Technovit® Embedding Molds

An important prerequisite for easy-to-cut specimens is a mold with a special profile which will provide specimen blocks for easy application and simple cutting. This is achieved with Histoform S, an embedding mold composed of new material with a special shape.

All essential requirements such as:

  • Material-saving volume
  • Easy-to-cut shape
  • Unlimited shelf life
  • Easy removal of the embedded specimens because of the conical shape and the PTFE material
  • Excellent temperature dissipation by way of refined steel bottom
  • Accurate and easy fixing of the specimen blocks by special grooves were achieved with Histoform S, in cooperation with renowned users

Curing temperature measurements have confirmed that at this volume the combination of PTFE and refined steel will result in a considerably lower polymerization temperature.

Two types types are available: the Histoform Q and the Histoform S. The Histoform Q was developed for the embedding of larger specimens; the characteristics are identical to Histoform S. These PTFE molds allow for easy removal of 10 plastic blocks when using the Histobloc system.

The mold cavities measure 10 mm wide x 16 mm high x 6.5 mm deep in the "S" and 20 mm wide x16 mm high x10 mm deep in the "Q".

Storage Cat # Description Pack Price Quote Quantity
Storage:RT Cat #: 14654-30 Description: Histoform Q Pack: Each Price: $1,292.00 Add to Quote:
Storage:RT Cat #: 14654-35 Description: Histoform S Pack: Each Price: $1,130.00 Add to Quote: