1.25" Flat Mounting Block

Flat Mounting Blocks (Stainless Steel) for Lapping & Polishing Fixtures

All are 1" (25mm) Diameter Stainless Steel Mounting Blocks.

Model 145 Lapping and Polishing Fixture

This model accommodates up to a½" sample mount, which is held in place using a threaded draw rod and locating pin. This small, lightweight fixture is ideal for hand lapping or polishing of samples less than ½" in diameter.

Model 150 Lapping and Polishing Fixture

This model accommodates sample mounts up to 1" in diameter for both parallel and tapered samples. Angled blocks up to 45 degrees are available and are simply mounted in place of standard parallel mounts when tapered sections are desired. The mounting blocks from this fixture are directly transferable from any cutting saw. The Model 150 is for general-purpose fixture and is capable of lapping and polishing multiple small or large samples up to 1" in diameter.

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Material Stainless Steel