1000ml Dewar, Full Base, Handle, 86mm OD x 337mm H

This handled Dewar vacuum flask is perfect for temporary storage and liquid gas service, especially Liquid Nitrogen. With a wide-mouth design and a fully silvered borosilicate glass inner flask, it incorporates the convenience of a coated handle and full aluminum base on the most popular cylindrical model sizes from the Lab Grade line. All models use fitted polyethylene caps for extended holding.

  • Cylindrical, wide mouth
  • Vacuumed to the -5 torr for efficiency
  • The Dewar lip is extended to facilitate pouring
  • Bottom of Dewar base has a cushioned rim for added stability
  • Polyethylene stopper, specially vented, minimizes evaporation
  • Aluminum metal housing extends full length of Dewar for added protection



1000 ml, Full Base, Handle 70 86 337 Full
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