Alizarin Red S, Certified, C.N. #DcAr-9

(Alizarin Camine, Mordant Red 3) C14H7O7SNa.H2O   F.W. 360.28   CAS #130-22-3 Solubility: 7.69% Water; 0.1% Alcohol.

Certified for Staining Bone. Stain for nervous tissue in small invertebrates, and for sections of nervous tissue. Lee, "The Microtomist's Vade-Mecum", 10th Ed., The Blakiston Co., Phila., 1937; Dawson, Stain Tech., 1, 123 (1926); Lundvall, Anat. Anz., 27, 521 (1905); 137. Use to differentiate bone from cartilage in mammalian embryos; used with Toluidine Blue. William, Stain Tech., 16, 23 (1941)

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