Western Blot Box Lg 4⅝x3½x1⅛"

No matter what size your Western blot is, there's a box that fits it perfectly. With boxes that are correctly matched to common blot sizes, you can fit more blots on shakers/rockers while keeping reagent and antibody usage to an absolute minimum. Additionally, all corners are formed at a 90° angle and the bottom surface is uniformly flat, further reducing consumption of costly reagents and antibodies. (For example, popular mini-gels require only about 4 ml.)

At a price that makes them truly disposable, all sizes are engineered from crystal clear polystyrene (except for the opaque black that protects light sensitive samples). All sizes are also equipped with an easy-to-open hinged lid that reduces evaporation.

The new MultiBox™ 6 is made of exceptionally tough, crystal clear plastic and has six 32 x 100 mm compartments.

  • A perfect box for every blot
  • Reduce antibody usage
  • Hinged lid minimizes evaporation
  • For halves, wholes, strips or minis
  • Large: 4⅝ x 3½ x 1⅛" (11.7 x 8.9 x 2.8 cm)
  • Max Vol: 6 mL
  • Applications: Combrex PAGEr Gold, Mighty Small, Novex, SureLock mini
SKU: 70475-07
Pack: 5 Pack
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