2ml Tube Kit, Reinforced, Steel Beads, 2.8mm Ø

Prefilled Tube Kits for Bead Homogenizers

  • Silica (glass), TriplePure™ Zirconium, steel, or mixed formats
  • 6 sizes to meet your sample needs
  • Ready-to-use, prefilled tubes
  • Compatible with most bead homogenizers

Efficient bead homogenization depends on several factors, particularly the size of the beads and their composition. We now offer various bead options for a multitude of sample types.

Silica (Glass) Homogenizer Beads

These beads are ready-to-use. They are acid-washed and heat-treated to remove contaminants, leaving them nuclease- and protease-free.

Triple-Pure™ Zirconium Homogenizer Beads

These beads are ready-to-use and certified nuclease- and protease-free. The tubes are filled in a process that is tested by qPCR to be free of stray DNA. (6 mm satellites are acid-washed and heat-treated, but not certified.)

Stainless Steel Homogenizer Beads

Steel beads, with a density much higher than zirconium are used to homogenize harder samples, or for dry grinding. They are alcohol-washed and heat-treated to remove contaminants, leaving them nuclease-free. They are available in 2.8 mm and 5 mm diameter sizes.


Bead Diameter Usage
0.1 mm Gram positive and negative bacteria.
0.5 mm Bacteria, fungi, spores, molds and small yeasts
1.0 mm Fungi, spores, algae and larger yeasts
1.5 mm Soft tissues such as adipose and liver, small insects
3 mm Harder tissues such as heart and lung, tumor samples
6 mm Very hard tissues such as seeds, dry grinding, hair

Beads and Shards

A mixture of beads may be necessary to homogenize some samples:

  • Garnet shards and 6 mm zirconium satellite for high-collagen samples such as skin
  • 0.1 mm Silica, 1.4 mm Zirconium, and 4 mm Silica beads for soil and fecal samples

Beads and shards are acid-washed and heat-treated to remove contaminants, leaving them nuclease-free. Garnet shards are also available separately.

Beads are supplied in prefilled 2.0 ml tubes (2.8 mm stainless steel in 5.0 ml tubes) and come in packs of 50. Tubes are screw-capped, non-skirted, and fit most bead homogenizers. Bulk beads are also available.

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Pack: 50 Pack