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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Specimen Preparation and Embedding Supplies

arrow13Gel Electrophoresis, Chemilluminescence and Autography

info available in pdfmsdsImproving Agarose Gel Performancearrow12Synergel™

Improving Agarose Gel Performance

  • Superior Sieving – Better sieving than agarose alone, 1 gr Synergel = 2 gr agarose
  • High Resolution – Synergel / Agarose gels exhibit improved spatial separation and tighter banding for DNA fragments of 50-2000 bp
  • Easy To Use – Mix, boil and pour!
  • No Background Fluorescence – The superior optical clarity permits high quality photo-documentation
  • Increased Load Capacity – Accommodates greater quantities of DNA reducing band tailing and smearing
68500-10 Synergel – Agarose Additive 100g 99.00 Add to Cart

info available in pdfFlexible UV Transparent Sheets for Handling Gelsarrow12Gel Handler™

Flexible UV Transparent Sheets for Handling Gels, Visualizing and Photo Documentation

  • Ideally sized at 8.5" x 11" (216 mm x 279 mm).

  • Thin sheet easily slides beneath a gel.

  • Flexible sheets eliminates air bubbles.

  • Protects the surface of transilluminators from cuts & scratches.

  • Polyolefin composition allows acid washing and autoclaving without a chemical reaction.

  • Optical densities for the 5 mil thick sheets at 254 and 300nm emission wavelengths of the transilluminator are 0.14 and 0.04 respectively.

68510-10 Gel Handler - 5 mil thick 10/pack 39.00 Add to Cart
68510-20 Gel Handler - 10 mil thick 5/pack 39.00 Add to Cart

info available in pdfidentify autograms – radiological & chemilluminescencearrow12RadTape™

An easy way to identify autograms – radiological & chemilluminescence

  • Versatile – phosphorescent, non-radioactive adhesive labels that may be cut to the specific size and shape needed for each individual membrane, dried gel or microarray.

  • Fast and Easy – marking system is great for documentation and archiving and ideal for chemilluminescence and radiological autography (patented).

  • Use an ordinary pen to mark the label using the investigator's own codes and symbols.

  • Simply peel the custom label from its backing and affix it to the membrane, gel or microarray.

  • Permanent – exposes a negative image of the markings directly.

68520-10 RadTape – 4 x 6" sheet 10/pack 58.00 Add to Cart

info available in pdfPhosphorescent Marking Pen farrow12Glow Writer™

Fine-Point Phosphorescent Marking Pen for Laboratory Autography

Glow Writer is a phosphorescent pen for marking chemiluminescent and isotope-labeled substrates for X-ray film autography. The unique marker delivers a phosphor-containing ink through a fine point porous nib. Before exposure to X-ray film, the phosphorescent writing is excited by room light. The pen utilizes a phosphor ink having an optimum concentration of phosphor and a relatively short afterglow half-life (approximately 2-3 minutes) has been selected so that upon exposure to X-ray film, autographic exposures of almost any duration will be easily readable on the film. The fine point nib is easily replaceable if it dries out.

68551-01 Glow Writer Pen each 60.00 Add to Cart
68551-RT Glow Writer Replacement Nibs 4/pack 10.00 Add to Cart

Permeable Support Mesh for Gels and Membranesarrow12FlowMesh™

A Permeable Support Mesh for Gels and Membranes

Protects – Place FlowMesh above or below a gel or filter to protect from tearing, bending or folding.

Sturdy – Supports gels during incubation with nucleic acid probes, antibody probes, equilibration buffers, stain, destain solutions, etc.

Versatile – Use as a permeable spacer for stacking as well as for staining and destaining procedures.

Access – Both sides of a container or plastic bag are assured of constant solution access, which improves the uniformity of hybridizations and binding assays.

Convenient – FlowMesh is re-usable and easily cut to size.

68505-20 FlowMesh Sheet – 8.50" x 11.00" / 216 mm x 279 mm 20/pack 47.00 Add to Cart

info available in pdfFluorescent Ruler Kitarrow12Fluorescent Ruler Kit

No more guesswork – Accurately measure the mobility of electrophoretic markers and ethidium bromide-DNA complexes during electrophoresis.

Thin – At 7mm wide they require only a single lane of an agarose gel.

Fluorescent ink markings are sharp and photograph well under UV light (300 nm & 350 nm).

Rulers are made of a flexible, UV-clear plastic so only the fluorescent markings will show under UV light.

68552-04 (2) 10cm & (2) 20 cm 4/pack 29.00 Add to Cart

info available in pdftechnical data sheetGel Drying Framesarrow12Gel Drying Frames™

Gel Drying Frames allow researchers to quickly and easily dry gels between two sheets of cellophane without the use of expensive heat/vacuum gel dryers. The 24 x 24 cm frames allow for drying of larger format gels, while the 14 x 14 cm frames are ideal for mini gels and other smaller formats.

Each kit includes

  • 2 open frames,
  • 2 solid back plates,
  • 12 side clips and
  • 50 sheets of pre-cut cellophane
68510-14 14 x 14 cm Gel Frame Kit* 96.50 Add to Cart
68510-24 24 x 24 cm Gel Frame Kit* 132.00 Add to Cart
68511-14 14 x 14 cm Cellophane 50/pack 13.00 Add to Cart
68511-24 24 x 24 cm Cellophane 50/pack 18.00 Add to Cart

technical data sheetPhosphorescent, Non-Radioactive Metric Rulers for Radiographsarrow12Autoradiography Ruler Set

Phosphorescent, Non-Radioactive Metric Rulers for Radiographs

The Autoradiography Ruler Set (ARS) is an orientation and measurement device that exposes metric ruler markings directly onto X-ray film.

Ideal – Utilizes a specially formulated phosphorescent dye compound and a unique emission filter which serves as an ideal non-radioactive substitute for ink markings

Easy – Make easy electrophoretic mobility calculations

Re-usable – The phosphorescent emission of each ruler can be regenerated indefinitely and can be reused any number of times

High Resolution – Produces a high resolution image that is unaffected by intensifying screens or pre-flashed film

68550-04 20 cm length rulers 4/pack 30.00 Add to Cart

msdsRapid Coomassie Stainarrow12Rapid Coomassie Stain

Fast – Complete in 30-60 minutes

Easy – Destaining is not necessary

Highly Sensitive – Detects as little as 30ng of protein

Quality – Bands are sharper than those stained with conventional Coomassie Blue

Versatile – Gels can be restained with Silver

68511-25 Rapid Coomassie Stain, 100 ml each 95.00 Add to Cart