57mm Ø X 0.3mm Platinum

Innovative and versatile Sputter Coater and Carbon Evaporator for SEM ApplicationsQuick Overview

The EMS300R T is a large chamber, rotary-pumped coating system ideally suited for sputtering a single large diameter specimen (e.g. a wafer) up to 8”/203 mm or smaller, multiple specimens over a similar diameter.

The EMS300R T is fitted with three individual sputtering heads to ensure even deposition on a range of specimen types. The system is designed to sputter non-oxidizing (noble) metals, for example gold (Au), gold/palladium (Au/Pd) and platinum (Pt). It is fitted with three individual sputtering heads to ensure even sputtering deposition over a large diameter. Gold targets are fitted as standard.

Note: for sputtering both non-oxidizing and oxidizing metals please see the EMS300T T Large Chamber Turbo-Pumped sputter coater. For sequential sputtering of two different oxidizing or non-oxidizing metals please see the EMS300T D Large Chamber, Turbo-Pumped dual head sputter coater.

Key Features
  • Large area sputter coating – up to 8”/203 mm diameter
  • Triple sputtering head – ensures even coating deposition of large specimens
  • Single target selection – for economic coating of small specimens
  • Sputtering of a range of non-oxidising (noble) metals, such as gold (Au), platinum (Pt) and silver (Ag). For oxidising metals see Q300T T and Q300T D
  • Precise thickness control using the film thickness monitor option
  • Fully automatic touch-screen control – rapid data input, simple operation
  • Multiple, customer-defined coating schedules can be stored – ideal for multi-user laboratories
  • Coat logging – details of the last 100 coatings available on screen
  • Automatic vacuum control – can be pre-programmed to suit the process and material; no needle valve to adjust
    Easy-to-change, drop-in style specimen stages (rotation stage as standard)
  • Vacuum shut-down option – leaves the process chamber under vacuum when not in use giving improved vacuum performance
  • Thick film capabilities – up to 60 minutes sputtering time without breaking vacuum
  • Ergonomic one-piece moulded case – allowing easy maintenance and service access
  • Ethernet with local FTP server connection - simple programmer updates
  • Power factor correction - complies with the current legislation (CE Certification), efficient use of power means reduced running costs
  • Three-year warranty
Product DescriptionIdeal for sputter coating large specimens for SEM

The EMS300R T is suited for sputtering noble metals, such a gold (Au) and platinum (Pt) for the preparation of specimens for scanning electron microscopy (SEM).

Please visit www.emsdiasum.com/microscopy for complete details.

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