AMTR-LBE Modular Trespa Bench-75X75

A modular series of Trespa benching that link together with/6660-SS balance platform

  • Solidly constructed for use with sensitive instruments
  • Laminated 60 mm worktops with steel skins have high rigidity and feature a highly damping core to minimize effects of vibration
  • Sections link together with end sections of benching and can be connected at right angles for seamless lengths of worktop
  • Trespa Toplab meets the highest level of laboratory requirements and our seamless design allows for thorough cleaning

This modular benching uses one 60 mm leg between each top section, which supports the ends of each connecting section. The starter and end sections have 30 mm legs, which sit flush with the end. At right angle connections the two meeting tops and are connected and supported to a leg. Legs are connected by welded box section struts, which provides a very stable worksurface. This technique ensures tops are tightly linked and supported together. Tops feature a honeycomb core construction which has proven rigidity. Sections are supplied flat packed for self assembly and are very easy to assemble. Maximum length to ensure high rigidity is 1200 mm.


Working Height 750mm / 900mm optional
Load Capacity 200 kg
Level Adjustment ±15 mm
Surfaces Top: pharma grade stainless steel
Frame: powder white epoxy
Working Temperature -20°C to 160°C
Bacterial Resistance No growth
Fungal Resistance No growth
Heat Aging Stable
Weight 50 kg in 2 boxes

Order one AMTR-LB starter bench, plus any number of AMTR-LBE benches, to make a straight section of bench. For benching at right angles, order a single corner connector kit. With AMTR-LBE Two off 30 mm legs are supplied for both bench ends with the AMTR-LB and one 60 mm leg to support adjoining tops.

SKU: 9960
Pack: Each