Technovit® 4000 Medium

The low Shrinkage Embedding Medium

Technovit 400 is a fast curing, cold polymerizing, three-component resin, which is based on a modified polyester, and it is available in the form of powder, syrup I, and syrup II. It is mixed at a ratio of 2:2:1 (powder:syrup I:syrup II). Syrup I and Syrup II are mixed together first and the powder is mixed in last. The color is white opaque.


Technovit 4000 is distinguished by its low shrinkage when polymerizing and its perfect margin fit. Due to its excellent flow characteristics, Technovit 4000 guaranteed that geometrically demanding samples are optimally embedded. Its excellent adhesion properties with regard to
metal are a guarantee of gapless embedding of all metal samples. These properties are of particular importance when working with samples that require good edge definitions.

  • Excellent margin fit
  • Optimum grinding and polishing properties


After mixing, Technovit 4000 can be used for casting for approximately 4 minutes and takes approximately 8 minutes to cure.

Kit Consists of:
  750 g Powder
  500 ml Liquid I
  250 ml Liquid II

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Pack: Kit