Crystal Clear 200

The Crystal Clear™ Series of polyurethane resins were designed for applications that require absolute clarity. These are low viscosity resins that cure at room temperature with negligible shrinkage to a hard plastic. Cured products are UV resistant and are not brittle. Applications include potting, encapsulating, making prototype models, and lenses, object duplicating etc.

CAUTION: This product is NOT for home use, for research and industrial use only.

Technical Overview:

Description Pot Life Full Cure Casting Thickness
Crystal Clear 200 10 min 16 hrs ½-3" (1.27-7.62 cm)


Each kit consists of 1 gallon resin A and adequate curing agent B

10 minute pot life. Casting thickness .5 to 3 in.

SKU: 24200
Pack: 1 gal