BrightSlide™ D

Fluorescence Enhancing Slides and Versatile, (bio)-functionalized coatings for Glass, Metal Oxides and ITO

Fluorescence systems (e.g. microscopes) are today widely used in the life science research. For many applications an increased sensitivity compared to existing glass slides is required. The BrightSlide™ D technology uses a proprietary dielectric coating to significantly enhance the signal intensity of fluorescence molecules from the surface. It can be read out with all systems that illuminate and detect from the top. The technology makes use of purely optical principles and substitutes conventional glass substrates.

The BrightSlide™ D (Dielectric) comes standard as a bare SiO2 Surface.


  • Better signal to noise ratio
  • Less sample material can be used
  • More genes can be detected
  • Existing instrument platform can be used
  • Purely optical amplification of fluorescence signal
  • Dielectric, high quality SiO2 surface ready to apply customer bio-functional coating (use your own bio-functional coating, no change of chemical protocol required)


  • Universal detection platform for fluorescence detection on planar surfaces, e.g. fluorescence detection of ultra thin samples
  • Differential gene expression using Cy3 and Cy5 labels simultaneously
  • Gene expression using Cy3 or Cy5 labels independently


Optimization 488 nm and 590 nm excitation wavelengths (other wavelengths on request)
Polarization Both s- and p-polarizations can be used for excitation and emission
Excitation Light 0° - 3° Angle of Incidence
Background Ultralow Fluorescence
Label Durable, chemically resistant with a unique serial number
Compatibility Suitable for most of commercially available fluorescence microscopes with illumination and detection from the top
Substrate Material D263T eco (other materials on request)
Substrate Format 75 ±0.05 mm x 25 ±0.05 mm x 1.1 ±0.1 mm (other formats on request)
Active Area slide: 63 mm x 22 mm
optical coating: 5/2 x 0.4; C2 x 0.4; E1.0 according to DIN ISO 10110
Chemical Composition (top surface) Clean, dielectric, SiO2 surface (ITO coating on request)
Environmental Stability (optical coating only) Stable against temperatures up to 200°C. All strongly oxidizing cleaning protocols can be used. All organic solvents can be used. Chemical reagents which etch SiO2(HF, NaOH, KOH) can destroy the enhancement effect of the BrightSlide™
Storage Store in clean environment at room temperature

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