8-Chamber Glass Slide

The growth of various cell types on plastic, soda lime glass and borosilicate coverglass were examined. The surfaces were either unmodified, coated with polylysine, or stably surface modified with non-biological reagents as described by Kleinfield, et al. (1988). All substrates were assembled into Lab-Tek® and Lab-Tek®II Chamber Slide™ products.

Lab-Tek® Chamber Slide™ System

  • Developed for microscopy of in situ cell culture
  • Cells grow on a standard microscope slide
  • Media chamber can be removed when culturingis complete
  • Useful for viral and mycoplasma testing, chromosome studies toxicity tests and immunocytology
  • Permanox® plastic and glass do not interfere with fluorescent labels

Chamber slides combine a media-containing chambered super-structure with a standard soda lime glass slide or Permanox® plastic slide, sealing the two together with a biologically inert silicone gasket. After cells are grown, the chamber and gasket are easily removed. The slide may then be fixed, stained, cover slipped, and filed with the usual convenience. These slides, once fixed and stained, can be embedded using our Slide Duplicating Mold (Cat. 70170).

Lab-Tek® Chamber Slide™ System all come packed in a sterile sealed tray, 8 units per tray, 2 trays per pack and 12 trays per case.

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Pack: 12 Tray
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