Chamber for 15ml tubes, 12 holes

Ideal for Ice Pans, Ice Buckets, and Cold or Hot Plates

Multiple Uses– Ideal for use on hot or cold plates or for temperature sensitive liquid transfers.

Durable – Anodized aluminum blocks will not rust or corrode.

Ideally Sized– A variety of options are available to accommodate PCR tubes and trays, 1.5 ml tubes, 15 ml and 50 ml conical tubes.

A variety of specialty chambers are available to keep samples cool and on ice while you work. Freeze these chambers overnight for added cooling convenience.

These Chambers do not fit the CoolSafe™ system; use separately (*61955-30 not pictured).

15 ml Chambers

Each Chamber is an anodized aluminum block. Excellent temperature conductors. Use with hot plates or with our Ice Pans & Ice Buckets.

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Pack: Each