Colloidal Alumina

As an acidic dispersion, Colloidal Alumina is a chemical-mechanical action, that provides superior surfaces on germanium, silicon, gallium arsenide, zinc sulphide, fluorides, sapphire, ferrite's and silicon carbide. Low scatter finishes can be obtained on pure metals such as nickel, tungsten, copper, beryllium, steel and aluminum. Epoxy resin materials and plastics have also been successfully polished with this versatile colloidal dispersion.

Properties: pH: 3-3.5; Solids: 20%; Viscosity: thixotropic.

Application: Depending upon the application, Colloidal Alumina can be used full strength or diluted. Dilution up to 1:1 or higher with deionized water is recommended. Polyurethane and short nap cloths are recommended. However, most commonly used laps and pads are compatible with colloidal alumina.

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