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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Specimen Preparation and Embedding Supplies

arrow13General Supplies for Specimen Preparation

Aluminum Foilarrow12Aluminum Foil

Heavy duty foil, packed in a convenient box. Can be self cut to any length you desire. Comes 12" width, 500 ft. long each roll.

60400 Aluminum Foil each 58.00 Add to Cart

Speedy FoilSpeedy Foilarrow12Speedy Foil

Pharmaceutical grade, Pre-Cut, Interleaved Aluminum Foil Squares

Speedy-Foil is a fantastic time saving product that eliminates the wasteful practice of trimming pieces from over-sized rolls. Each size ships in its own ideally sized dispensing box that ensures squares remain crisp and flat.

Faster/Easier/Aseptic – Simply grab and cover! Squares are pre-cut to fit common laboratory container openings

No More Fighting – Unrolling and sizing standard aluminum foil requires scissors, contaminates foil surface areas and wastes foil

Heavy Duty – Speedy-Foil™ is 1 mil thick allowing ultra-crisp "dead fold" characteristics creating a tighter fitting contour

Keep-It-Clean – Meets FDA requirements for direct contact with pharmaceuticals; rNase and dNase free

Variety – Multiple sizes available to fit a wide range of laboratory containers

Ideal Uses:

  • 2" x 2" – Test tubes, vials
  • 3" x 3" – Flasks, 50 ml tubes
  • 4" x 4" – Beakers up to 500 ml
  • 5" x 5" – Beakers up to 1 L
60409-12 2.00" x 2.00" (50.8 mm x 50.8 mm) 500/pk 39.00 Add to Cart
60409-13 3.00" x 3.00" (76.2 mm x 76.2 mm) 500/pk 39.00 Add to Cart
60409-14 4.00" x 4.00" (101.6 mm x 101.6 mm) 500/pk 43.00 Add to Cart
60409-15 5.00" x 5.00" (127 mm x 127 mm) 500/pk 43.00 Add to Cart
Ampoule Breaker; Soft Silicon

arrow12Ampoule Breaker; Soft Silicone

Reusable – Made from soft silicone. It offers a simple way to break pre-scored glass ampoules safely. Accommodates 5, 7, and 10 ml size ampoules. Reduces injury and spillage.

60600 Ampoule Breaker each 17.00 Add to Cart

Ampoule Crackerarrow12Ampoule Cracker™

The Ampoule Cracker™ is a disposable plastic fracture and safety collar, which is specially designed to aid in the breaking open of pre-scored glass ampoules. Simply slip the Ampoule Cracker™ over the top at the pre-scored portion, snap it, and discard both the ampoule top and the safety collar to prevent cross contamination.

60605-04 Ampoule Cracker for Ampoule Size 1-4 ml 500/pk 44.00 Add to Cart
60605-10 Ampoule Cracker for Ampoule Size 5-10 ml 500/pk 44.00 Add to Cart
60605-20 Ampoule Cracker for Ampoule Size 10-20 ml 500/pk 80.00 Add to Cart

Break-Safe Ampoule OpenerBreak-Safe Ampoule opener

arrow12Break-Safe™ Ampoule Opener

EMS Introduces Break-Safe™ allowing you to safely open up to 3 ampoules at one time.

Box style design allows one handed opening of up to 3 ampoules at a time. Gently pressing down on the lid snaps ampoules necks clean while keeping them contained within the device and away from fingers. After removing ampoules contents, simply turn the device upside down over a trash receptacle to safely discard ampoules and tops.


  • Includes 4 inserts to allow opening of 1 ml, 2 ml, 5 ml and 10 ml ampoules
  • Open ampoules easily and safely
  • Transparency allows unobstructed viewing of ampoules contents at all times
  • Copolyester plastic construction has broad chemical resistance
60607 Break-Safe™ Ampoule Opener each 52.00 Add to Cart

Cryule Crogenic Ampoulearrow12Cryule Cryogenic Ampoules

  • For biological sample preservation in glass
  • Allows for storage at low temperatures
  • Made from low extractable borosilicate glass that conforms to USP Type I and ASTM E 438 Type I, Class A requirements
  • Can be used in the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen
  • 60609-01 and 60609-02 are pre-scored to eliminate filing
  • 60609-03, 60609-04, 60609-05 (not shown) have a special design which allows for storage at low temperatures as well as rapid thawing


EMS Cat # 60609-01 60609-02 60609-03 60609-04 60609-05
Scored Pre-Scored Pre-Scored Non-Scored Non-Scored Non-Scored
Height (mm) 58 70 58 70 98
Diameter (mm) 11.8 11.5 11.8 11.5 16.5
Approx OD at Top (mm) 5 5 5 5 8
Capacity/Vol (ml) 1.2 ml 2 ml 1.2 ml 2 ml 5 ml
Capacity/Vol (oz) 0.04 oz 0.07 oz 0.04 oz 0.07 oz 0.17 oz
Capacity (dr) 0.3 dr 0.5 dr 0.5 dr 0.5 dr 1.4 dr
Material Type I Borosilicate Glass Type I Borosilicate Glass Type I Borosilicate Glass Type I Borosilicate Glass Type I Borosilicate Glass
Color Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear
Cryogenic Category Cryovials Cryovials Cryovials Cryovials Cryovials
Bottle / Vial Style ampoules ampoules ampoules ampoules ampoules
Bottom Style Freestanding Freestanding Freestanding Freestanding Freestanding
60609-01 Cryule Cryogenic ampoules, 1.2 ml, Pre-Scored 144/pk 119.00 Add to Cart
60609-02 Cryule Cryogenic ampoules, 2.0 ml, Pre-Scored 144/pk 135.00 Add to Cart
60609-03 Cryule Cryogenic ampoules, 1.2 ml, Non-Scored 144/pk 102.00 Add to Cart
60609-04 Cryule Cryogenic ampoules, 2.0 ml, Non-Scored 144/pk 325.00 Add to Cart
60609-05 Cryule Cryogenic ampoules, 5.0 ml, Non-Scored 293/pk 295.00 Add to Cart

Apron; Disposable arrow12Apron; Disposable

A plastic, full length, bib-type apron. Handy protection in a compact envelope. Smooth finish, size 28" x 46". (71 cm x 117 cm; ¼ mil thick)

60900 Apron 100/bx 43.00 Add to Cart

Downloadable PDFarrow12Atomizer Rubber Bulb

atomizer rubber bulbA natural rubber bulb with 4" tubing on one end. Used for dusting surfaces which should not be wiped. A two-way valve is inserted into one end to prevent suck back and a rubber nozzle prevents scratches on the surface that have to be cleaned. This device also reduces the need for freon dusters.

Atomizer Type A Atomizer Type B
Capacity 75 cc 45 cc
Center Diameter 53 mm 52 mm
Length without valve and tube 105 mm 62 mm
Base Diameter - 35 mm
Catalog # 60804 60806
Price 12.00 each 11.25 each
Add to Cart Add to Cart

Easy Dusterarrow12Easy Duster

EMS is pleased to release this small hand held device which easily blows clean air when the Duster is squeezed eliminating the need for dusting rags, brushes and even Duster compressed gas cans.

60805 Easy Duster each 66.00 Add to Cart

Stirring Rodsarrow12Stirring Rods

Available in two versions: pure PTFE solid rod with tapered end and pure PTFE with bendable steel core. The version with steel core can be bent into a permanent shape. Rods are inert and will not scratch, use up to 280°C.

EMS # Rod Length Rod OD, mm Qty Price  
"PTFE" with Steel Core Rods
66200-10 100 mm (4") 6 each 10.50 Add to Cart
66200-15 150 mm (6") 6 each 12.50 Add to Cart
66200-20 200 mm (8") 6 each 14.00 Add to Cart
66200-25 250 mm (10") 6 each 15.00 Add to Cart
66200-30 300 mm (12") 6 each 17.00 Add to Cart
66200-35 350 mm (14") 6 each 19.00 Add to Cart
66200-40 400 mm (16") 6 each 22.50 Add to Cart
Solid "PTFE" Rods
66201-10 100 mm (4") 8 each 13.00 Add to Cart
66201-15 150 mm (6") 8 each 13.00 Add to Cart
66201-20 200 mm (8") 8 each 12.00 Add to Cart
66201-25 250 mm (10") 8 each 13.00 Add to Cart
66201-30 300 mm (12") 8 each 14.00 Add to Cart

EMS Golden Brushesarrow12EMS Golden Brushes; Nylon

These brushes are perfect for cryomicrotomy – for controlled manipulation of frozen sections in the cryostat, as well as cryomicrotome. Easier to clean than animal hair brushes and more durable, they come in 4 sizes: ¼", ½", ¾", and 1" for large sections. These brushes are available individually or in a set of all 4 sizes.

66110-01 EMS Golden Brush ¼" each 4.25 Add to Cart
66110-02 EMS Golden Brush ½" each 4.25 Add to Cart
66110-03 EMS Golden Brush ¾" each 4.25 Add to Cart
66110-04 EMS Golden Brush 1" each 4.25 Add to Cart
66110-05 EMS Golden Brushes, set of 4 4/pk 11.00 Add to Cart

Brush; Red Sablearrow12 Brush; Red Sable

Extremely soft and pliable. Perfect for the manipulation of previously fixed, dehydrated specimens into embedding capsules or molds.

66100-50 Brush, Red Sable, Size #5/0 each 8.00 Add to Cart
66100-30 Brush, Red Sable, Size #3/0 each 8.00 Add to Cart
66100-40 Brush, Red Sable, Size #4/0 each 8.00 Add to Cart
66100-20 Brush, Red Sable, Size #2/0 each 8.00 Add to Cart
66100-00 Brush, Red Sable, Size #0 each 8.00 Add to Cart
66100-01 Brush, Red Sable, Size #1 each 8.00 Add to Cart
66100-02 Brush, Red Sable, Size #2 each 8.00 Add to Cart
66100-03 Brush, Red Sable, Size #3 each 8.00 Add to Cart
66105* Brush, Red Sable, Set of 3 set 18.00 Add to Cart
*Set of 3 sizes: #2/0 (fine point), #1 (small), and #3 (medium)

Camel Hair Brushesarrow12Camel Hair Brushes

Useful for dusting and cleaning embedding center, balances, and sensitive instruments. Camel hair is mounted on wooden handle with metal ferrule. Available with three styles:

  • Round, camel hair portion has full body and slightly pointed tip. Brush size ¾" diameter x 1½" long. Overall length is 9".
  • Paint brush style 1, camel hair portion is 1" long x 1" wide. Overall 6" long.
  • Paint brush style 2, camel hair portion is 1¼" long x 2" wide. Overall 8¼" long.
Catalog # Description Qty
65575-01 Camel Hair Round Brush each 6.25 Add to Cart
65576-01 Camel Hair Paint Brush, Style 1 each 4.00 Add to Cart
65577-01 Camel Hair Paint Brush, Style 2 each 4.00 Add to Cart
Camel Hair Brushes
Catalog # Description Qty
65575-02 Camel Hair Brush, < 1.59 mm 3/pk 16.00 Add to Cart
65575-03 Camel Hair Brush, 1.59 mm 3/pk 19.00 Add to Cart
65575-04 Camel Hair Brush Multi Pack, (< 1.59 mm, 1.59 mm, 3.18 mm) 3/pk 17.75 Add to Cart

Scratch BrushesScratch BrushesScratch Brushesarrow12Scratch Brushes with Metal Ferrules

These pen shaped handles are available in four different types. They are offered with metal ferrules for improved durability.

Used for fine deburring, polishing, as well as rust removal and the cleaning and removal of deposited wax.

The overall length is 4¼" long, and the brush is ⅛" wide. Refills are available and are packaged 12/box.



Complete Scratch Brush

65582-01 Steel Ferrules Brush each 12.00 Add to Cart
65582-03 Nylon Ferrules Brush each 10.00 Add to Cart
65582-05 Fiberglass Ferrules Brush each 12.95 Add to Cart
65582-07 Brass Ferrules Brush each 13.00 Add to Cart

Scratch Brush Bristle Refills

65582-R1 Refill, Steel Ferrules Brush 12/pk 15.00 Add to Cart
65582-R3 Refill, Nylon Ferrules Brush 12/pk 8.00 Add to Cart
65582-R5 Refill, Fiberglass Brush 12/pk 10.00 Add to Cart
65582-R7 Refill, Brass Brush 12/pk 13.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Cutemol Cream; Protective Hand Cream

Contains five skin softening compounds, plus allantoin to relieve dry, fissuring, peeling, chapped, or irritated skin.

70550 Cutemol Cream 50g 7.00 Add to Cart

arrow12Notebooks, PolyPaper®

PolyPaper® is a Trademark of Nalgene® for a special spunbonded polyethylene “paper" designed for exceptional strength and resistance to moisture and chemicals. Records written or printed onPolyPaper® are virtually indestructible. PolyPaper® outperforms conventional papers, even with special coatings. It is unaffected by fresh or salt water. The non-absorbent, lint-free material resists mildew, tearing, fraying, curling, aging and discoloration. Chemical spills rinse off easily. PolyPaper® accepts any writing device. You can even write on it with No. 2 pencil under water.

Notebooks, Polypaperarrow12Laboratory Notebooks

Valuable notes and data are permanently secured in these hand cover, case-bound books – important for documenting research.

  • Thick polyethylene cover, uncoated PolyPaper® pages
  • Waterproof, and extremely chemical resistant
  • 50 sheets are numbered and printed with a fine green ¼", grid or horizontal 3 lines per inch
  • Pages include spaces for dates and signatures of workers and witnesses, for securing patent protection, measures: 9¼" x 11¼" (235 x 286 mm)
  • Other pages include instructions for keeping research records, table of contents, and the page for issuing the notebook


38020-10 6300-1000 Lab Notebook, Black each 88.00 Add to Cart

Laboratory Paper NotebooksLaboratory Paper Notebooksarrow12Laboratory Paper Notebooks

Keep your information safe and well organized with these notebooks. Use for recording research data, experimental procedures, and design ideas.

  • Hardbound book with waterproof and chemical-resistant imitation leather cover
  • Foil stamped title: LABORATORY NOTEBOOK
  • Numbered, acid-free, pages include spaces for title, project number, book number, date, and witness signature
  • Red ribbon marker for quick and easy access to your notes
  • Lined notebooks feature college-ruled pages for easy report writing
  • All notebooks contain periodic and conversion tables in the back
  • Measures: 8.58" x 11.06" (218 x 281 mm)


38025-10 Laboratory Grid Notebook, 100 pages, Black each 33.50 Add to Cart
38025-20 Laboratory Grid Notebook, 200 pages, Blue each 44.00 Add to Cart
38025-30 Laboratory Lined Notebook, 100 pages, Black each 31.00 Add to Cart
38025-40 Laboratory Lined Notebook, 200 pages, Red each 42.00 Add to Cart

msdsDownloadable PDFarrow12Permabond® 910 Tissue Adhesive

Contains cyanoacrylate ester. Immediate bonding of biological specimens. It is not water soluble. Used for mounting specimens for Vibratome sectioning.

72590 Permabond® 910 1 oz 29.00 Add to Cart

Quick Bondmsdstechnical data sheetarrow12Quick Bond

An ultra fast, room temperature curing adhesive; a cyanoacrylate monomer. It bonds with virtually no shrinkage to almost any non porous surface except fluorocarbons.

72588 Quick Bond 5 tubes/pk 16.50 Add to Cart

arrow12Adhesives and Mountants

Please see our complete listing.

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