Technovit® 9100

Technovit 9100 is a plastic embedding medium system based on methyl methacrylate (MMA), which hardens at low temperature. It is designed for the embedding of mineralized tissues with extensive possibilities of staining for light microscopy.


  • Hard-cutting technique for making thin layers
    Iliac crest biopsies, smaller, spongy and compact bone tissue specimens
  • Division thin section technique (division procedure in point contact technology)
    Examples: Tooth/jaw areas with and without implants, non-cemented endoprostheses with shaft bones
  • Combined division-thin section technique and hard-cutting technique (target preparation)
    Boundary layer and environment assessment for metal implants and non-cemented endoprostheses


Technovit 9100 Polymerization takes place under the exclusion of oxygen with the help of a peroxide/amine catalyst. Additional components such as PMMA-powder and a regulator allows for a controlled polymerization at temperatures between -8 and -20°C, which guarantees for the dispersion of the heat generated during polymerization. The polymerization time is between 18 and 24 hours using a volume between 3 and 15 ml in the above temperature range. All the routine techniques such as preparation tissues, staining, immuno- and enzyme-histochemistry, in-situ hybridization techniques can be performed.

  • Technovit 9100 Basic Solution
    The Technovit 9100 basic solution is composed of organic monomers, with at least one carbon-carbon double bond (C=C). The stabilizer added to this solution is for storage-stability. Hydrophilic properties are improved by the addition of a special hydrophilic generating agent.
  • Technovit 9100 PMMA Powder
    The PMMA powder is an internal filler and it is made up of PMMA-micro pellets. It is used to:
    • Reduce the polymerization shrinking effect
    • Reduce the heat generated during the polymerization process
    • Improve the quality of the polymerization block
  • Technovit 9100 Hardener 1
    Hardening powder 1 is one of the components of the polymerization initiation system. It is a derivative of dibenzoyl peroxide, which in combination with Hardener 2, makes the polymerization take place.
  • Technovit 9100 Hardener 2
    Hardening liquid 2 works catalytically upon Hardener 1 to allows for a controlled polymerization, even at temperatures below 0°C.
  • Technovit 9100 Regulator
    Regulator is composed of a reactive organic compound, which allows a controlled polymerization, even with large volumes of polymer, without increases in the temperature during the polymerization reaction.
  • PMMA-Granulate, EXART
    This granulate acts as an additional internal filler when larger amounts (500-1000 ml) of polymer are to be used, for example, in the case of femur shaft with non-cemented endoprostheses. The amount of monomer (basic solution) is thereby reduced, at the same time making the polymerization easier to control.

Technovit® H9100 Technical Data Sheets

Kit consists of:
  1000 ml Basic Solution (stabilized)
  120 g PMMA-Powder
  8 Bags @ 1 g Hardener 1
  10 ml Hardener 2
  5 ml Polymerization Regulator
  500 g PMMA-Granulate, EXART*

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