CryoSette 21 Place Storage Box

This storage rack is designed to contain 21 frozen tissue Cryosette containers. The box is compact and has an SBS standard footprint to make suitable to several robotic storage systems. These innovative boxes can be stored in low-temperature freezers.

  • Made of polypropylene
  • Autoclavable
  • Rack orientation marks on sides
  • Latches for locking and unlocking rack lid
  • Compatible with leading frozen sample storage systems
  • Thick walls minimizing deformation due to temperature changes
  • Can be handled by robotic equipment

Temperature range: -196°C to 121°C. Suitable for cryogenic storage, but only in gas phase of liquid nitrogen.
Dimensions: : 127.76 mm x 85.48 mm x 41.6 mm H

SKU: 62016-01
Pack: 10 Pack