Darkroom Louver:

With all of the toxic chemicals and fumes which are released during film processing, the need for adequate ventilation in darkroom work areas cannot be over emphasized. Improperly ventilated space can be harmful to the health of workers. Now available is our "Air-No-Lite" 100% light tight darkroom exhaust fans and louvers which ensure healthy ventilation continuously.

Each fan is one piece molded body and five sections molded louver. Different sizes of fresh air supply louvers are available. Each size is designed to supply just the right amount of air to a particular model exhaust fan. Exhaust fans work best in a darkroom that is equipped with fresh air supply louvers or some other kind of air supply. If there is no air supply to the darkroom, the fan will be working against a vacuum and can do nothing.

Electrical: 110 V AC, 60 Hz. 3-wire grounded cord.

Different sizes of fresh air supply louvers are available.

Model L-1212 L1224
Dimension A 13¾" 25½"
Dimension B 13¾" 13¾"
Dimension C 12" 23½"
Dimension D 12" 11¾"
Dimension E 1 ¼" 1 5/8"
Cut-out Size 12¼" x 12¼" 23¾" x 12"
Nominal Hole Size 12' x 12' 24' x 12'
Use with Fan A-1212 Pro-Labs
Area Sq. Inches 144 324
Material Molded plastic Plastic/Metal
Catalog 74851-20 74851-30
Cat # Description Pack Price Quote Quantity
Cat #: 74851-20 Description: Darkroom Louver, Model L-1212 Pack: Each Price: $108.00 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 74851-30 Description: Darkroom Louver, Model L-1818 Pack: Each Price: $250.00 Add to Quote: