometers. The breaking pressure is controlled by the constant feedback displayed on the digital readout as the clamping handle and breaking arm are adjusted. This allows the minimum load possible to break the glass, producing long, straight edges.

The "balanced break" method requires an equal length of glass on both sides of the score, along with a mechanism that applies equal load to both sides, resulting in a straight break through the glass. This is crucial since this newly-formed edge becomes the actual knife edge.

The components of the GKM 2 body are precision-machined from solid metal, providing a stable platform for this exacting technique. Alignment is secured by a locking mechanism to maintain your desired settings.

Pressure sensor and digital display enable the operator to produce accurate knives with each controlled break. Precision micrometers accurately position glass squares for the final break into knives.

Combined, the solid platform, micrometer positioners, and digital load readout all contribute to reliably producing the sharpest knives.

The GKM 2 is designed to handle glass strips from 6mm to 8mm, and 10mm in thickness and 25mm wide, with mechanical stops to produce 25mm glass squares easily. It also makes consistent "slow breaks" desired to produce the best knives for cryosectioning.

An instructional video with details on how to make copnsistent, high quality glass knives with the GKM 2 is included.


Dimensions (mm) Weight
360 W x 160 H x 170 D 13.6kg

Ordering Information

76011 GKM-2 Glass Knifemaker
Includes: safety glasses, brush, instruction manual & video, replacement scoring wheels and axle, package of (30) 6 mm glass strips: 6 mm x 1" x 16" (25.4 mm x 406 mm)
each 12,500.00 Add to Cart

arrow11Glass Knives Making Supplies

Please see the complete listing of Glass Knife & Ultramicrotomy Supplies.

Tissue Embedding Center arrow11TEC-III™ Tissue Embedding Center

Embed tissue samples and create paraffin embedded tissue blocks efficiently, comfortably and without error.

TEC-III Tissue Embedding Center is microprocessor controlled and built to provide years of reliable operation. Its 3-module design features a Dispensing console, Thermal console and Cold plate console. The low work surface with integrated paraffin block de-waxer, helps to speed up workflow. Technicians will appreciate user friendly membrane switches, the ample 5-liter paraffin reservoir, a heated dispenser nozzle, self-draining heated forceps holders and a cold spot. It includes removable base mold and cassette trays that are independently heated in their own compartments.

The Cold Plate features a large, non-stick surface for cooling paraffin embedded blocks. Temperature can be controlled from 37 to -12°C. The unit features programmable operating times including automatic start and paraffin standby. All heated surfaces are independently controlled and range in temperature from 40 to 75°C.


  • Microprocessor controlled for dependability and performance
  • Triple module design
  • Low and flat work-surface which facilitates operator efficiency
  • User friendly membrane switches
  • 5-liter capacity paraffin reservoir which minimizes refilling frequency
  • Heated forceps warmer and illuminated paraffin dispenser enhance user friendliness
  • Warming oven with removable shelf with convenient access to preheated base mold
  • Wax bath complete with drainage shelf, debris screen, and hinged lid
  • Heated work area provides a flat working surface with the excess paraffin draining under the surface into the wax bath
  • Hand and foot switches for activating the dispensing head
  • Generous illumination
  • The cold plate holds up to 60 blocks worth of compressor cooled working surface with removable stainless steel drainage tray beneath
  • Tactile membrane touch-pad for easy temperature setting and monitoring
  • Spacious Storage Keeps Up To 600 Cassettes Ready For Embedding
  • Accommodates any cassette, includng specially-sized “megacassettes”
  • Two built-in paraffin trimmers
  • Full one year warranty


Overall 13" (L) x 25" (W) x 16" (H) (33 x 63.5 x 41 cm)
Wax Reservoir 5 L
Cold Plate Console 13" (L) x 24" (W) x 15"(H) (33 x 61 x 38 cm)
Cold Plate Surface 13" (L) x 24" (W) x 15"(H) (33 x 61 x 38 cm)
Temp Ranges
Wax Reservoir 40° to 70°C
Dispensing Nozzle 40° to 70°C
Thermal Chambers 40° to 70°C
Heated Forceps 60° to 75°C
Cryo Console 0° to -12°C
Power Supply 100-120VAC, 50/60Hz, 3.0A


62300 TEC-III Tissue Embedding Center each 17,500.00 Add to Cart

arrow11HistoPro® 200 Paraffin Infiltration Processor

HistoPro® 200 offers unique reagent / paraffin infiltration capability with programmable processing time, temperature, agitation and vacuum in an easy to use, compact, cost conscious package.


  • Up to 100 Cassettes
  • 2.0 Liter Reagent / Paraffin Capacity
  • Compact Footprint: Only 9" wide x 20" depth
  • Programmable Processing Time
  • Programmable Processing Temperature
  • Programmable Vacuum Cycle

Designed and Made in U.S.A.


Number of Cassettes 100 max in a basket
Paraffin Capacity 2.0 Liters (without samples)
  1.5 Liters (with samples)
Processing Parameters
Reagent Temperature 37-65°C
Temperature Accuracy ± 2 °C at Sensor Location
Vacuum 5 PSI (25 cm) below ambient
Vacuum Cycle 0 - 100% in 20% increments
  over 5 Minute Cycle Time
Agitation Stir Bar Agitation
User Interface
Display 16 Characters x 2 lines LCD display
Membrane Keypad 6 Keys
Alarm Audible Beeper
Physical Characteristics
Width 9" (23 cm)
Depth 20" (51 cm)
Height 15" (38 cm)
Weight 13 lbs (6 kg)
Electrical Characteristics
Voltage 100 - 230 volts AC, 50/60 Hz
Power 150 watts max.


62596-10 HistoPro® 200 Paraffin Infiltration Processor each 3,800.00 Add to Cart

arrow11THE EMS Tissue Embedding Center

The Histo-Pro 150 offers superior operating convenience for tissue embedding processes in a modular ergonomic design.


  • Two Module system
  • All stainless steel work surfaces
  • User friendly proprietary PAT interface
  • Large cold plate and cassette bath
  • Fully programmable time and temperature
  • Adjustable paraffin flow rate
  • Self draining forceps holder
  • Auto Defrosting cold plate
  • Four Liter paraffin tank
  • Ability to turn on automatically

Specifications Histo Pro 150H Hot Module

Paraffin Tank 4 liters
Mold Oven 7" (17.5 cm) Wide x 7" (17.5 cm) Deep x 2.25" (5.7 cm) Tall
Cassette Bath 8" (20 cm) Wide x 11" (28 cm) Long x 2.1" (5.3 cm) Deep
User Selected Temperature Ranges
Paraffin Tank 40-70°C
Mold Oven 40-70°C
Cassette Bath 40-70°C
Forceps Holder 40-70°C
Work Surface 40-70°C
Physical Characteristics
Width 20" (51 cm)
Depth 22.5" (57.2 cm)
Height 12.5" (32 cm)
Weight 35 lbs (16 kg)
Electrical Characteristics
Voltage 115 Volts AC or 230 Volts AC
Power 800 Watts Max

Specifications Histo Pro 150CS Cold Module

>Cold Plate Area 15.8" (40 cm) x 14" (35 cm)
Temperature Range -10°C to +10°C
Physical Characteristics
Width 16" (40 cm)
Depth 22.5" (57.2 cm)
Height 12.5" (32 cm)
Weight 35 lbs (16 kg)
Electrical Characteristics
Voltage 115 Volts AC or 230 Volts AC
Power 200 Watts Max


63120 HistoPro 150 Tissue Embedding System each 9,995.00 Add to Cart

EMS slide stainerarrow11Midas® III-Plus Automated Stainer

Automated slide stainer for hematology and bacteriology

The Midas III-Plus Automated Stainer lets you automate all hematology and bacteriology staining applications. Since the unit is fully programmable, you can replicate your existing staining techniques to ensure consistent results for your peripheral blood and bone marrow smears, as well as your bacteriological smears.


  • Small footprint and low maintenance
  • Up to 30 slides or coverslips uniformly stained in minutes
  • Medium-throughput staining up to 1,000 slides per day
  • Automatic electronic self-test at start up
  • Versatile stainer with 9 user-defined programs each containing up to 29 possible processing steps
  • Ideally suited for Wright, Giemsa, Wright-Giemsa, Pappenheim, Hemacolor® and Leishman staining of blood and bone marrow smears
  • Ease of use for Gram, Kinyoun, and AFB staining applications
  • Full one year warranty


The Midas III-Plus Automated Stainer gives you the ability to automate all hematology and bacteriology staining applications. Since the unit is fully programmable, you can duplicate your existing staining techniques and ensure consistent results for your peripheral blood and bone marrow smears as well as your bacteriological smears.

The Midas III-Plus Automated Stainer has a small footprint. Designed to perform routine hematology and bacteriology staining effortlessly, it uses the dip slide staining technique which ensures uniform staining for every sample and reduces stain consumption up to 50%.

This versatile automated stainer combines the reliable electronics and mechanics of the original Midas III Stainer, now with a new optional plastic hood enclosure to make your laboratory a safer environment. Ideally suited for staining up to 1,000 slides per day, this stainer will become the new workhorse of your hematology/bacteriology lab.


Staining control Microprocessor
Available programs 9 user-defined programs (up to 29 steps each), 1 test program
Application time 1 second to 99 minutes
Available stations 6 stations: 4 reagent, 1 drying, 1 rinse. Option to turn drying and rinse stations into reagent stations.
Stain vessel 8 vessels & lids
Volume capacity 300 ml, reagent container (standard)
150 ml, 3-chamber reagent container (optional) (New)
Slide carrier 20 position (standard)
10 (New) and
30 position (optional)
Slide capacity 1 to 30 slides
Rinse station flow Program maintains 500 ml/min increments allowing for precise rinsing
Length 21" (53 cm)
Width 18" (46 cm)
Height 15" (38 cm)
Weight 60 lbs. (27 kg)
Shipping weight 60 lbs. (27 kg)
UL/cUL approved Approved
Warranty 1 Year


63101 Midas III-Plus Automated Stainer each 13,180.00 Add to Cart
63101-01 Midas Water Bath 22" L x 7.5" W x 6" H each 1,820.00 Add to Cart
63101-02 Midas Water Bath Filters each 88.00 Add to Cart
63101-03 Midas Plastic Hood Enclosure each 690.00 Add to Cart
63101-04 Midas 3-Chamber Vessel w/Lid each 14.00 Add to Cart
63101-05 Midas Vessels & Lids, White 8/pk 162.00 Add to Cart
63101-06 Midas Slide Carrier (10 slides) each 631.00 Add to Cart
63101-07 Midas Slide Carrier (20 slides) each 781.00 Add to Cart
63101-08 Midas Slide Carrier (30 slides) each 865.00 Add to Cart
63101-09 Midas Coverslip Carrier (20-position) each 1,020.00 Add to Cart
63101-10 Midas Vessel Rack each 958.00 Add to Cart
63101-11 Midas 110V Power Cord (US & Canada) each 90.50 Add to Cart
63101-12 Midas III-Plus Operator's Manual each 230.00 Add to Cart

EMS slide stainerarrow11The EMS 3030 Histo Pro H and ESlide Stainer

The EMS slide stainer offers the end user the ability to have a stainer with 30 stations and a continuous load option with multiple protocols. This state of the art stainer which is only 32" long has a built in fume extraction as well as the ability to connect to a lab fume hood.


Number of Stations 30
Number of Rinse Stations 5 (user selectable)
Rinse Water Flow Control Software programmable for 1 station individually adjustable for 5 stations
Number of Load Station 1
Number of Unload Station 1
Reagent Container Volume 350 ml
Slide Carrier Capacity 30 slides
Drying Station Temp. Range 40°C - 70°C
User Interface  
Display Active matrix TFT 6.5" display
Touch Screen Resistive touch pad
Number of programs 50
Number of steps in a program 50
Programmable Flow Rates 500, 1000, 1500, and 2000 ml/min, programmable for individual step.
Physical Characteristics
Width 32" (80 cm)
Depth 25" (63 cm)
Height 18" (45 cm)
Weight 65 lbs (30 kg)
Electrical Characteristics
Voltage Available for 115 Volts AC or 230 volts AC


63122 H and E Slide Stainer each 19,900.00 Add to Cart

HistoPro 414arrow11HistoPro® 414 Linear Slide Stainer

HistoPro® 414 offers consistent staining of slides in an easy to use compact, cost conscious package. It is ideal for Mohs techniques, Special Stains, and general surgical pathology frozen sections.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Fits On Top of Most Cryostats
  • Ideal for H&E Stains Up to 4 Slides at a Time Per Slide Carrier
  • Continuous Loading Feature to Keep Up with Lab Demand
  • Programmable Station Timing from 2 to 300 Seconds
  • 14 Reagent Stations Including 3 Running Rinse Water Stations
  • Holding Station for 16 Processed Slides
  • Only 50 ml Per Reagent Container
  • Up to 900 Slides Per Hour at 10 Sec Station Time
  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA


Number of Stations 14
Number of Rinse Stations Up to 3, (user configurable)
Processed Slide Holding Tank Holds up to 16 slides (4 Slide Carriers)
Reagent Container Volume 50 ml
User Interface
Display 2 line x 16 character LCD display
Station Time From 2 seconds to 300 seconds
Agitation Selection 0-3 dips every 5 seconds
Physical Characteristics
Width 24.5" (62 cm)
Depth 8.5" (22 cm)
Height 11" (28 cm)
Weight 35 lbs (16 kg)
Electrical Characteristics
Voltage 100-220 Volts AC, 50-60 Hz
Current 1 Amp Max.


62305 HistoPro® 414 Linear Slide Stainer each 5,200.00 Add to Cart

Histo-Tek® SL Slide Stainerarrow11Histo-Tek® SL Slide Stainer

Automated Slide Staining for Low Volume Labs.

Introducing Histo-Tek® SL, an automated slide stainer that offers a new level of convenience and standardization for low-volume labs.

The Histo-Tek® SL provides reliable automated slide staining with countertop convenience. Able to stain up to 100 slides per hour, the Histo-Tek® SL eliminates labor-intensive manual staining while standardizing the process for optimal quality and error reduction.

The Histo-Tek® SL features 15 programmable staining protocols with up to 35 steps each for maximum flexibility. Protocols can be saved and shared across multiple devices via USB drive for complete slide staining standardization.

Histo-Tek® SL Slide StainerKey Features and Benefits

  • Stains ~100 slides per hour
  • Eliminates labor intensive hand staining
  • Smaller footprint fits most countertops
  • Standardizes the staining process for optimal quality error reduction
  • 22 Stain Reservoirs for many staining protocols
  • Bi-directional robotic arm allows for progressive and regressive staining protocols
  • Two plumbed rinse stations for wash flexibility
  • 30 slides per arm movement for small batch control
  • Charcoal filter or optional vent kit
  • 15 easily programmable staining protocols with 1-35 steps each for maximum staining flexibility
  • Optional special stain reservoirs
  • Save staining programs onto a USB drive for multiple Histo-Tek® SL Stainers
  • Tinted fume cover to protect from UV light


Dimensions Centimeters (W x D x H): 81 X 79 x 41
  Inches (W x D x H): 32 x 31 x 16
Weight 25 kg (55 lb)
Number of Stations 24
Dedicated Stations 1 unload station and 1 load station
Rinse Stations 2
Reagent Volume 350 ml
Number of Programs Up to 15
Steps in a Program Up to 35
Slide Baskets 30-count basket, 20-count basket, 10-count basket

Ordering Information

Not for sale overseas
Catalog # Tissue-Tek Description Pack Price  
62669-90 1900 SL Slide Stainer each 27,500.00 Add to Cart
arrow11Accessories and consumables for the Histo-Tek® SL Slide Stainer
Not for sale overseas
Catalog # Tissue-Tek Description Pack Price  
62669-91 1901 Slide Rack 30 Count each 142.00 Add to Cart
62669-92 1902 Slide Rack Adapter each 45.00 Add to Cart
62669-93 1903 Slide Rack Adapter 20 count each 44.00 Add to Cart
62669-94   Slide Rack 20 Count 10/pk 282.00 Add to Cart
62669-95 1909 Slide Rack Adapter 10 Count each 49.00 Add to Cart
62669-96 6137 Slide Rack 10 Count each 272.00 Add to Cart
62669-97 1908 Special Stain Reservoir each 60.00 Add to Cart
62669-98   Charcoal Filter 2/pk POR Add to Cart
62669-99   Vent Kit and Hose each POR Add to Cart
62669-85 9033 White Slides each 26.00 Add to Cart
62669-86 9034 White Slides, Charged each 46.00 Add to Cart

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