150-2d For AFM

Very High Resolution Reference and Traceable Standards for Magnification Calibration of AFM, SEM, Auger, and FIB

General Purpose – High Precision

A precision, holographic pattern provides accurate calibration in the horizontal plane for very high resolution, nanometer-scale measurements.

Period: 144 nm pitch, two-dimensional array. Accurate to ± 1 nm. Refer to calibration certificate for actual pitch.

Surface: Aluminum bumps on Silicon, 4 x 3 mm die. Bump height (about 90 nm) and width (about 75 nm) are not calibrated.

For SEM, an independent analytical lab has tested this specimen in a FE-SEM (field emission scanning electron microscope). They found that the pattern was very uniform and the specimen was easy to image. No significant charging was observed in the voltage range 1-20 kV.

Usability: the calibrated pattern covers the entire chip. There is sufficient usable area to make tens of thousands of measurements without reusing any areas altered or contaminated by previous scans.

MODEL 150-2D:

This Calibration Reference specimen comes with a non-traceable, manufacturer’s certificate. These states the average period, based on batch measurements.

Easy to use

We recommended Model 150-2D because of its unique characteristics which make it especially easy to use. The specimen is durable and it allows you can scan in contact mode, offering you faster calibration and measurements. This is the only high resolution 2D calibration specimen we have seen that offers the following characteristics:

  • 2-dimensional array for simultaneous calibration of X and Y axes.
  • Pitch <500 nm.
  • Array of pumps mean the image contrast is high even when the probe tip is slightly dull.
  • High contrast in contact mode scans.
  • The pattern covers the entire die so that you don’t have to hunt for the scan area.
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