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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Specimen Preparation and Embedding Supplies

arrow13Balances, Weighing Boats, Canoes, Dishes, and Paper

EMS Mini Lab Balancearrow12EMS Mini Lab Balances


  • Easy-to-read, backlit, liquid crystal display
  • Calibration function
  • Includes AAA batteries
  • Snap on, protective cover
  • Compact, less than 3" wide

EMS Mini Lab Balances are extraordinarily compact, easy to use, and convenient for a variety of laboratory weighing applications. With a footprint of only 2.6 x 3.9", these Mini Balances offer exceptional accuracy and linearity through their full weighing ranges.

Available with either a 100g or 500g capacity, these digital balances feature an easy to read, backlit, liquid crystal display. Buttons for ON/OFF, MODE and TARE are located on the front for easy access. The software includes a calibration function for in-lab calibration with a 100g or 500g calibration weight. Calibration weights are available separately.

Designed for portability, EMS Mini Balances are powered by 2 AAA batteries (included). After one minute sitting idle, the power automatically shuts off to conserve battery life. Ideal for lab or field use, each balance includes a snap on, protective cover, with instructions conveniently printed on the underside.


Model Mini Lab Balance 100g Mini Lab Balance 500g
Max Capacity 100g 500g
Readability 0.01g 0.1g
Repeatability 0.01g 0.1g
Linearity ± 0.01g ± 0.1g
Calibration External External
Pan Size 2.1 x 2.25" / 5.3 x 5.7 cm 2.1 x 2.25" / 5.3 x 5.7 cm
Weighing Units g, ct, dwt, gn g, ct, dwt, gn
Display Backlit LCD Backlit LCD
Power 2 AAA Batteries 2 AAA Batteries
Exterior Dimensions 2.6 (W) x 3.9 (D) x 0.75 (H)"
6.6 x 9.9 x 1.9 cm
2.6 (W) x 3.9 (D) x 0.75 (H)"
6.6 x 9.9 x 1.9 cm
Warranty 90 Days 90 Days


87052-01 EMS Mini Lab Balance, 100g / 0.01g readability each 46.00 Add to Cart
87052-02 EMS Mini Lab Balance, 500g / 0.1g readability each 41.00 Add to Cart
87053-01 F1 Grade Calibration Weight, 100g each 57.00 Add to Cart
87053-03 F1 Grade Calibration Weight, 500g each 90.00 Add to Cart

SmartBoatsarrow12SmartBoats™ Paper Weigh Boats

A truly green solution to sample weighing

These weigh boats are made from FSC® Certified (FSC® Mix) paper (Eco-IN) and will naturally biodegrade when disposed of in the standard waste stream (Eco-OUT).

  • Made of grease proof paper that meets FDA 21 CFR 176.170 (components of paper in contact with aqueous and fatty foods) and 2I CFR 176.180 (contact with dry foods)
  • Much easier to handle than regular weighing papers
  • Control contents the same as a polystyrene weigh boat – easier to pour
  • Compatible with heat applications with a temperature limitation of 210°C
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Two colors: brown for light colored samples and white for dark samples


70013-01 SmartBoat, Small, Brown, 35 x 35 x 15.8 mm 500/pk 34.00 Add to Cart
70013-02 SmartBoat, Medium, Brown, 47.6 x 47.6 x 14.2 mm 500/pk 39.00 Add to Cart
70013-03 SmartBoat, Small, White, 35 x 35 x 15.8 mm 500/pk 34.00 Add to Cart
70013-04 SmartBoat, Medium, White, 47.6 x 47.6 x 14.2 mm 500/pk 39.00 Add to Cart
70013-05 SmartBoat, Large, White, 95.25 x 95.25 x 25.4 mm (not pictured) 250/pk 39.00 Add to Cart

Weigh Boatsarrow12Weigh Boats

Our weigh boats are useful for liquid, powder or granular samples. They made of antistatic polystyrene and will withstand temperatures up to 90°, as well as exposure to diluted acids, alcohols, bases and aqueous solutions. Their flexibility and smooth interior surfaces with rounded corners allow for easy decanting of powdered samples. Their flat bottoms ensure stability amd prevent tipping.

Weigh boats are available in the traditional square shape, as well as the new diamond shape, for easier pouring and more stable transfer of liquids. Originally designed as weighing containers, they have proven ideal for dispensing & storage and as disposable mixing/quick freezing trays. They are available in black or white for improved sample contreast/visibility and packaged in ultra-compact dispenser packs.

70015-01 Square Weigh Boats, White, 20 ml, 45 x 45 mm 500/pk 35.00 Add to Cart
70015-02 Square Weigh Boats, Black, 20 ml, 45 x 45 mm 500/pk 35.00 Add to Cart
70015-03 Square Weigh Boats, White, 100 ml, 80 x 80 mm 500/pk 58.00 Add to Cart
70015-04 Square Weigh Boats, Black, 100 ml, 80 x 80 mm 500/pk 58.00 Add to Cart
70015-05 Square Weigh Boats, White, 250 ml, 140 x 140 mm 500/pk 90.00 Add to Cart
70015-06 Square Weigh Boats, Black, 250 ml, 140 x 140 mm 500/pk 90.00 Add to Cart
70015-07 Diamond Weigh Boats, White, 5 ml, 35 x 55 mm 500/pk 35.00 Add to Cart
70015-08 Diamond Weigh Boats, Black, 5 ml, 35 x 55 mm 500/pk 35.00 Add to Cart
70015-09 Diamond Weigh Boats, White, 30 ml, 65 x 85 mm 500/pk 50.00 Add to Cart
70015-10 Diamond Weigh Boats, Black, 30 ml, 65 x 85 mm 500/pk 50.00 Add to Cart
70015-11 Diamond Weigh Boats, White, 100 ml, 100 x 125 mm 250/pk 46.00 Add to Cart
70015-12 Diamond Weigh Boats, Black, 100 ml, 100 x 125 mm 250/pk 46.00 Add to Cart

Plastic Weighing Boatsarrow12Plastic Weighing Boats; "Anti-Static"

They are utilized to weigh liquid or solid samples. Anti-static. Recessed corners facilitate controlled pour-off. Square shape, contour bottom.

70040 Micro Boat 1¾" x ⅜"H 500/pk 25.00 Add to Cart
70041 Medium Boat 3-5/16" x ¾"H 500/pk 40.00 Add to Cart
70042 Large Boat 5½" x ⅞"H 500/pk 72.00 Add to Cart

Plastic Weighing Boatsarrow12Plastic Weighing Canoes; Anti Static

Flexible dishes for handling liquids or solids. Ideal for controlled pour-off. These Anti-Static Canoes with contoured sides provide a convenient non-slip gripping surface. As well, they allow for more accurate weighing and reading of a sample. The canoe shape enables pouring of weighed samples.

70043-10 Small Canoe, 1⅜" x 1⅞" x ½" deep 500/pk 34.00 Add to Cart
70043-20 Medium Canoe, 2⅞" x 4¾" x 1¼" deep 500/pk 83.00 Add to Cart
70043-30 Large Canoe, 3⅞" x 6⅝" x 1⅛"deep 500/pk 138.00 Add to Cart

Aluminum Weighing Disharrow12Aluminum Weighing Dishes

Inexpensive, disposable aluminum foil dishes with crimped sides, flat smooth bottoms, and a finger tab handle on the rim. They may be used for routine weighing and moisture testing, as well as an embedding mold.

Small Dish: 2" dia. x ½" deep (43 x 12mm)
Medium Dish: 2½" dia. x 19/32" deep (57 x 16mm)
Large, Smooth Dish: 3" dia. x 19/32" deep (70 x 16mm)
Tall Dish measures: 4.2oz, 2-15/16" Dia x ⅞" Deep (75mm x 32mmDeep)

70048-01 Small Aluminum Dish 100/pk 7.00 Add to Cart
70048-10 Small Aluminum Dish 1000/cs 68.00 Add to Cart
70050-01 Medium Aluminum Dish 100/pk 7.50 Add to Cart
70050-10 Medium Aluminum Dish 1000/cs 72.00 Add to Cart
70051-01 Tall Aluminum Dish 100/pk 15.00 Add to Cart
70051-10 Tall Aluminum Dish 1,000/cs 135.00 Add to Cart
70052-01 Large Aluminum Dish 100/pk 10.00 Add to Cart
70052-10 Large Aluminum Dish 1000/cs 98.00 Add to Cart
70053-01 Large, Smooth Aluminum Dish 100/pk 12.25 Add to Cart
70053-10 Large, Smooth Aluminum Dish 1000/cs 120.00 Add to Cart

Glassine Weighing Paperarrow12Glassine Weighing Paper

Our glassine weighing paper is moisture-resistant and non-absorbent.

70080 Glassine Paper, 3"x3" 500/pk 8.75 Add to Cart
70081 Glassine Paper, 4"x4" 500/pk 12.50 Add to Cart
70082 Glassine Paper, 6"x6" 500/pk 20.00 Add to Cart

Glassine Weighing Dishinfo available in pdfarrow12Glassine Weighing Dish

Weighing samples is made easier with these newly introduced Glassine Weighing Boats:

  • No Static Build-Up – Glassine is free of static electricity that plagues disposable plastic weighing dishes.
  • Contaminant Free – Pure glassine is an ultra-clean paper product
  • Preformed 3.5˝ diameter dish – convenient to use
  • Color contrast – Chocolatecolored glassine reveals every particle of material
  • Dish measures: 3.50" Dia x 0.5" Depth (87.5 x 13mm)


70084-01 Glassine Weighing Dish 150/pk 32.00 Add to Cart
70084-CS Glassine Weighing Dish 24pks/case 588.00 Add to Cart

Glass Cylinders with Hex Bases and Double Metric Scalesarrow12Glass Cylinders with Hex Bases and Double Metric Scales

These glass cylinders with pour spouts feature heavy uniform wall tubing and strong, stable, hexagonal bases. Made from borosilicate glass.


  • Double metric scale
  • Cylinders come with bumper guards
  • Graduation Interval: 0.2 ml
  • Tolerance: ± 0.2 ml
63044-01 10 ml Glass Cylinder w/Hex Base, Dbl Metric Scale each 18.00 Add to Cart
63044-02 25 ml Glass Cylinder w/Hex Base, Dbl Metric Scale each 12.00 Add to Cart
63044-03 50 ml Glass Cylinder w/Hex Base, Dbl Metric Scale each 12.95 Add to Cart
63044-04 100 ml Glass Cylinder w/Hex Base, Dbl Metric Scale each 13.00 Add to Cart
63044-05 250 ml Glass Cylinder w/Hex Base, Dbl Metric Scale each 19.00 Add to Cart
63044-06 500 ml Glass Cylinder w/Hex Base, Dbl Metric Scale each 28.00 Add to Cart

Aluminum Foil Squaresarrow12Aluminum Foil Squares

Aluminum Foil Squares interleaved for easy separation.

  • Weigh samples quickly and economically
  • Cap labware for storage or autoclaving
  • Available in a variety of sizes
70056-04 Aluminum Foil 4x4"x0.001" Thick 500/box 43.00 Add to Cart
70056-06 Aluminum Foil 6x6"x0.001" Thick 500/box 89.00 Add to Cart
70056-08 Aluminum Foil 8x8"x0.0015" Thick 500/box 170.00 Add to Cart
70056-12 Aluminum Foil 12x12"x0.0015" Thick 500/box 325.00 Add to Cart

Foil Rollsarrow12Foil Rolls

These foil rolls which are designed to work with out Mini BinTM Foil Dispenser and offer minimal waste.

Custom sized pieces of foil can easily be created for covering small surfaces such as beakers, flasks, tubes, and Petri dish. Ideal for autoclaving, freezing, incubating, protecting lab ware, lining, sealing and general storage. Available in two sizes.

70058 Foil Roll 102mm (4") x152.4 m each 14.00 Add to Cart
70059 Foil Roll 153 mm (6") x152.4 m each 21.00 Add to Cart

Mini Bin™ Foil Dispenserarrow12Mini Bin™ Foil Dispenser

This Mini Bin Foil Dispenser allows you to safely cut foil to any size and it is a great alternative to wasteful giant-sized foil rolls and expensive precut foil squares. Compact to fit in limited work space areas and easy to transport. Safe to use – load the foil roll, press the cover to activate the safety blade and cut to the desired length. For use with 102 mm or 153 mm (4 or 6 inch) foil rolls (sold separately- see below).The dispenser measures 19 x 10 x 12 mm.

The unit has a non-slip base, has a safe - unique cutter guard with a safety blade and it is compact – for limited spaced work areas. It is able to hold 102 mm or 153 mm (4 or 6 inch) foil rolls The unique – foam strip prevents the foil from retracting back into the unit.

70057 Mini Bin TM Foil dispenser each 63.00 Add to Cart

Glass Knife & Ultramicrotomy Supplies arrow13arrow13