Technovit 7100 and 8100 Embedding KitsTechnovit Glycol Methacrylate embedding kits developed by Kulzer in Germany are the most convenient to use, and offers the best embedding results.


    • Technovit GMA kits give better results offering improved morphology, and allows for 1 micron serial sectioning
  • Technovit 7100 GMA is less sensitive to O2 during polymerization so sealing of the molds is not necessary
  • The polymerization temperature never exceeds 40°C, which makes either kit a potential choice for enzyme histochemistry. Initiation chemistry of Technovit 8100 GMA makes polymerization at 4°C possible for improved signal during immunohistochemistry
  • The initiator is prepackaged, eliminating messy handling of dry components, and by eliminating aromatic amines from the formation, the components are significantly less toxic
  • The consistent high quality of raw materials used to make the resin allows for a permanent clear colorless block and, most important, reproducible results
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