AMD-MF, Stainless Steel 75x75

High Performance anti vibration tables for microscopes

  • Range of vibration air isolation tables for performance microscopes, active self-leveling for varying loads
  • Unique air damped rolling diaphragm sub 2Hz frequency isolator removes up to 99 percent of vibrations
  • Full width table guards protect the table against accidental knocks and highly rigid frame with leveling feet guarantees stability
  • Stainless steel version meets stringent cleanliness requirements and is resistant to almost all forms of chemical attack
  • Sound deadened table construction eliminates unwanted surface vibrations

These isolation tables are large enough to support most of the larger microscopes along with their support equipment. The air isolation platform effectively removes most removes most vibrations while combining excellent stability. Guard rails protect against accidental knocks and the rigid frame has leveling feet which ensure the table is in excellent contact with the floor. The damped rolling diaphragm isolators have a low natural frequency of 2Hz which effectively isolates out vibrations above 6Hz well below the frequencies at which typical building vibrations begin to occur. A wide range of option includes monitor arms, castors, stainless surface and silent air compressors.


Dimensions (LxWxD) 780 x 780
Height 780 mm
Load Capacity 100 kg
Level Adjustment ±15 mm
Surfaces white epoxy or stainless steel
Isolators 4off damped rolling diaphragm active air isolators
Isolation Performance

97 percent
99 percent
Natural Frequency 2Hz
Air Supply 5 to 10 bar max via 6 mm airline
Working Temperature -20°C to 160°C
Shipping Weight 70 kg
SKU: 7515
Pack: Each