AMTR-LX Ultra Rigid Trespa Benching-90X75

These tables can be used individually or linked together to form a line of benching for multiple workstations. Individual tables can be weighted up to 250 kg according to requirements. Tables are bolted together to make a very high load single section of benching. They are easy to install as the weights are retrofitted to the benches in sets of 25 kg, allowing weight to be adjusted according to specific requirements.


Working Height 750 mm / 900 mm optional
Load Capacity 250 kg
Level Adjustment ±15 mm
Surfaces Top: pharma grade stainless steel
Frame: powder white epoxy
Working Temperature -20°C to 160°C
Bacterial Resistance No growth
Fungal Resistance No growth
Heat Aging Stable
Weight 50 kg in 2 boxes
SKU: 9924
Pack: Each