pH Indicator Paper, 3.6-6.1

msdspH Indicator Papers – Test Papers1. pH-Fix™ Universal Indicator Sticks

In contrast to conventional indicator papers, the indicator dyes of pH-Fix sticks are substantially bound to the cellulose fibers. As a result, the possibility of the color bleeding, even in strongly basic solutions, is avoided. Furthermore, there are the following advantages:

  • Measurement of pH value is possible even in unbuffered or very weakly buffered solutions, since the sticks can be left in the solution until the final color change is completed.
  • Test samples are not contaminated by the indicator dyes.
  • Colors of the individual color fields cannot run into each other, thereby allowing for a more precise comparison with the color scale.
  • Recently developed indicator dyes guarantee a sharp differentiation between the individual pH values and a clear and easy comparison to the color scale.
  • Sample application – four different indicator papers 6x5 mm are sealed on to a plastic strip 6x85 mm. The strips are sufficiently long to avoid contact between the fingers and the test sample.

pH-Fix™ Indicator Sticks are packed in a box of 100 sticks 6 x 85 mm.

SKU: 65510-40
Pack: 100 Box