Crate, AMB Platform

High Performance anti vibration platform for balances

  • Three sizes of isolation platforms for analytical balances
  • Unique rolling diaphragm 2Hz natural frequency isolator removes 90% of unwanted vibrations
  • Pharma stainless steel version meets stringent cleanliness requirements and is resistant to almost all forms of chemical attack
  • Sound deadened layer construction eliminates surface vibrations
  • The custom design of low 2Hz natural frequency isolators built into this platform ensures that low frequency building vibrations that commonly occur from 6Hz upwards are effectively removed, increasing instrument performance. The design incorporates the proven technology of rolling diaphragm isolators,which greatly outperform rubber and elastomer isolators. A seamless design and pharma grade stainless make this platform ideal for laboratory enviroments and clean rooms.

    The AMB series of pneumatic platforms incorporate four 2Hz natural frequency rolling diaphragm damped isolators. The platform surfaces are manufactured from Pharma grade stainless steel, which is seamlessly welded, ground and finished along the corners to produce a perfectly smooth surface which can be cleaned thoroughly. Tuned dampening chambers and masses are incorporated to maximize stability and performance. The table is simply inflated via adjustable valves using a standard bicycle pump.

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