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arrow13Methyl Methacrylate and Glycol Methacrylate

arrow11Technovit® by Kulzer: The Resins and Accessories for all Methacrylate Embedding

Technovit is one of the most sought after name in Methacrylate embedding medias in the world due to its diversity and availability of different kits and properties. There is a media for each of your applications.

The systems developed by Heraeus Kulzer in collaboration with renowned scientists and institutes to embed tissue in plastic material for histological studies have proven themselves in practice for decades. They are successfully used for diagnostic and research purposes in medicine, veterinary medicine, and botany. They are also successfully used in cutting technology for industrial applications and biomaterials.

The systems fulfill important requirements such as embedding at low temperatures, thin and semi-thin section techniques and optimal division and abrasion properties. The sections can be easily stretched, and under the light microscope the stained preparations show excellent morphology.

The scientific and economic conditions for histological studies of tissues are significantly improved with Heraeus Kulzer‘s histology technology.

  • Simple, rational handling, as all components are compatible with one another
  • Due to the special material properties, the standard stain methods, enzyme chemistry and immunohistochemistry used in histological laboratories can be used, including in-situ hybridization

Why plastic?

In contrast to all other embedding materials used in light microscopy in histological technology, uniform thin and semi-thin sections can be made after plastic has been embedded. In the process morphological details remain excellent. The mineralized and cellular structures can be better determined in undecalcified specimens embedded in plastic. The mineral matrix and the cartilaginous and ligament tissues are very well maintained.

The results of enzymatic immunohistochemical studies and in-situ hybridization show more sensitive and specific activity because all Technovit plastics harden at low temperatures and below freezing temperatures due to the special composition of the polymerization systems.

Technovit Methyl Methacrylate and Glycol Methacrylatearrow11Technovit® 9100

Technovit 9100 is a plastic embedding medium system based on methyl methacrylate (MMA), which hardens at low temperature. It is designed for the embedding of mineralized tissues with extensive possibilities of staining for light microscopy.

Section of stent - Elastica Van Gieson
Section of stent
Elastica Van Gieson

Stent - Elastika Van Gieson
Elastika Van Gieson

Polynuclear giant cells - Toludin blue staining
Polynuclear giant cells
Toludin blue staining

Appendix for pentachrome staining in accordance with Movat
Appendix for pentachrome staining in accordance with Movat


  • Hard-cutting technique for making thin layers
    Iliac crest biopsies, smaller, spongy and compact bone tissue specimens
  • Division thin section technique (division procedure in point contact technology)
    Examples: Tooth/jaw areas with and without implants, non-cemented endoprostheses with shaft bones
  • Combined division-thin section technique and hard-cutting technique (target preparation)
    Boundary layer and environment assessment for metal implants and non-cemented endoprostheses


Technovit 9100 Polymerization takes place under the exclusion of oxygen with the help of a peroxide/amine catalyst. Additional components such as PMMA-powder and a regulator allows for a controlled polymerization at temperatures between -8 and -20°C, which guarantees for the dispersion of the heat generated during polymerization. The polymerization time is between 18 and 24 hours using a volume between 3 and 15 ml in the above temperature range. All the routine techniques such as preparation tissues, staining, immuno- and enzyme-histochemistry, in-situ hybridization techniques can be performed.

  • Technovit 9100 Basic Solution
    The Technovit 9100 basic solution is composed of organic monomers, with at least one carbon-carbon double bond (C=C). The stabilizer added to this solution is for storage-stability. Hydrophilic properties are improved by the addition of a special hydrophilic generating agent.
  • Technovit 9100 PMMA Powder
    The PMMA powder is an internal filler and it is made up of PMMA-micro pellets. It is used to:
    • Reduce the polymerization shrinking effect
    • Reduce the heat generated during the polymerization process
    • Improve the quality of the polymerization block
  • Technovit 9100 Hardener 1
    Hardening powder 1 is one of the components of the polymerization initiation system. It is a derivative of dibenzoyl peroxide, which in combination with Hardener 2, makes the polymerization take place.
  • Technovit 9100 Hardener 2
    Hardening liquid 2 works catalytically upon Hardener 1 to allows for a controlled polymerization, even at temperatures below 0°C.
  • Technovit 9100 Regulator
    Regulator is composed of a reactive organic compound, which allows a controlled polymerization, even with large volumes of polymer, without increases in the temperature during the polymerization reaction.
  • PMMA-Granulate, EXART
    This granulate acts as an additional internal filler when larger amounts (500-1000 ml) of polymer are to be used, for example, in the case of femur shaft with non-cemented endoprostheses. The amount of monomer (basic solution) is thereby reduced, at the same time making the polymerization easier to control.

Technovit® H9100

RT 14655 Kit consists of:
1000 ml Basic Solution (stabilized)
120 g PMMA-Powder
8 Bags @ 1 g Hardener 1
10 ml Hardener 2
5 ml Polymerization Regulator
500 g PMMA-Granulate, EXART*

msdsmsdsmsdsmsds msds
Kit 286.00 Add to Cart

*EXART – Trade mark of EXART-Apparratebau GmbH & Co. KG, D-22851 Norderstedt

arrow11Technovit® 7100 and 8100 Embedding Kits

Technovit 7100 and 8100 Embedding KitsTechnovit Glycol Methacrylate embedding kits developed by Kulzer in Germany are the most convenient to use, and offers the best embedding results.


  • Technovit GMA kits give better results offering improved morphology, and allows for 1 micron serial sectioning
  • Technovit 7100 GMA is less sensitive to O2 during polymerization so sealing of the molds is not necessary
  • The polymerization temperature never exceeds 40°C, which makes either kit a potential choice for enzyme histochemistry. Initiation chemistry of Technovit 8100 GMA makes polymerization at 4°C possible for improved signal during immunohistochemistry
  • The initiator is prepackaged, eliminating messy handling of dry components, and by eliminating aromatic amines from the formation, the components are significantly less toxic
  • The consistent high quality of raw materials used to make the resin allows for a permanent clear colorless block and, most important, reproducible results
RT 14653 Technovit H7100 – GMA kit consists of:
500 ml Glycol Methacrylate monomer
5 x 0.6 g packs Hardener I
40 ml Hardener II



Kit 280.00 Add to Cart
RT 14654 Technovit H8100 – GMA kit consists of:
500 ml Glycol Methacrylate Monomer
5 x 0.6 g packs Hardener I
30 ml Hardener II

Kit 296.00 Add to Cart

Technovit® H7100/H8100

Technovit Glycol Methacrylate Setarrow11Technovit® Glycol Methacrylate 8100 Histo Techniques Set

This unique set includes:

  • Technovit Glycol Methacrylate Kit 8100 with 500 ml of GMA monomer, 5 x 0.6 g packs of Hardener I, and 30 ml of Hardener II
  • 200 cover foils
  • 100 pieces Histobloc®
  • 1 piece Histoform S or Q Embedding Mold
  • 50 piece Histoknife H
  • 1 piece microtome knife holder, 17 or 22 cm
RT 14654-25 Technovit 8100 Histo Set Kit 3,100.00 Add to Cart

Technovit Glycol Methacrylate Setarrow11Technovit® Glycol Methacrylate 7100 Histo Techniques Set

This unique set includes:

  • Technovit Glycol Methacrylate Kit 7100 with 500 ml of GMA monomer, 5 x 1 g packs of Hardener I, and 40 ml of Hardener II
  • 100 pieces Histobloc®
  • 1 piece Histoform S or Q Embedding Mold
  • 50 piece Histoknife H
  • 1 piece microtome knife holder, 17 or 22 cm
RT 14654-26 Technovit 7100 Histo Set Kit 3,000.00 Add to Cart

msdsmsdsarrow11Technovit® 3040 – Mounting Medium

Technovit 3040 yellow is a fast curing methyl methacrylate-based resin, whose chemical composition warrants a firm, durable bond between Technovit and the specimen.

Technovit 3040 consists of two components – powder and liquid – allowing simple mixing, easy adherence to the specimen, and fast curing. For fixing the mount, a high viscous consistency is required (i.e. a mixing ratio of approximately 2-3 parts per volume powder: 1 part per volume liquid) has proven to be the most advantageous.

RT 14652 Technovit 3040 Kit consists of:
1 x 100 g Technovit 3040 powder
1 x 80 ml Technovit 3040 liquid
Kit 150.00 Add to Cart
RT 14652-10L Technovit 3040 Large Kit consists of:
1 x 1000 g Technovit 3040 powder
1 x 500 ml Technovit 3040 liquid
Kit 395.00 Add to Cart

msdsmsdsmsdsarrow11Technovit® 4000

The low Shrinkage Embedding Medium

Technovit 400 is a fast curing, cold polymerizing, three-component resin, which is based on a modified polyester, and it is available in the form of powder, syrup I, and syrup II. It is mixed at a ratio of 2:2:1 (powder:syrup I:syrup II). Syrup I and Syrup II are mixed together first and the powder is mixed in last. The color is white opaque.


Technovit 4000 is distinguished by its low shrinkage when polymerizing and its perfect margin fit. Due to its excellent flow characteristics, Technovit 4000 guaranteed that geometrically demanding samples are optimally embedded. Its excellent adhesion properties with regard to
metal are a guarantee of gapless embedding of all metal samples. These properties are of particular importance when working with samples that require good edge definitions.

  • Excellent margin fit
  • Optimum grinding and polishing properties


After mixing, Technovit 4000 can be used for casting for approximately 4 minutes and takes approximately 8 minutes to cure.


RT 14656-02 Technovit 4000 Medium Kit
750 g Powder, 500 ml Liquid I, and 250 ml Liquid II
Kit 196.00 Add to Cart
RT 14656-03 Technovit 4000 Large Kit
1500 g Powder, 1000 ml Liquid I, and 500 ml Liquid II
Kit 379.00 Add to Cart

Technovit Embedding Moldsarrow11Technovit® Polymerization Device

The unique EMS Technovit Polymerization Device (TPD) is a blue light curing device for all Technovit resins.

The unit has built-in reflectors for homogenous curing of the blocks. The TPD fits up to 9 embedding molds and is generously sized.

Measurements (W x D x H):
170 x 160 x 120 mm (6.7 x 6.3 x 4.7 in)

14653-22 Technovit Polymerization Device (TPD) each 1495.00 Add to Cart

Technovit Embedding Moldsarrow11Technovit® Embedding Molds

An important prerequisite for easy-to-cut specimens is a mold with a special profile which will provide specimen blocks for easy application and simple cutting. This is achieved with Histoform S, an embedding mold composed of new material with a special shape.

All essential requirements such as:

  • Material-saving volume
  • Easy-to-cut shape
  • Unlimited shelf life
  • Easy removal of the embedded specimens because of the conical shape and the PTFE material
  • Excellent temperature dissipation by way of refined steel bottom
  • Accurate and easy fixing of the specimen blocks by special grooves were achieved with Histoform S, in cooperation with renowned users

Curing temperature measurements have confirmed that at this volume the combination of PTFE and refined steel will result in a considerably lower polymerization temperature.

Two types types are available: the Histoform Q and the Histoform S. The Histoform Q was developed for the embedding of larger specimens; the characteristics are identical to Histoform S. These PTFE molds allow for easy removal of 10 plastic blocks when using the Histobloc system.

The mold cavities measure 10 mm wide x 16 mm high x 6.5 mm deep in the "S" and 20 mm wide x16 mm high x10 mm deep in the "Q".

RT 14654-30 HistoForm Q each 1,025.00 Add to Cart
RT 14654-35 HistoForm S each 910.00 Add to Cart

Technovit HistoBlocarrow11Technovit® Histobloc®

Due to the special demand for the thinnest possible sections, polymerized Technovit 7100 is most elastic and it is therefore recommended to fix the embedded specimen on a universal stable mount, to ensure optimum clamping and cutting.

To avoid a subsequent complicated removal of the specimens from the mount, an inexpensive disposable version was developed.


  • Fixed easily, securely and permanently
  • Clamped into all rotary microtomes without adapter
  • Embedded in the elastic Technovit in such a way that thinnest sections may be cut
  • Optimally fixed using Technovit 3040 at low cost (polymerization in 5 to 10 minutes)
  • Easy to write on
  • Link together for storage
RT 14654-60 Histobloc for "S" and "Q" 100/pk 115.00 Add to Cart

arrow11Additional Technovit® General Accessories and Supplies

RT 14653-11 Microtome Knife Holder 17CM each 1,650.00 Add to Cart
RT 14653-13 Histo Knife H 50/pk 310.00 Add to Cart
RT 14653-15 Mounting Press each 552.00 Add to Cart
RT 14653-16 PE -Foils 75 x 25 mm 200/pk 19.00 Add to Cart
RT 14653-17 Insert For Specimen Holder M each 352.00 Add to Cart
RT 14653-18 Specimen Holder H each 1,400.00 Add to Cart
RT 14653-19 Embedding Mold 25 mm 3/pk 98.00 Add to Cart
RT 14653-20 Insert for Embedding Form 25 mm 3/pk 52.00 Add to Cart

Unicryl and Vestopal arrow13arrow13